In this post, I'm going to dive deeper into Aries and compatibility, which we'll be talking about Aries. Keep in mind as you're reading this, that it will apply to sun sign and moon sign compatibility meaning you can apply it to Aries Sun with each sun sign and that compatibility. Then you can apply it to Aries Moon with each sign in the moon position.

When it comes to soul mate compatibility with each sign of the zodiac, I broke it down into three categories. Let's start with category one and in this category are the best matches for Aries And the signs in that category would be in no particular order Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo, and Gemini.

Sagittarius and Aries

These two are so great for each other. They both love adventure, They both love being social and they both love to make and spend money. Aries really respects the manifesting power of Sagittarius and Sagittarius loves Aries drive and Aries confidence. Now one major problem that they could come up against is if there is addiction on either part, either the Aries may have addiction problems or the Sagittarius may have addiction problems because these two are extreme signs and when they go in one direction they can go very, very far in that direction, especially Sagittarius.

So as long as they don't have any addiction issues then they should be good to go. Now don't get me wrong, even without any addiction in the relationship. Their fights will be epic, but so will their makeup sex. So these two are perfectly matched and it could be a power couple for sure.

Aquarius and Aries

Well, these two have very active energy that is well matched for good times, consistent laughter and a lot of adventurous sex. Aries is a doer and Aquarius is a great organizer. So they can work really well when they team up in any way and in a romantic relationship, their energies really complement each other. Aries doesn't shy away from Aquarius is out of the box suggestions and Aquarius, it doesn't try to hold Aries back when they want to jump into a new project or idea. One of the issues that may come up for these two though is when Aries feels a bit neglected because Aquarius is so independent and Aquarius can get a bit annoyed when Aries takes on a bossy approach with them, but as long as they are both clear on what their commitment is and as long as they communicate effectively when issues come up then these two will for sure have a long lasting, very exciting and loving relationship.

Leo and Aries

These two get along amazingly as friends for sure and they have the potential to get along really well in a romantic relationship. But in order for this to happen, they have to get clear on who is going to be in charge of what they both have no problem in the spotlight and depending on the rest of their chart more times than not, they actually prefer being the center of attention and you can't really have two centers. So as long as they are clear on the dynamic between the two of them and they don't find themselves competing for control than these two will have a very powerful, very effective and connected bond.

Gemini in Aries

These two are one of those couples that from the outside look in many ways to have some conflict but for them there in heaven, they actually love bickering with each other a bit because it keeps Aries competitive juices flowing and it gives Gemini something to be entertained by. Gemini loves Aries confidence and Aries loves the fact that Gemini always has a new idea of how they're going to rule the world, as long as they keep it lighthearted and as long as Aries doesn't allow their tendency to be parental to come into play, then these two will complement each other really well and they will find that they are much more powerful when they work together, love together and laugh together.

In the second category we have the signs that can work for Aries but it will definitely be tricky and it will take some extra work and the signs in this category would be Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, and dating another Aries.

Pisces and Aries

Well, Pisces has no problem letting Aries take the lead because pisces loves the freedom that the impulsive nature of Aries can bring. Aries loves that pisces is a bit mysterious because Aries for sure loves the challenge and they see the idea of peeling back all those pisses layers as an exciting challenge. These two are for sure very different. But this is one of those cases where their differences is exactly what the other needs. As long as Aries can open up a bit when it comes to their tendency to be self centered and Pisces can take it down a notch when it comes to their tendency to fall into feeling like a victim, then these two will have pretty strong potential together.

Capricorn and Aries

This is an interesting combination because it's one of those scenarios where it can really get better over time. Initially they will be attracted to each other because Capricorn loves it when they find someone that is willing to express their feelings openly and Aries loves the type of personality that plays a little hard to get, but once they connect they will have the problems that come from to cardinal signs dating each other, they both will want to call the shots the majority of the time, so they will have to get clear on who's going to take the lead based on the circumstances. If they get past these initial challenges, they will find that this relationship can be a slow burn that has major potential. Capricorn will learn to appreciate Aries fiery confidence and Aries will learn to love the unmatched strength of Capricorn.

Virgo and Aries

This one's gonna be a challenge. They both for sure appreciate the fact that they are both ambitious and they both love the idea of planning and experiencing adventures when it comes to these adventures, Aries will initiate and more than likely Virgo will plan. But this is an Aries where they will balance each other out nicely. The issue with these two will be the fact that Virgo has a very, very, very specific way that they want things done and Aries has one way of doing things their way.

