Zodiac Sign · Mar 19, 2022

Today we are talking about the love and money predictions for 2022 this is for horses. And let's start off with new love finding someone new to have a love relationship with and oh my gosh, the energy is great for you guys this year. You show that you can meet somebody and get into a long-term relationship or find someone to have a fling with.

Now one of the best sources for relationships for you is to tell your friends and family that you want to meet someone and let them introduce you to their friends or you know people they know from work or from church. So that's, that's going to be one of your sources. The second thing of course for you is online dating, but maybe you're having your sister take your picture or you're having your brother who's good at writing, help you compose your profile. So it still feels like you're getting some help to do this. But as you do, you have some really great opportunities this year.

Now, when it comes to existing relationships now, the energy is still very, very strong. It shows that you are like if you were dating, perhaps you are moving towards living together or getting engaged, you seem to be taking the relationship to the next level. Now. It also shows that if you have had some trouble in the past, maybe your partner isn't accepted by your family that this is making a shift and you're seeing more positive energy around this. Uh maybe your partner likes your family more and so it can go both directions. It's also quite possible that you and your sweetheart are buying a house together or in some ways, coming together in a more solid way. And so we see really great energy for that existing love relationship. Now when it comes to friendships here, we see that there are lots of opportunities, but somehow your focus isn't there or you're just finding some of your friends have taken a different route in life.

They have, you know like there's been a fork in the road and you've gone different directions. And so there's a little bit more irritation between the two of you. Now irritation still is an aspect. So that does say you can meet new friends or you can reconnect with the friends that you have had in the past, but there's still something that's holding you back some feeling like it's maybe that you're feeling a little awkward around them because of their new belief system or who they're dating or because maybe they live across the country now. So This is one of the more challenging areas for you in 2022. Now when it comes to investments or income that you would make from a business, family, business, or passive income sources such as getting royalties or affiliate marketing money, you do show some really positive energy.

Now, this energy is predicated on this idea that you are going to really take responsibility and work hard at this, that you're not going to leave things to chance, but that you're going to really focus on getting more marketing done or really understanding your investments or having an active hand in your passive income sources. And you know, because all passive income sources take a lot of work upfront. So this, you know, whatever you were just trying to put on automatic pilot, that's not working so well this time, this is more about actively working those sources of income. And fortunately from a passive income standpoint, those things can scale and so that's why putting in the work could be beneficial.

Now when it comes to money from a paycheck, here's where you're not showing really easy energy, you're showing that to get raises or bonuses or a higher commission or promotion, those things all take a lot more effort and really focused effort this time, this is not the easy area for you. So it's possible that your company has some sort of freeze on giving promotions or giving raises you might find in your industry, that it's challenging to move from job to job. You also though, do show that you're, you're getting more benefits in perks than you're in actual money. And so this might mean that you get to work at home, but because you're working at home, they're not going to give you more money. So, you know, there's, there are tradeoffs here and because the energy is not really lining up this year, that's how you show the trade-offs.

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