let's talk about love and romantic compatibility when it comes to dealing with someone who has Sagittarius Sun sign. But first I want to make sure that you understand that when it comes to compatibility, information about the sun sign is useful. But let's not forget how important the role of the moon sign is. This is because of the relationship. You're basically dealing with two major aspects of a person, how they think about things and how they feel about things.

Your sun sign is going to be much more of an indication of how you think about things and your moon sign is gonna be an indication of how you feel about things because your moon sign is how you're wired emotionally. All relationships are going great until there's an issue and when there's an issue and one person gets angry or emotional, you will be dealing with their moon sign. So we can't talk about the Sun sign compatibility without talking about the moon sign compatibility. So because we need to address both of these major factors, we're going to take the sun sign.

I'm gonna give you the top 10 things you should know about dealing with the Sagittarius with regard to romantic relationships. This top 10 list will be generally what you can expect with the Sagittarius, then we're gonna take Sagittarius Sun sign and give you a brief overview of what that Sagittarius would be like depending on what element there moon sign is in.

Number Ten, love must be fun for them.

They don't see love as the most important thing in life. So in order to be interested in the relationship, it must appear as a brand new exciting adventure.

Number nine, they are extremely generous.

So I just feel like they're lucky and they know that money will always flow their way so they have no problem being generous and sharing their positive energy and their flow of abundance.

Number eight they like to trip you up.

It's kind of fun for them to get a rise out of you. So if they find themselves getting bored in any way, they'll amuse themselves by putting you through a test or two just for the enjoyment of watching how you handle the situation.

Number seven, They have a great sense of humor.

They would prefer to see life as a fun game that is exciting to play. So they like to find the humor in most things. So you will generally find them in a good mood.

Number six, they love to micromanage because sadists see themselves as very capable.

They tend to want to do everything themselves. The only issue with this is when they complain about it. Why do I have to do everything for everyone? Why do I have to do everyone's job? The good news is if you just let them vent, they'll get over it pretty easily and just keep right on micromanaging.

Number five, they are fast on their feet.

A Sagittarius is very quick-witted. So try not to get yourself involved in a debate because before you know it, you'll be apologizing or defending yourself without even knowing what happened or why.

Number four, they are always on the hunt.

Understand that Sagittarius loves new conquests. So commitment isn't their first choice. But if they feel like you can check all the requirement boxes, you'll have a thrilling new partner.

Number three, they are not into a partner that is uptight or makes too many demands.

Savages are more interested in people that are relaxed with a good time on the top of their list. If you get too serious too quickly and start making all types of demands and rules, you will see the Sagittarius vanish right before your eyes.

Number two, they love new information.

They love conversations on philosophy and anything involving unique ideas. So if you're looking to explore the possibilities in life, then a sad is for you.

The number one thing you should know about dating a Sagittarius is the best way to attract to Sagittarius is to have a pulse.

They are interested in almost anyone for a second. But keeping them interested. That's the trick. And the way to do that is don't be rigid, don't be boring, and don't be hung up on the past because they get over that real quick.

All right now that we're clear on the top 10 things that you need to know when dealing with the Sagittarius Sun sign. Let's talk about the more detailed info regarding who this Sagittarius will be depending on what element their moon sign is in.

If you're dealing with the Sagittarius that has a fire moon, you will be dealing with someone that causes it exactly how they see it and they have no problem expressing their thoughts to whoever is in ears distance of their voice, Whether their moon sign is Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, they aren't too worried about hurting anyone's feelings. Their model is sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes that's funny.

If you're dealing with the Sagittarius that has air moon, you're in for a good time with A lot of laughs but not a lot of commitment. Whether their moon is Gemini libra or Aquarius Life is one party after another for this combination. So if you want to be invited, you have to keep it light and be able to adapt quickly.

If you're dealing with a Sagittarius that has Earth Moon, you will be dealing with one controlling archer. Whether the moon is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, they know what they want when they want it and how they want it and there's not much left up to discussion. The good news is their capability of commitment increases because of the influence of Earth in their chart. You're dealing with a Sagittarius that has water Moon, you will be dealing with romance, creativity, passion and yes, drama. Whether the moon is cancer, Scorpio or pisces. In order to roll with this version of Sagittarius, you have to have a lot to give and the good news is there will be a lot to receive.

A sad with Water Moon is great at manifesting their desires quickly and they love to share it with those they love don't get me wrong though. This combination comes with a high maintenance emotional disposition but the rewards are many as you can maintain the connection.