Elsbeth Tascioni, the sharp lawyer from The Good Wife and The Good Fight, is back with her own show, Elsbeth! This quirky investigator brings her unique perspective and, well, a whole lot of tote bags, to tackle crime in New York City.

While Elsbeth keeps her case files under lock and key, she offered Us Weekly a glimpse into one of her many carryalls. Apparently, like good friends, "you can never have too many bags," Elsbeth says.

So, what keeps this legal eagle soaring through the concrete jungle?

Tech-Savvy (in Progress): A cell phone – "I'm not super great with technology," she admits, "but I can answer the phone and I'm working on my TikTok dancing!"

Flavorful Focus: Lip balm – a different one for each tote! "Lip moisturization is key," she proclaims. Today's scent? Tropical pineapple!

Fashion with a Function: Safety pins – for a quick hem fix or, as Elsbeth winks, "altering a client's blouse depending on the judge."

Old School Cool: Pen and notepad – for witness statements, lunch apologies ("Sorry, Captain, that pasta salad looked amazing!"), or anything else that pops into her head.

Fun and Functional: A brightly patterned scarf – "keeps your neck warm and says, 'Hey, I'm fun, don't be scared!'"

Fuel for the Fight: String cheese – a healthy, on-the-go snack (because sometimes lunch gets eaten). Just in case, there's...

Another String Cheese: "Didn't get to eat before this," Elsbeth explains. Better safe than hangry!

Hydration Hero: A pink water bottle – "Science says ladies need to stay hydrated," Elsbeth informs us, with a sly wink. "Drink up, and make sure there's a bathroom nearby!"