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Whatever level of satisfaction you have with your love life. It doesn't imply you don't fantasize about the passionate romance you could have. We all enjoy romance yet for many of us it's sadly lacking in our daily lives. It's not that we don't like what we already have. It's just that once you've been with someone for a while and are at ease with them, the romantic aspect of your relationship tends to fade away a little. There wouldn't be hundreds of different genres in the romance novel market. If we didn't all have diverse notions about what we want to make a relationship sizzle, watch on to learn what are the hidden romantic ideas based on your zodiac sign.


Aries fantasize about a high-pressure military situation with only a few moments of explosive love In a world where survival is the only priority. There's something about the military discipline combined with the unrestrained emotions of a love affair that makes the fire sign go up in flames.


A hotel room, endless room service with the greatest bottle of wine and gourmet meals, and a lover who fulfills their every wish, and the Taurus are never leaving their fantasy land. They'd also like to be able to gaze out a window at a nice scene. So maybe a beachside hotel.


Someone who is exactly like them as a Gemini's image of a very attractive romantic companion. They want their spouse to be aware of their desires without them having to express them. They believe they're brilliant and their partners should share this belief.


Cancerians don't want simple. They're looking for complicated. Give them a partner who likes to play games. The ones who are too shy to say what they think. The ones who work from morning to midnight and just need someone to look after them for a while. They wish to remain in a state of want indefinitely.


Leo's will take drama from anyone who will give it to them. And they're ideal. Love affair involves destruction, flames, drama, and above all passion imagine a chuck and Blair relationship from gossip girl. That's a perfect example for Leo's fantasy, two headstrong drama-filled individuals going for each other's throats.


The cautious and meticulous Virgos look for love that will make them lose all control. They fantasize about meeting someone with whom they'll be able to break all of their inhibitions. Imagine a buttoned-up cashier and the lady of the night. The cashier pining for the lady and going to great lengths to see her again.


A Libra's fantasy and reality are poles apart. They fantasize about being with someone so stunning that it hurts their eyes. They don't care if they have a bad personality in their fantasies. All they want is someone who looks good next to them in real life. They would never choose someone based on appearance.


Their ideal lover is someone they can seize or bind. They don't require any external social frameworks to wield power. The problem is that they don't want anyone to give them authority. They want complete control of the situation fifty shades of gray is what a Scorpio's dreams are made of.


Sagittarius fantasizes about a love set amidst the rolling, barren desert, a cowgirl or a cowboy who comes and goes, seldom staying more than one night. They're both on different missions and they bump into each other over and over again, coming together before going back to complete their goals.


A Capricorn fantasy is similar to mills and boons with a billionaire tycoon, they dream of a romance that is more like a business negotiation, a chessboard with different moves and unexpected explosions of love. They also fantasize about dating someone much younger, legally, of course.


They fantasize about establishing a romantic arrangement with someone with whom they have little in common. They'd share a secret universe where the only thing that mattered was their happiness, not the daily responsibilities of existence. They picture themselves in a relationship with no emotional ties.


They see someone who's both macho and feminine, who embodies the best of everything. Their fantasy lover will fulfill all of their wishes and encourage them to fantasize about romance and love. A Pisces dreams are similar to an Italian summer with a lover who reads poetry and paints them bathed in sunlight. It's difficult to know if you're in love and it's even more difficult to figure out if you are, It's not a good idea to put your relationship in jeopardy by stepping outside for some fun unless you and your partner agree, but a fantasy can provide some of the thrill and feelings without putting your relationship in danger.

Astrologers believe that your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you and your personality qualities. Similarly, it can disclose a great deal about your conduct in many settings, particularly when you're in love.

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