Moon Cycles Forecast March 2022 14th - March 20th

I'll be going over the moon's transit and other planetary shifts for the week of March 14th through March 20th. Astrology Forecast March 14th - March 20th.

Mar 19, 2022

I'll be going over the moon's transit and other planetary shifts for the week of March 14th through March 20th. Astrology Forecast March 14th - March 20th.

Life can be a challenge, but at least we have each other and in this post, I'll be going over the moon's transit and other planetary shifts for the week of March 14th through March 20th. This way you can make sure and be prepared to navigate love and your life overall and the most effective way possible.

Here is the magic of the moon update for Monday, March 14th through Sunday, March 20th. So the moon will be making many squares and oppositions this week. It's definitely going to be a very intense emotional time coming up. So the theme for this week will be spiritual armor. I gave it this name because as we navigate life and relationships during times like these where emotions are on edge and people are easily triggered. It is very important to use your spiritual tools as the ultimate defense and as the ultimate solution to any issues that you might be having in relationships with connection and ultimately to just maintain a loving exchange and dynamic.

Okay, so on Monday, March 14th the week will start off with the moon in Leo, which will be forming a T square with mars, which will be in Aquarius, and Uranus which will be in Taurus, and venus which will also be in Aquarius. So be prepared for Monday to be one of those days, you know those days where it seems like no matter what you do things just feel more difficult than usual because you will be prepared for this energy.

You can use the spiritual tool of being the accepting observer, meaning continue to set your goals for the day and work towards making your choices as effective as possible. But whatever happens in terms of challenges that are presented to you, accept what you cannot change and observe the situation from a place of being present as opposed to connecting to frustration or creating a narrative in your head about how things never work out for you etcetera by being present. You can say, okay, this is the situation and this is what I'm gonna do about it. Make an agreement with yourself to not be reactive.

Now, Tuesday, March 15th, the moon will remain in Leo. So it will be day two of that same sort of energy now for all of you out there that have a moon in Aries Leo Sagittarius or Aquarius be very conscious of your emotional disposition because this Leo moon will have the strongest influence on you and it will be very easy to get triggered or to let your emotions get ahead of you. But like I said, if you're prepared, you can absolutely make sure you are responding from your highest self now Wednesday, March 16th, the moon will be in Virgo which will give us a bit of a break from that intense t square, but it will be forming an opposition with Neptune and the sun.

Now if you have a moon in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, or Pisces, this will be a time where you will be most affected by the moon's intensity and it may bring out that part of you that can be critical or moody or even argumentative, remind yourself that you have a choice. You don't have to take the bait. This is one of those moon phases where the phrase, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy, will really come into play, especially if you're in a romantic relationship, being one of the biker sons is never a good look, it's no fun to be around if you're witnessing that type of relationship and it's even less fun to be in that type of relationship.

So no point in proving when I'm working with couples, I always start off with a phrase that I learned from Dr. Pat Allen, that really works wonders in your relationship if you follow it and the phrase is no teaching, no preaching, and no complaining. None of those three things will get you anywhere in a relationship other than closer to disconnect now keep that awareness going on Thursday, March 17th because the moon will still be in Virgo and will be reaching its full moon phase at 3:18 a.m. On Friday morning, which will serve to intensify all of the effects I'm going over.

And if you want to know more about the full moon, check out the "All Moon In Virgo 3 Things You Need To Know" that I put out giving you the top three things that you should know about the full moon and how it will affect your individual signs including the full moon creating a trying with Pluto and the details around that. Also, Thursday will be ST Patrick's day. So if any of you out there are drinkers also remember never ever have an argument or debate while drinking. If you're in a relationship, you should really just never have an argument while you're drinking. But especially if you're in a romantic relationship, you know how people say never go to bed angry.

Well, I say go to bed angry all you want. If it's because you're smart enough to wait until the next day when you're both sober to address whatever issue may have come up discussing anything of importance that is emotionally charged while under the influence of a white claw is never a good idea. So if you get triggered, take a deep breath, continue having a good time and address it the next day when the two of you are in your right mind. Now obviously if you haven't been drinking, don't ever go to bed mad, have the conversations necessary, reconnect and have a great night's sleep. Another great thing to remember for these Virgo moon days is requesting what you want instead of pointing out what you don't want, are telling someone why they are wrong is always going to yield much better results.

Now, Finally, on Friday, March 18th, the moon will be shifting from that full moon in Virgo to libra at 7 26 AM Eastern Standard time, which will finally start to take some of the edges off by bringing some harmony and balance and reconnection as we round off the workweek, which will work great having favorable aspects created with mercury, venus, and mars. These positive vibes will continue on Saturday, March 19th as the moon remains in libra for that entire 24 hour period. And I want to remind you that although the vibes will be positive if you do have Gemini moon libra, moon Aquarius or Aries moon, you may feel a bit more emotional than usual, but not really in a negative way, just in a more sensitive way, which can be good at times, but it's nice to be prepared either way and we end the week on Sunday, March 20th when the moon shifts into Scorpio at 11:45 a.m. Eastern Standard time, which will be the set up for an intense Sunday, especially if you have a moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Taurus.

So be prepared for some feelings from the past to potentially resurfaced or you may even find yourself being tempted to overanalyze things or read into things instead of taking that path, Use the depth and spiritual energy of Sunday's Scorpio Moon to connect to your intention for the upcoming week. That way, you can be prepared to make the most of that energy stepping into the week, feeling recharged and confident as opposed to drained and emotional. Okay, so there you have it, the magic of the moon and other planetary shifts and aspects for the upcoming week, March 14th through March 20th.