What Zodiac Signs Compatibility With Taurus?

I'm going to dive deeper into Taurus and compatibility, which we'll be talking about Taurus.

Mar 19, 2022

I'm going to dive deeper into Taurus and compatibility, which we'll be talking about Taurus.

In this post, I'm going to dive deeper into Taurus and compatibility, which we'll be talking about Taurus. Keep in mind as you're reading this that it will apply to the sun sign and moon sign compatibility meaning you can apply it to Taurus Sun with each Sun sign and that compatibility. Then Taurus moon with each sign and the moon position.

I broke it down into three categories. So let's start with category one. And in this category would be the best matches for Taurus and in no particular order. The absolute best matches for Taurus would be Capricorn, Virgo Cancer, and Pisces.

Capricorn and Taurus

These two complement each other very, very well. Although Capricorn is a bit more secretive than Taurus would like. Their similarities far outweigh their differences. Not only are they both straightforward with what they want, they also both put loyalty at the top of their priority list. They also approach life in a step by step way and realize that in order to have something special, you have to continuously work at it and they both have the patience and determination to do so they like the same type of people. They have similar goals. They love to save money and they both have a strong appetite for sex. So as long as Taurus makes sure not to become too dependent on Capricorn, and as long as Capricorn respects the fact that Taurus will have their own opinion, and as long as that Capricorn doesn't get too bossy about things, then these two should have no problem having a long lasting loving relationship.

Virgo and Taurus

Well, if there was ever a real situation where there is love at first sight, this is it, Taurus loves Virgos intellect and Virgo loves Taurus, strong determination and consistency. There is also a great sexual connection here because they both have a high sex drive and they see physical intimacy as a exciting and necessary part of a healthy relationship. These two have so much in common but also have enough differences to keep it exciting as long as they make sure not to get too caught up in becoming one of those couples that is constantly bickering and point proving because they both can be very opinionated and they both can be stubborn and they both love to prove their point, so they can work out the best way to communicate where they can agree to disagree at times and they can make sure that the remainder of the time they're working with solution oriented communication, then these two will be paired up perfectly for the long haul.

Cancer and Taurus

Well they both love to cuddle and they both love to chill and binge watch movies and they both love food and they both know how to make each other feel better when one of them is going through a rough emotional time. So these two can really have a promising future together, as long as they make sure to balance their independent lives with the relationship life. And also as long as they make sure not to give into their tendency to shut down and do the silent treatment when they're upset. If they can get those issues under control, then these two should have no problem keeping the loving, exciting long lasting connection.

Pisces and Taurus

The practical nature of Taurus is not only attractive to pisces but it also motivates them to be more ambitious. They're both affectionate and they both love the idea of romance and falling in love not to mention when it comes to the pleasures of life. They both love nothing more than to indulge in those pleasures. The only challenge these two may come up against is making sure to balance work and responsibility with pleasure. They can easily get caught up into chasing a good time. But if they keep the balance, these two work extremely well together and should have no problem connecting on a very deep level mentally, emotionally and physically.

Okay. In the second category, we have the signs that can work for Taurus but it will definitely be tricky and it will take some extra work and these signs would be Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and dating another Taurus.

Aries and Taurus

Well, Taurus take their time to come to a conclusion and make decisions, whereas Aries is pretty impatient and impulsive. So we have a point of disconnect there. They do have many good times because they both love to laugh and Taurus really takes two Aries adventurous nature with no problem. They also have no problem in the bedroom but they will come up against some problems when Taurus possessive nature rears its head and that causes Aries to rebel which frustrates Taurus even further. They are very affectionate with each other but the arguments could outweigh the good times. They will have the best chance of success if they get very clear from the beginning on what they both require in order to be happy this way. There are no surprises or stubborn standoffs throughout the relationship without starting off with that level of clarity. More than likely they will end up looking for more like minded company.

Leo and Taurus

Leo is consistently striving to experience the exceptional in life and Taurus sees leo is doing away too much, Taurus is at their best when they're getting constant reassurance that the person that they're in a relationship with is head over heels in love with them and Leo sees this as a way to emotionally demanding the sex is good at the start, but the moment Taurus starts to resent leo for what the Taurus sees as leo being self centered and leo star sissy Torres as what leo considers to be boring. Their physical connection takes a quick nosedive. So in this situation, if they want to make it work, it is very similar to Aries and Taurus, they have to communicate specifically and clearly exactly what it is that they need and as long as they can come to a mutual agreement on the deuce and don't of the relationship, they will have a fighting chance, otherwise they are better off with a different type of energy.

