Today here to talk to you today about love and money predictions for 2022 for Chinese Zodiac Pig and so we're gonna start off with new love and what we're seeing here is that even though you look like you're surrounded by a lot of people and you're making connections, you may be having some trouble finding a new love relationship this year. And that is because you're perhaps not clear on your goals, you're not clear on your vision of what you're looking for or what you are hoping to meet.

You're not seeing that in the other person. And it may be that that other person is what you're looking for, but because there's something different about the picture in your head that maybe you're not seeing the person that way now, it is possible that you're meeting people for collaboration, business contacts, um, you know, social connections, all types of different people are around you, you look surrounded by people in 2022, especially in the latter half of 2022 but you have to become clear on your goal and then you're going to see in amongst the crowd of people, your new love and so I think that it's there, it's all possible, but it's going to require you, you know, to go within and become clear about what and who you're looking for now, when it comes to existing love relationships now, energy is much, much better.

What we have is not only are you closer as a couple, but you are more like friends this year where you really stand by each other when you're doing things together. You know, perhaps you find a new interest that you both really enjoy and so it's like you're going hand in hand into these new activities. It is also possible that you as a couple are seeing more friends and so that could be double-dating or that you're doing uh you know, activities in groups, but you're going as a couple.

Now when it comes to friendship, you look like you're surrounded by lots and lots of people and that is really good. So what you may be very focused on, you know, specific things that you're looking for friendship. So I see lots of people wanting to be your friend, but perhaps you're feeling like your schedule is not allowing it or that you are very focused maybe at a business networking meeting on making business contacts. Whereas there are people there who could actually be part of your friend's circle. So you want to be looking at how you can remove some of the boundaries that you have.

You know, this idea of certain categories of people so that you could connect with more people Over 2022 because again, there are lots of people around you. But you know, if you're at a business meeting, maybe you're just so focused on business that you're not thinking that these could be nice people just to have dinner with or go to a movie with. Now when it comes to your money. And this is specifically money from a business or passive income sources like your investments or you know, affiliate marketing or a side business. The energy is very, very good. This is that you take an action and automatically things start coming in. So we do see you making more money in 2022 than you have in a while.

This is also that there's, there is more ability for you to innovate and expand and automate uh different parts of your business. Or maybe even do something where you are connected to groups when it comes to investing. So you feel like you're getting to be part of a tribe. You are taking, these money-making activities to a new level through some sort of technology or automation. So all of that energy looks quite good Now when we look at money derived from your career and that's like getting a paycheck, we see several opportunities. But for some reason, things don't seem to be lining up as easily. And this is that it looks like maybe your company is offering you promotions or new projects but maybe you don't like these projects or maybe it's too much responsibility or too much extra work.

And so you, you might be kind of thinking that you want to stay in the lane that you're in so that you have more free time or you get to work at home or that you have more flexibility in your schedule rather than taking on something that is going to offer you a lot more money. Now. You can get more money if you change jobs or change departments. I think that is possible, but it still doesn't look like it's your first choice. So what could happen is that, if something becomes really compelling To make the change, then you make the change and you have a great opportunity to get more money. But I think even when a change is offered to you, you look like you might be shying away from it because you don't want to have your life filled with work, you want to have a work-life balance and so, therefore, you're making about the same as usual or just a little bit more in 2022.