All Moon In Virgo 3 Things You Need To Know

There you have it, the top three things you need to know about this full moon in Virgo and what to expect for your specific sign relative to the area of life.

Mar 19, 2022

There you have it, the top three things you need to know about this full moon in Virgo and what to expect for your specific sign relative to the area of life.

What are the top three things you need to know about this full moon in Virgo during this beautiful Pisces season? In this post, I'm going to go over the top three things you need to know about. This full moon in Virgo, and also regarding your specific sign. What house will get the strongest energetic boost? So you can make the most of this powerful full moon in Virgo. And all I ask in return is that you give that like button a little tap, A baby tap, Okay, no more wasting time here at the top three things that you need to know about this full moon in Virgo, along with the predictions related to this energetic opening.

The full moon in Virgo will reach its full phase on March 18th at three a.m. Before it shifts into libra at 7 26 AM. Eastern Standard time on that same morning. Now, here are the top three things you need to know about this full moon in Virgo in order to make the most of the energetic openings it has to offer.

Number one, you can awaken the magician Within Virgo and Pisces both have strong intuition.

Virgo gathers inspiration from getting a clear vision of what tools in the physical world can be used to manifest their desires and Pisces receives creative inspiration from within to explore the most innovative ways to manipulate the outer world in a way that is beyond what is typical. This is how both energies manifest their desires.

So you can tap into both of these tactics during this time to magnify your manifesting power to find what tools you're going to use that are at your disposal. Then creatively use those tools to get fast and efficient results using your intuition to lead you in both of these areas, awakening your magical power to manifest your desires.

Number two, procrastinating is like taking life for granted.

The full moon in Virgo is here to remind you of what you've been putting off until tomorrow. That can be done today. When you say, I'll just do that tomorrow, or I'll do that later. You're only making an annoying pile of things that need to get done because they don't go away when you put them off and that pile will weigh on you in the future and that heaviness is demotivating. So use this full moon to handle the things that you've been putting off, then make a commitment moving forward to handle things as they come up, which will leave a clear path for you to manifest the things that you desire instead of creating that heavy load. Whatever you do, don't be a spiritual hoarder.

Number three, the full moon is in harmony with Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of intensity, destruction, transformation, and rebirth with this full moon. Trying Pluto, is bringing the opportunity to make changes without having to go through so much pain to do so, so take this opportunity for harmonious transformation, It will save you from the drama in the future. So now let's jump into what this full moon in Virgo has in store for you based on your sign you can watch this from the perspective of your sun sign and rising sign and if you want to know why that is, I put a brief explanation in the description so check that out and I know that some of you also like to watch from the perspective of your moon sign which is absolutely okay, just make sure you know that it's going to relate much more to how your emotional disposition and perspective is going to be as opposed to either the physical disposition or your spiritual disposition. Also, keep in mind that this full moon energy will start on March 18th and then will continue its energetic opening until the new moon comes around on April 1st.

This full moon in Virgo will be in your sixth house.

So you will feel a surge of emotional energy areas that will motivate you to really get your health and optimum form, you may feel the urge to start a new workout plan or a meal plan and this will be a perfect time because we are approaching your rebirth season areas season is right around the corner. Now, this could also bring some health issues to light, especially in your stomach or digestive area. So be aware of that.

This can also be a time where a work project or goal that you've had related to work can come to fruition. So focus your energy on health and career goals areas and you will find that this full moon in Virgo will be just the boost that you need in these areas to achieve forward movement, motivation, and clarity.

My powerful Taurus.

This full moon will be in your fifth house. So this will have a heavy emotional effect on you Taurus. You will be feeling this full moon energy intensely, especially if you're NATO moon is in tourist Virgo, Capricorn, or Pisces. Now, this emotional wave may inspire you to really open up about something that you've been holding in for a while or cause you to act out in some way. You may have just been feeling overwhelmed with life as though it's been all work and no play for you and you've been dying to break out and just have a moment of release. So the answer to that feeling is, do it. Just let go allow yourself during this new moon to have fun, express yourself. Do something that does not relate to work and don't worry about how you're being perceived, you need these release tours to recalibrate. So allow yourself some unbridled fun and you will find that this experience and this opening up will ignite new opportunities, especially when it comes to love. So be open, be honest, be free, give yourself a bit of an emotional vacation and enjoy it and have a happy full moon Taurus.

My powerful Geminis for you.

This full moon will be in your fourth house. So Geminis be ready for some situation regarding your home or your family to come to a head during this time, you've been spending so much time focused on making money lately and matters relating to your professional world that you may have been neglecting your personal life and relationships. So when something like this comes up, don't allow it to overwhelm you just see it as an opportunity to handle something that has been wanting your attention, and now you can give it the attention that it deserves and you'll just resolve whatever it is. So it doesn't grow and become a much bigger problem later.