Libra and Taurus

They're both ruled by venus. So they will bond on the fact that they both love beautiful things and they both take their environment very seriously in terms of wanting to make it feel special and comfortable, which is great especially for romantic relationships, not to mention Taurus helps Libra when it comes to being more decisive. And libra really brings out that central side of Taurus. So they do have great possibilities. The issue for them is money. They see it very differently. Taurus likes to save money and Libra likes to spend money. Now this doesn't mean that Libra is bad with money whether they just spend it like it's nothing. However in comparison with the way that Taurus sees money, libra does have more freedom around money so that can cause a problem. So unless they have some other points in the chart that can bring more of a commonality between the two of them in the financial department then they may have a hard way to go.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Well for starters Taurus definitely has rules in a relationship and Sagittarius definitely loves nothing more than to break rules. So we have an issue there. Sagittarius also has a wondering eye and Taurus is not having that lack of focus. Now I have a client who is Sagittarius with Cancer moon. So in this case they don't really have a wondering eye because of that Cancer Moon has them focused all about their relationship and love and wanting to protect their relationship by not checking out what's going on around them. But remember, I'm only talking about Sagittarius energy by itself when it comes to the compatibility with Taurus Energy by itself, other parts of the chart can for sure have an effect on the assessment. That's why it's very important to know all of the parts of the chart to get the most accurate take on the situation. Now, both Taurus and Sagittarius are at a point in their life where they truly want to settle down. This does have potential, but overall they communicate very differently and they're both all or nothing. So when it's good, it is amazing. But the moment it goes off the rails, it is very, and I do mean very difficult to get the connection back. So it is very important for these two to have a strong communication game from the start. Otherwise this may end after the first big fight because they communicate so differently.

Taurus dating another Taurus

Well, these two share a love for money for delicious food and they both have a deep, deep respect for loyalty. Sex should be good to go since they both have a high sex drive and they both don't have a hard time communicating their desires. The real and only challenge here would be boredom. Taurus can get caught up in a routine that becomes a rut and with a partner that is very similar. They can get set up in a situation where they don't have many problems, but the excitement may run out and when the excitement is gone, the motivation to stay together may leave with it. So their best bet is making sure that they have their go to experiences that keeps the relationship fresh. If they put in the work to make sure to keep it exciting, they definitely have a chance at a successful connection.

All right now, the third and final category and in that category would be the most challenging matches for Taurus. And by the way, this doesn't mean that it's not gonna work at all. It just means the most challenging in comparison to other signs. Now, those most challenging matches would be Gemini, Aquarius and Scorpio. So Gemini and Taurus. Now the initial entry can be exciting because Taurus loves to laugh and Gemini has a great sense of humor. Not to mention that Taurus affectionate nature does excite Gemini. However, Taurus values consistency and Gemini loves to change things up not to mention. Taurus listens to every word someone says and if their actions don't match the words there is an issue and Taurus will call this person out and Gemini sees this as controlling and above all else irritating. So after the initial excitement there's a high potential for a downhill situation, other points of compatibility may help, but it will be a challenge regardless.

Aquarius and Taurus

These two can be great friends because their differences can be very complimentary. However, in love, Taurus has one main rule, Tell it to me straight and be specific clear and honest and when it comes to love, Aquarius has one rule. Don't try to impose your rules on me. So you guys do the math. This connection is an argument waiting to happen. They will need many, many more points of compatibility and even then it really comes down to they are both fixed signs. They can both be very stubborn and they see the world so differently that it will take a lot of spiritual work and self actualization for these two to have a chance at love. So it is possible but highly unlikely. Now Scorpio and Taurus. Now these two are polar opposites and those of you who have been following my channel shout out to the A. G gang, you all know that I say opposites attract. But there are some major issues that are going to come up because when you see things in an imposing way it is very difficult. It's very hard to find common ground during a moment of disconnect.

However, when it comes to Scorpio and Taurus, they actually have much more in common than other polar opposites in the zodiac. Not to mention the sex is going to be a consistent point of connection. So the thing is with these two, if they make an agreement to always be 100% open and honest with each other then Taurus possessiveness won't go up against scorpios jealousy and Scorpio secrecy won't throw Taurus into a fit of mistrust. So if they can make this agreement and stick to it from the beginning, then this unlikely pair just might work out. If not they will fall victim to the same outcome as all of the other polar opposites in the zodiac, which is as soon as there's an argument, they see things so differently that it's very difficult to get on the same page. Alright, so there you have it a bit more detail when it comes to compatibility with a Taurus. Now remember I am a firm believer that you can be with anyone if you're in love and both of you are committed to growing together, having great communication and always doing your part to stay connected.