Scorpios have independent personalities. So they're often happy to live by themselves without much social interaction at the same time. They are intensely loyal and passionate. Most Scorpios need to feel in control of their relationships and they may manipulate their partners to feel that control above all else they're contradictory. So they need partners who can tolerate moodiness and obsessions.

Scorpios are usually most compatible with other water signs. That means they should get along well with Pisces, Cancers, and other Scorpios. Pisces often have rewarding relationships with Scorpios because they both enjoy extreme emotions and are prone to romanticism.

Scorpios benefit because they get to feel in control and protective. This arrangement usually appeals to Pisces too. Cancers are good for Scorpios because they have nurturing instincts that can help keep Scorpios in check. While Scorpios act like they have everything under control. They often feel lost and uncertain forming a relationship with a Cancer.

Can help curb these negative feelings to Scorpios may form a passionate bond that helps them achieve their mutual goals balancing this type of relationship, however, is often difficult since both people may want to take control when similarities fit each other, the relationship can flourish when they do not. The relationship can flame out dramatically.

The Earth signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are sometimes compatible with Scorpio the compatibility mostly comes from the Earth sign's ability to stabilize Scorpios, they tend to provide a solid foundation. That lets Scorpio lead a rich interior life while learning how to take care of someone's mundane necessities. Earth signs and Scorpios have to put an effort to work together, but the pairings can lead to very successful relationships.

Scorpios have difficulty forming relationships with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Aries is a fire symbol that clashes with Scorpio. Aries are born leaders, Scorpios prefer independence. Putting these two signs together causes too much strife for compatibility.

Gemini often confused and offend Scorpios. They ask too many questions and aren't known for their loyalty. In most cases, the Scorpio will walk away from the relationship, putting Leo and Scorpio together can create a power struggle between two very intense personalities. Both signs are also prone to jealousy. That's not a combination that creates a healthy relationship.

Libras often seem superficial to Scorpios who are too idealistic to care much for material accomplishments, Libras are also good at avoiding Scorpio's need to control the relationship which creates frustration for both people.

Sagittarius and Scorpio aren't compatible because they want very different things from life. Sagittarius wants to get out in the world to find adventure. While Scorpio usually wants to stay in a quiet, reflective place, they simply do not nurture each other.

Nothing about an Aquarius and Scorpio are compatible. Scorpio will see Aquarius as emotionally numb or distant putting these together leads to boredom for both parties. There are differences in people who share the same sign, so it isn't impossible for incompatible matches to form good relationships, entering a relationship with an incompatible sign. However, may take a lot of work.

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