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The Valley star Jasmine Goode is "perplexed" by Jax Taylor getting close with model Paige Woolen following his split from Brittany Cartwright.

"I’m not shocked. This is typical behavior for Jax,” Jasmine, 36, commented on Tuesday, May 28, regarding Jax, 44, being seen with Paige, 32, earlier this month. "I have no idea who this woman is or what’s happening... I’m unsure if it’s true."

Jasmine mentioned that she thought Jax was “attempting to get back together with Brittany,” but being with Paige suggests otherwise.

The former Bachelor contestant shared with Us that she believes Jax’s actions are intended to provoke Brittany during their separation.

“That’s my perspective. I think he sees Brittany flourishing, being happy, and shining, and that’s possibly bothering him,” Jasmine explained. “Jax is accustomed to Brittany always being there for him, loyal and supportive, which is something I admire about her. She stands by you no matter what. But I think he took that for granted, and now he’s desperately trying to cope.”

Brittany, aged 35, and Jax revealed their separation in February following a five-year marriage. The former couple, known for their appearances on Vanderpump Rules, have a 3-year-old son named Cruz.

In a recent episode of their podcast, "When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany," Brittany opened up about the difficulty of being around her estranged husband. She confided in Tom Schwartz that spending even a short time together is challenging, describing their current dynamic as "very up and down."

The next day, Jax was seen having lunch with Paige in Los Angeles. According to reports, they spent around three hours together on Saturday, May 25th. The following day, they both attended Jeremy Madix's birthday celebration in Studio City.

As Jax appears to be exploring new romantic avenues, Brittany is concentrating on her personal growth and happiness, as per Jasmine's observations.

"I truly believe that Brittany's separation from Jax has ignited a newfound confidence and determination within her," Jasmine shared with Us. "She's not experiencing the same stress-related health issues, and she's truly flourishing."

Jasmine went on to disclose, "I've never seen her as content as she is now. It's remarkable how she's turned her situation around and is now thriving."

Jasmine further noted that when she saw Brittany two weeks earlier, the reality star was actively pursuing her fitness goals and exuded happiness in her environment devoid of Jax.

Despite the recent upheavals, Jasmine affirmed that Jax and Brittany are effectively co-parenting their toddler.

"He's a good father, but I'm just not sure about their relationship," Jasmine admitted to Us, expressing her doubts about them reconciling. "I want all my friends to find happiness, but perhaps being apart is what's best for them if they're happier that way."

When questioned about Brittany's dating life, Jasmine playfully teased, "I'm not sure I can divulge that information." Nevertheless, she did share that Brittany is "doing well."

Jasmine's relationship with Melissa Carelli is equally strong. Melissa has made appearances on The Valley, although she's not a main cast member. Additionally, fans might recognize Melissa from her stint on Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge.

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