A mother's plans for her 1-year-old's birthday are sparking mixed reactions on TikTok. The 29-year-old Rachel Gibbs shared her unconventional ideas for her daughter’s upcoming first birthday party on the platform. Gibbs outlined her party plans, which included not serving a meal and advising guests to eat breakfast beforehand. She described the party as a throwback to the '90s and mentioned that there would be no games, emphasizing her reluctance to spend money on the event. Additionally, Gibbs stated that the party would commence at 9:30 a.m., commenting that anyone attending a 1-year-old's birthday party would likely be awake by that time or could manage for one day.

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“I made it very clear on the invitations, ‘Please refrain from bringing gifts,’” she continues. “I suggested, ‘If you wish to bring something, consider $5 as we’re working on renovating our backyard—resodding it. Our backyard is currently a mess.’”

Some TikTok users criticized Gibbs for her frugal approach to the party and the suggestion of donating money for the backyard renovation instead of bringing gifts.

“Let’s be real, it’s basically a yard GoFundMe,” one commenter remarked.

Another wrote, “This lady shouldn’t be a parent. Pay for your own landscaping.”

In a conversation with YEPPOST.com, Gibbs highlights the performative aspect of her content on TikTok. As a content creator, her videos often offer money-saving tips with a humorous twist, reflecting her role as a stay-at-home mom with two young children.

“I use humor as a coping mechanism to navigate the chaos of motherhood with two kids under 3,” she explains.

Gibbs shares that she got the idea for the renovation fund from a friend who had requested contributions towards a stroller fund instead of traditional Christmas gifts.

It’s good to hear that some viewers appreciated Gibbs’ approach to suggesting donations instead of gifts.

“I'd prefer to give $5 over spending $20-30 on a gift,” one viewer commented in support.

Another wrote, “I completely agree with you! You’re making a lot of sense.”

However, Gibbs also mentioned how certain comments about her intentions and feelings towards her daughter were hurtful.

“You watch a 30-second clip and make big assumptions, not realizing how much impact a quick comment can have on someone’s day,” she expressed to YEPPOST.com.

Despite the emotional challenges, Gibbs stuck to her low-budget party plan and received around $50 in donations at the event.

A follow-up video showcased how much fun her daughter and the other children had, enjoying a spread of donuts and cupcakes. The party took place in Gibbs’ now-decorated backyard, adorned with streamers and colorful balloons.

“I spent $100 on a yard sign on impulse, and we used Betty Crocker cake mix for the cupcakes,” Gibbs recalled in her interview. “For decorations, my friend who owns a balloon company provided them for free. It was all very low-cost.”

While the party's affordability was a mental relief for Gibbs, the most important thing was that her daughter had a great time.

“She had a blast,” Gibbs shared. “She stayed cheerful and engaged throughout the entire event ... She loved her cake and had a wonderful time playing and swinging.”