In my Virgo post, Aries is in their most difficult category and this is because Virgo will have much more of a hard time dealing with Aries then Aries will dealing with Virgo. Sure, Aries wants to do things their way, but they have more of a live and let live type attitude and in a relationship and Aries is basically saying this is how I want to do this and I'm cool if you don't want to, just don't get into my way. Whereas Virgo, if they're in a relationship and the person that they're with blatantly is disregarding their wishes. When it comes to tending to the details, then that's a deal breaker for them. Either way, this matchup is a challenge and in order to really make it work, they will need many, many more points of compatibility in their chart.

Taurus and Aries

Aries will love the fact that Taurus is so sweet, so lovable and attentive and Taurus will love the fact that Aries is not just a big talker, but also a big dur. The issue here is that Taurus is pretty set in their ways and does require some chill time and definitely consistency when it comes to closeness and showing appreciation for each other. Whereas Aries priorities lie much more in wanting a partner that they can achieve goals with and have unexpected experiences with.

So the only way this can work is if Aries doesn't see Taurus as boring over time and if Taurus doesn't end up seeing Aries as just too impulsive and inconsistent, okay in Aries dating in other Aries they will have good sex, deep emotional intensity and a fiery connection.

The issue with these two is there going to continually be at odds in terms of attempting to trust that the other is down to do what makes the other feel secure. The bottom line is these two very strong personalities may find that they butt heads a lot because when they have a difference of opinion, neither is really willing to budge. So although it may start off hot and fiery it will end cold and disconnected the moment that they come up against a scenario or topic that affects the relationship and they see it differently because they're gonna have a really hard time. Like I said, seeing eye to eye. So unless they have other points of compatibility in their chart, the long term possibilities for this pairing is unlikely Another third and final category would be the most challenging matches for Aries which would be cancer, Scorpio and Libra.

Cancer and Aries

Well for starters these are both cardinal energies which means they are used to taking the leadership role. And if you have two people attempting to lead, like I said earlier when it came to Capricorn and Aries we're gonna have an issue.

However in the case of Aries in Capricorn it's manageable because they both have a tendency to be bossy without leading with their emotions.

Aries and Cancer

However, in the case of Aries and Cancer the moment Cancer expresses the part of them that can be parental then Aries fully and passionately resist this energy because they can also be parental. So this is a major point of disconnect because they're both coming at each other from and I care about you and I want to tell you the way this should be done perspective and there's too much emotion involved there. So they can't just get to the point and agree to disagree or to let it go. They might end up taking it personally, especially on the side of Cancer. And once Cancer take something personally it's very difficult to get back in their good graces. In addition to that Aries is very opinionated and doesn't candy coat their opinion when they're expressing it.

Well the moment they have an opinion about Cancer, that Cancer doesn't like that. We're gonna have a problem on our hands because Cancer will get angry. They will close off, they'll go into that shell and Aries has no patience for that type of drama. Bottom line is these two have many differences in personality that lead to conflict and disconnect. So in order to make it work, they will have a mountain of compromise to implement. So like any relationship it is possible, but with these two it's more than likely they'll end up deciding that they're much better off with someone more like minded.

Scorpio and Aries

Well, Scorpio is secretive and discerning and Aries is an open book that goes with their impulses to do whatever they feel in the moment. This for Scorpio reads as dangerous and unpredictable, which are two traits that Scorpio is not excited about in their partner and Aries is not interested in being with someone that is so unwilling to open up immediately. The sex may be great because they are both very passionate and intense so they may try to make it work because the sex is so good, but they will find that any moment spent outside of the bedroom has a tendency to lead to conflict and disconnect. If this were to work, Aries would have to agree to some serious rules regarding privacy and self control in order to make Scorpio feel safe and Scorpio would have to let go of that need to control just about everything. So unless this takes place, they may find that they're better suited for a boxing ring than a relationship.

Libra in Aries

Well we have to cardinal signs yet again, which you know, I like to call leader signs and there are two leaders that lead in a very opposing way. Liberal leads by suggestion and with diplomacy. Aries leads with strong intention and black or white thinking it either is or it isn't when it comes to the way Aries thinks so there will definitely be conflict there.

For example, if these two are driving in a car together and Libra suggests to Aries which path they should take and Aries is not being open to liberal suggestions because 99.9% of the time Aries feels very confident in their own judgment and doesn't feel the need to run it by anyone else or to hear their opinion. This is gonna make Libra angry because they're thinking why can't we at least discuss this and come to a mutual conclusion and Aries is thinking, nobody asked for your opinion, I got this handled. There's going to be this type of disconnect whenever they're navigating territory together.

Another point of disconnect is how big and loud Aries can be with their energy when Libra appreciates a much more refined approach to social situations, they may share a few laughs in the beginning, but the fact is that their approach to almost everything is exactly opposite and will for sure pose a very and I mean, a very big challenge when it comes to staying connected and working as a team. So there you have it a bit more detail when it comes to compatibility with an Aries.