Yellowstone star Kevin Costner has addressed rumors of tension with show creator Taylor Sheridan, leaving fans wondering if he'll return for the show's finale.

In a recent interview, Costner confirmed he hasn't spoken to Sheridan about the show's final episodes, which are set to begin filming soon. This has fueled speculation that Costner won't be reprising his role as John Dutton, despite fans' hopes for a fitting farewell to the beloved character.

However, Costner offered an olive branch, expressing openness to future collaborations with Sheridan. He praised Sheridan's work ethic and shared similar creative interests.

Costner expressed openness to collaboration, stating, "The notion of us collaborating is definitely on the table. I find the subjects he selects very intriguing."

Although Costner's return to Yellowstone may not be in the cards, fans can anticipate the second half of season 5, scheduled to debut in November 2024.Additionally, there is a potential spin-off titled "2024" in the works, which could continue the Dutton family's saga.

Only time will tell if Costner makes a surprise appearance in the Yellowstone finale, but his willingness to work with Sheridan again suggests that there's no bad blood between the two. And even if Costner doesn't return, fans can still enjoy the world he helped create and look forward to more from Sheridan in the future.