Here are the goods on Leo when it comes to compatibility with each sign of the zodiac. that when it comes to soul mate compatibility, I broke it down into three categories. So, let's start with category one, which was the best match for Leo. And the signs in this category would be Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Cancer, and Gemini.

Aries and Leo

These two superstar personalities are an amazing match for each other. As long as they learn to share the stage, they are a great match for good fun, good sex, and passionate fights. And the reason why I say passionate fights are seen as a good thing here is that they handle their frustrations in the same exact way they explode. They let it out. They deal with the issue at hand and then they move on. So because they handle their frustrations in a very similar way, this is actually considered a good thing. The bottom line here is between Aries and Leo. As long as they can keep their egos in check. And then these two can be an amazing couple together.

Sagittarius and Leo

These to feed each other's fire. And then some Leo's love how extroverted Sagittarius is. And Sagittarius loves the fact that Leo is so excited by what life has to offer. They both find comfort and inspiration in each other's confidence and because of this they don't find the need to compete with each other. The only other issue that can come up here is that both of these signs know how to take life to extremes. So when it's good it's extremely good. But if they go down that path of either addictive behavior or seeking only pleasure, then it can be extremely bad. So as long as they focus on the balance of hard work and having fun and making sure to take care of themselves, both spiritually and physically, then they can have definite power couple potential.

Libra and Leo

libra approaches love from a much more physical standpoint, the libra, but libra loves Leo's creativity and style, libra also loves that Leo is willing to take charge when liberals are indecisive. They also work really well with each other when it comes to the bedroom, as long as they make sure to implement practicality into the relationship. When it comes to money, then these two should have a smooth sailing ride to happiness and fulfillment. But if the money isn't flowing, this is really going to cause a challenge for these two because both of them love beautiful things, having a great time traveling, and experiencing the adventures that life has to offer. So if the money isn't flowing in the relationship, then hardships and frustrations will arise. So as long as they make sure that their finances are in line and that the fun is free-flowing and consistent, then these two have great potential.

Cancer and Leo

Now, this is a surprisingly compatible pair because they both see life so differently. Leo prioritizes excitement and good times while cancer prioritizes a meaningful commitment and deep love. The reason it does work though is that Cancer loves Leo's passionate nature and let's open willingness to express their emotions and Leo loves cancers, loyalty, and depth of emotion. So as long as they get clear on communicating their needs in a very specific and effective way without judgment, then these two can have a chance at true love. Leo would need to amp up the compassion and cancer will have to learn to not sweat the small stuff, but in the end, their passion and depth of emotion and expression should keep these two going strong as long as they don't have other points in their chart of disconnect.

Gemini and Leo

These two have a strong connection from the start. They both love being social, lighthearted, and independent within their relationships. They're both on a constant search for the next exciting adventure and they find the other's company a great addition to any experience. The biggest challenge that they will come up against is getting Gemini to stay focused and getting Leo to share the stage with someone that has a bigger personality as they do. If they have other points of compatibility in their chart to balance out some of that bigger than life. Energy, then these two can be a match made in a good time, talkative, fun-loving heaven.

Virgo and Leo

Leo loves how Virgo approaches everything from an analytical standpoint, but Virgo does have a problem with Leo's dramatic nature. Virgo is conservative and Leo likes living life in a big way bigger for Leo is most of the time better. And although Leo loves the fact that Virgo demonstrates their intelligence with that analytical nature of there's Leo does not love the fact that Virgo is critical and spends a lot of time pointing out what is wrong with something. So Virgo will end up seeing Leo as irresponsible and Leo will end up seeing Virgo as a buzzkill.

So, although it may start off with some sparks, it can quickly fade into bickering and frustration. Their best bet is to make sure to be very clear from the beginning of their relationship. Deal breakers and working from there this way, they'll be very clear on what it will take to make it work.

Capricorn and Leo

We start with the fact that for sure they have one thing in common and that is the highest sex drive, so they will definitely find that they are very sexually compatible. However, there are some basic differences outside of the bedroom that they're going to have to get clear on if they want a shot at a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship. Capricorn is reserved and Leo is looking for more attention than Capricorn naturally gives both of them like to play the dominant role in the relationship, so that's gonna be an issue and neither is willing to step down and let the other lead.

So if they can get clear on who is in charge of what from the beginning and not step on each other's toes in the process, then they can make it work. But without that clarity, this relationship can end up being an ongoing struggle for power.

Pisces and Leo

Leo isn't too interested in giving Pisces all of the emotional reassurance that Pisces craved pisses aren't as outgoing as Leo and they will start to find it exhausting and undesirable to try to keep up with Leo's constant desire to be in motion there definitely intrigued by each other's differences, but before long they will begin to wonder if it's even worth the effort. If they're going to make this work, Pisces will need a little bit more fire in their chart to give them that boost of energy necessary and Leo would need a little more water in their chart to balance out their ambition with compassion. If this is the case, they have a chance, but without the help from other aspects of their chart, they may find that their needs just are not being met by each other.

Now Leo dating another Leo and I bet you all can imagine where this is going well, two people can't sit on the same throne now, when these two are together, they will definitely turn heads, But when it comes to dealing with someone that has the same exact needs as your own and you have the personality like Leo, it might prove to be too much to handle. Now, if they have other points in their chart to balance out the necessary amount of giving and take, then they'll have a fighting chance. But if we're just talking about Leo energy with Leo energy, it's just too much. And I mean too much of an explosive thing. What will start off as fireworks will end up as ashes blowing in the wind after a few fights. Okay, the third and final category would be the most challenging matches for Leo's, and those signs would-be tourists, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The third and final category would be the most challenging matches for Leo's and those signs would be Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Taurus and Leo

These two are both fixed signs. So we are already up against the fact that both of these signs can be pretty stubborn after they've made up their mind about something that also doesn't help. They see most things in life from a very different perspective. Leo is very independent in terms of where they put their focus and energy and tourists definitely require a partner that is consistently factoring in their needs into the equation. Not to mention tourists are not interested in being a fan of Leo's unless these two have many other points of compatibility. They may find that they have far too many differences to have long-term success.

Scorpio and Leo

These two have immediate sexual energy between the two of them. But once they get over the good sex, they will realize that the connection outside of the bedroom leaves a lot to be desired. Leo is not excited by Scorpio's rules and regulations. And Scorpio has a very hard time respecting someone that they feel has blind confidence not to mention. These two are also fixed signs that are pretty set in their ways and their ways are pretty different. So to reach a common ground that will for sure have to have other parts of the chart that counterbalance all the points of disconnect. It is possible but highly improbable that these two will stand the test of time.

Aquarius and Leo

You guessed it Like all polar opposites. These two will have that initial attraction, but Aquarius is far too independent to become the devoted partner that Leo craves. Aquarius gets impatient when Leo is finding ways to indulge in social excitement and Leo sees Aquarius is loner nature as rejection. Once again, we also have two fixed signs here.

So seeing eye to eye in a disagreement or the odds of them compromising enough to make it work are slim to none. They see the world very differently. And once this fact makes itself clear, they will cut their losses and move on to find a more agreeable company.

So Aquarius and Leo without many many many other points of compatibility is a no go. So there you have in a bit more detail when it comes to compatibility with Leo. Now, remember I'm a firm believer that you can be with anyone if you are in love and both of you are committed to growing together, having great communication, and always doing your part to stay connected.