Also remind yourself that those relationships, your family, romantic relationships, friends, and really anyone close to you, are the relationships that help you to stay balanced. So don't forget to give them the energy that they deserve. Make sure to not forget that relationship that you have with yourself as well, take care of you love you, and keep that love flowing with the people in your life that mean the most to you and you will find that you will be more energized to deal with work situations and it will also give you a more optimistic perspective regarding work because you'll be feeling loved and recharged and supported. And this will only assist you in manifesting your desires. You got this Geminis and happy full moon.

My powerful Cancers.

You know this full moon is going to have a strong effect on you because every moon cycle has a strong effect on you. You are the true moon babies of the zodiac. It is your ruling celestial body. And this full moon in Virgo will be in your third house. You may have been feeling dissatisfied with life lately and not in a way where you're angry or in a bad mood, you've just been wanting more. And that desire is at a fever pitch at this point. So it is time for you to take action.

Cancers, you have lacked a bit of motivation to take care of some annoying details and responsibilities. So use this full moon in Virgo as motivation to do so. And you will find that with each thing that you get done, you will start to feel freer and more motivated and you'll feel a surge of excitement to get out and start having those experiences that you've been yearning to have to keep your eyes out for an important email or phone call or even a D. M. That could be connected to a great opportunity during this full moon energy. Just make sure to take care of any lingering responsibilities. So you can make that space both emotionally and physically to bring in these new exciting opportunities that you've been craving. So, happy full moon Cancers.

My powerful Leo's

Now, this full moon in Virgo is going to be in your second house. So you will feel an emotional surge that will connect you to how you truly feel about your personal self-worth meaning. You'll ask yourself what do you truly deserve and you will get a clear insight into whether or not you feel like the life that you're living right now is a reflection of that and if you're feeling like you deserve more and now is the time to state what you know, you want to feel it and then begin to act on it and begin taking the steps of manifesting by using the practical tools that the full moon in Virgo will help you identify and by using the creative inspiration that the Pisces sun will help you identify. Sometimes we need to be shocked back into living life reminding ourselves of what we're excited about Now this emotional surge may also have you wanting to just get out of control and go to extremes on the quest to give yourself what it is, you know, you deserve. But remember balance is always key on a positive note, this full moon and Virgo will be great for your ability to open up and express yourself with your significant other.

So if you're in a relationship, be ready for a beautiful connection phase and a resolution phase. So happy Full Moon Leo's.

My powerful Virgos.

Now, you will definitely be feeling this full Moon because it will be transiting your first house. So this is a big one for you, Virgos. Not only will you be feeling very emotional, but you will also be feeling a strong desire to just connect with other people. You spend so much time focused on your goals and what the future holds for you. And honestly worrying sometimes that this full Moon is going to remind you that you need love too, that you deserve love. So allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable during this time. This Full Moon will help you realize that in order to get what you need emotionally from other people. It is important to communicate those needs. So be on the lookout for those opportunities to arise.

That will give you the chance to open up Virgos and really establish what it is that you need from the people in your life that you look to for support. Also, a situation may come up during this time. That will put your ability to lead to the test. So embrace it and enjoy it. This can be a major change for you Virgos where you stop feeling like you have to do everything on your own. And the way that you will create that change is by identifying what is that you'll need in order to feel supported and assisted. And you will take that leap of vulnerability and communicate those needs. And it may be scary and even uncomfortable but you will be so glad that you did happy Full Moon verbals.

My powerful Libras.

Now for you, this full moon is going to be in your 12th house Libras. So get ready. It is about to be an intense one for you. You may just feel a heaviness and a need to retreat and don't judge yourself for that. Everyone needs time alone to release and recharge. If any feelings from the past come up, don't try and stop them.

Let the floodgates open and if you need to cry let it out. It will be cleansing for you and you will notice that after you allow yourself that outpouring of emotion you will feel energized and recalibrated. Also spending some time alone will allow some realizations and answers to some of life's questions to come your way. This could be a very enlightening full moon for your libra. So try not to spend it distracted you have a lot going on with work and thinking about your future lately and this full moon is focused on you. The deeper part of who you remember the life, as you know, is so much more than what we do for a living or if our bills are paid. This is the time for you to discover what your purpose is not for your whole life, but just for this chapter, what do you want out of 2022 emotionally, not just when it comes to material things, what will bring you fulfillment?

This is the full moon that can answer those questions for you libra. So this is going to be a deep one and enjoy it. The exploration and the emotional release are going to be fantastic and you're gonna come out on the other side of this, feeling renewed and reborn. So happy full moon.

My powerful Scorpios.

