What Are The Traits And Characteristics Of Sagittarius?

If there's one sign that's not content with staying in one place for a long period of time

Mar 25, 2022

If there's one sign that's not content with staying in one place for a long period of time

If there's one sign that's not content with staying in one place for a long period of time, it has to be Sagittarius. This is a mutable sign that is always on the lookout for more knowledge as well as life experiences attracted to the finer things in life and a powerful communicator.

The Sagittarius, male or female is sure to charm and excites anyone that's in their circle of friends as well as family. Sagittarius has a love for new experiences due to their restless nature. They are always looking for intellectual stimulation as well as anything that's new to explore with their senses. Because of this, they are always on the move and are more likely than any other sign to become world travelers.

The typical Sagittarius is very eloquent and honest. They don't see the need to be diplomatic, so they may come off as blunt to the uninitiated that being said. They value friendships and other relationships and those that encounter them are aware of this due to their ability to give off a genuine air as well as lend a listening and compassionate ear to anyone that comes their way.

Sagittarius also possesses a capacity for being loving as well as kind-hearted for the most part, they will toe the line when it comes to treating others how they'd like to be treated. However, if someone treats them in a disrespectful manner, they won't hesitate to bring out the big guns of spite and hate in order to counter the attack on their person.

One of the downfalls of Sagittarius is their propensity toward idealism, this makes them more likely to run for the hills whenever they sense a problem in a relationship. This if left unchecked, can turn them into serial daters and relationship seekers, which in the end may result in the loss of many years.

Having a more realistic worldview can help these individuals temper their expectations when it comes to human relationships and the imperfect nature of humanity because of their highly evolved intellect, as well as a passion for travel and being around people. Sagittarius may fare well in careers such as being a travel agent, a hotelier, photography, teaching, and writing. These careers are in line with the very essence of who they are to the bone, something that may actually help them climb the rung of the success ladder with relative ease Sagittarius are agile and swift something, that may pay off if they ever decide to get into sports.

They are also into variety and fun and are always looking to make mundane tasks seem exciting if you're into exploring new opportunities and don't mind traveling numerous times a year, Look into dating a Sagittarius and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Lastly, Sagittarius are slow to commit and like to keep their options open. This makes them hard people to win over as well as challenging to really get to know at the end of it all they are worth every day you spend with them.

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