This full moon is going to be in your 11th house. So Scorpio is on the lookout for a friend or family member to reach out to you asking for some sort of assistance or support in some area of their life. This is an opportunity for you to realize just how important your role is in the lives of others. You tend to be pretty social, but you also tend to handle any real issues that you may be having on your own by keeping them to yourself. As opposed to exposing what's going on or exposing your emotional vulnerability.

Well, you helping this person out will remind you that you could use some help at times too. But the only way that people in your life are going to be able to help you is if you open up and express what you need when you need it, you have great intuition. Yes, but you can't expect everyone else to have that same ability, so embrace this opportunity to be of help to someone else in your life, but also identify where you could use some support and express that. It could be the turning of a page for you and opening up to a life where you really start to feel supported and where you no longer feel like you are in this alone at times you got this Scorpio and happy full Moon.

My powerful Sagittarius.

So for you, this full moon is going to be in your 10th house, so be ready Sagittarius. And I'm sure you're going to say it's about a time when I tell you this, you're gonna get a huge opportunity when it comes to your job or just with how you make money in whatever way you go about making money, you're going to get an opportunity for a nice financial boost coming your way during this full moon energy. The thing is someone may request that you do something with short notice, but as you know, you work best under pressure in terms of needing to improvise in any way you're excellent at that.

So if anyone would be prepared for this, you will you may have to be a little more responsible than usual, but that's okay, especially if you know that you stand to gain a lot from the opportunity that's presented to you. So while everyone else may be experiencing some heavy emotional waves from this full moon, it's actually set up to bring some majorly positive energy to your financial world, and even if you're involved in some real estate venture or you need some assistance with something regarding your home. Keeping an eye out for an opportunity to support you in that area will also be something that you can look forward to. So this is gonna be a fantastic one for you, Sagittarius. So happy full moon.

My powerful Capricorns

This is what we have in store. Well, first, just know that this is going to be an emotional one for us, especially if you also have your moon and Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, or Pisces. Now, this full Moon will be in your ninth house. So you will be feeling a strong need to act out a bit Capricorn, don't let this lead you to act out in your relationships.

You know, when you get to that space, it can actually get ugly for anyone experiencing your wrath. Instead, channel that energy into something a bit more adventurous for you. This full Moon is actually a good time for you to step out of your comfort zone and just take some risks. So plan something that forces you to step out of your usual world and you will be very glad that you did because it will really bring a possibility for some new opportunities connected to that adventure. If a situation comes up that you feel is out of your control or even unfair, do not let it challenge your faith. Just make sure whatever comes up you allow yourself to be a bit more lighthearted and have some fun during this full moon and moving forward until the new moon on April 1st. So happy full moon Capricorn.

My powerful Aquarius.

Now, this full moon for you is going to be in your eighth house. So this really isn't that emotional for your Aquarius unless your moon is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, or even Pisces if so yes you will for sure feel an emotional wave. But if not this full moon is much more about money for you actually.

So be prepared for some large payment to come up that could actually be related to taxes or a friend or family member that's going to call you up and potentially ask you for a loan, either way, don't worry about it. It's just the flow of energy that is setting you up for an upcoming wave of abundance. It's tricky with money we have to release it much of the time to receive it. So let the flow happen and just have certainty that you have abundance coming your way outside of that. Some situations may come up that bring a focus to the balance of your personal relationships in terms of the aspect of receiving as much support as you put out and vice versa. But it shouldn't be anything too extreme all in all this full moon is just a nice energetic shift for your financial sector, so be ready to release so you can receive and just know that emotionally you should be feeling pretty balanced and motivated during this time. So it should be pretty smooth sailing for your Aquarius and happy Full moon.

My powerful Pisces.

This is another intense one Pisces I know it feels like you have a lot going on these last few months in terms of just intense energy in your world and this seventh house full Moon transit is definitely going to be yet another wave of intense energy. You can see it on the positive side though because this opening could bring someone new into your life if you're single and if love is what you're looking for.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, be ready for some waves, nothing crazy like finding out that your partner is cheating on you or anything like that. But it's just this energy does open up a burst of emotion that could ignite some sort of conflict between the two of you, whatever you do, don't take the bait to be petty or mean if you find yourself in a conflict, do your best to be compassionate to what the other person is expressing even if it's annoying and also do your best to communicate your feelings from a place of vulnerability as opposed to blaming the other person or judging them. You won't feel like your usual self during this time. So remind yourself of who you are. Don't let this energy throw you off.

Instead allow it to help you really focus on what is necessary to get your world of relationships in a place where you feel supported, loved, and fulfilled. You know, conflict is always an opportunity for growth and resolution. So embrace it and if you're single will be open and ready for that new love. Even if you're in a relationship, you can always look at whatever comes up as an opportunity to get a fresh start on your connection. So like I said, embrace that perspective. Use your spiritual tools to assist you in remaining balance and operating from your highest self and if you do that, you should be good to go so happy full moon Pisces.