What Zodiac Signs Compatibility With Cancer?

Cancer Compatibility of Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Mar 19, 2022

Cancer Compatibility of Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Keep in mind as you're reading this, that it will apply to sun sign and moon sign compatibility meaning you can apply it to Cancer Sun sign with each sun sign and that compatibility than cancer moon with each sign and the moon position.

For example, if I'm talking about cancer and Gemini compatibility, it will apply to the Cancer Sun sign and compatibility with someone that has a Gemini sun sign. Then it will also apply to someone that has Cancer moon dating someone, that has Gemini moon but not so much Cancer Sun sign, dating someone that has Gemini moon because that breakdown is a little more complex. So for now we're sticking to sunshine with sunshine and moonshine with moonshine compatibility, So no more wasting time here is the goods on Cancers when it comes to compatibility with each sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio and Cancer

Let's start with Scorpio and cancer. Well, cancer is turned on by Scorpio's strength and Scorpio loves cancers, affectionate nature. Scorpio can take a very long time to open up and feel like they can trust someone. But this isn't really an issue for cancer because they are very similar and they are actually willing to show the affection and devotion necessary to make Scorpio feel safe enough to open up.

They both have great intuition. So this is one of those relationships where they just seem to know what the other needs without too much conversation about it. This is a match made up of good sex, emotional depth, and romantic intensity. The only issue that may come up is jealousy on both parts. So if they can keep that under control, then they are definitely set up for long-term success.

Pisces and cancer

These two are seriously perfect for each other. This is that notebook type of love where your favorite place to exist is with each other. These two both are in love with the idea of love and find it in one another. The hopeless romantic that they have always dreamed of is right there staring them in the face.

The only problem these two may come up against is their tendency to become co-dependent. So it is very important for them to make sure that they tend to the things in their independent lives that are necessary for personal development and fulfillment This way they will have a healthy balance between who they are as individuals and who they are in a relationship. If they can make sure to keep that balance in check, then they will find out that there are two peas and a cuddle-up, emotionally charged, sexually satisfying pod.

Taurus and Cancer

Cancer sensuality brings out the creative side of Taurus in the bedroom. They are both excited by the commitment and neither has a hard time showing affection. They will find similarities in the fact that they both love comforts and indulging in life's pleasures such as good food, art, music, family, and friends. So they definitely won't have a hard time finding things that they have in common. The only issue they may come up against is the fact that when cancer gets upset they shut down and when Taurus gets upset they give the silent treatment. So if they make sure to improve their capability for effective solution-oriented communication, even when they're really upset, then these two will find that they are for sure. Set up for long-term success.

Leo and Cancer

Cancer loves how expressive Leo is and Leo loves how cancers intuition is always one step ahead. Cancer has that ability to just know what the person that they're in a relationship with is feeling and they have a desire to tend to those feelings and Leo loves this type of devotion.

Leo also has that fun-loving nature that really knows how to bring cancer out of their mood swings and keep them laughing and having a good time. They both can be pretty dramatic. So when they fight each time it can feel like the end of the world.

But if they can keep judgment off the table and make sure that compassion is always there, go to in times of disconnect, then they can for sure make it work.

Okay so in the second category are the signs that can work for cancers but it will definitely be tricky and it will take a little extra work the signs in this category would be Gemini, Virgo libra, and dating another Cancer.

Okay, so Gemini and cancer but for one thing, the security that cancer desires can freak out of Gemini. Now if the Gemini has other signs in their charts like Pisces or Scorpio or tourists, then there will be much more compatible with cancer and they'll actually gravitate towards cancers' desire for security. But the Gemini energy part of who they definitely take pause when it comes to facing the type of devotion that Cancer requires. They may see it as controlling or confining.

Now Gemini for sure will talk a good game if the attraction is there and it will be sincere at the moment. However, Geminis do not like being held accountable or being checked upon when it comes to delivering what they may have promised.

So, this obviously can cause an issue because cancer is going to hold you accountable for something that you said for sure. The sex will absolutely be good. But Gemini is going to have to take things a bit more seriously and cancer will have to loosen up a bit when it comes to jealousy and putting rules on the relationship. If this is gonna work, it is very possible, but it will definitely take some compromise.

Okay, Virgo and cancer. Now, when it came to the Virgo list, I put cancer in the best match category. And this is because, in the relationship between a Virgo and cancer, it is a little easier for a Virgo to accept cancers rules and exchange. Of course, for that loving protective heart of theirs. Now, when it comes to cancer accepting Virgos traits is gonna be a little more difficult.

Virgo can be very critical, as we know, and cancer is a very sensitive sign and they're very sensitive to criticism. So, in order for this to work, cancer is going to have to accept the fact that when a Virgo is being critical, it's actually from a place of love. They feel like pointing out the way things can be better as a loving act. They do it with themselves all the time.

So, of course, they're going to do it with the person that they're in a relationship with cancers, the emotional approach does help Virgo put down their guard, and cancer loves that they can depend on Virgo to be consistent not to mention it is very helpful that they both see financial security as a major priority and they both understand each other's needs. So, if they can make sure to get the hypersensitivity of cancer and the critical nature of Virgo and check, then they can be a very, very strong pair.

Okay, libra and cancer. Although Libra is ruled by Venus and is very much a relationship type of energy, they go in and out of requiring emotional intimacy, and cancer sees this as detached libra is very romantic, but only likes to give and receive love and doses.

Whereas cancer wants a continuous stream of devotion. Cancer does take it personally when Libra wants alone, time to recharge and this can quickly turn to resentment. So although these two very caring individuals can be great friends and do have a potential for a strong romantic connection, they will for sure have to get very clear on what each requires in order to be fulfilled from the very beginning.

This way they can come to an agreement on how to make sure each person's needs are being met because without this clarity of communication, they may find that their differences are just too difficult to overcome. Okay, now, cancer dating another cancer now, obviously these two are going to be a lot alike. However, these similarities do cause some challenges. They both require affection. They both require attention and they both require reassurance. Which wouldn't be necessarily a bad thing because these are things that they are both willing to give.

The issue comes up when one or both of them gets triggered to anger because they are so much alike. They find themselves playing too much of the blame game, which will just lead to bickering resentment and disconnect. Not to mention when two people get hurt. You can't have both of them retreating into their shell. So if they up their communication game, it can work out great. However, if not it can become a silent treatment that never ends. Okay. And the third and final category is the signs that are the most challenging matches for cancers and those signs would be Aries. Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Capricorn. Okay. Areas and Cancer.

Well, Areas have a natural desire for freedom, and cancer has a natural desire for security. Cancer is sensitive and Areas don't think much before they decide to share their opinion. Now, this wouldn't be so bad. But when in Areas is having a moment of being direct and blunt and the topic involves a subject that cancer is sensitive about.

The cancer is going to see areas as rude and insensitive. And when cancer shares this fact with Areas, Areas isn't going to be all apologies. They're just gonna tell cancer to get over it and to stop playing the victim, which is not going to go over well with cancer, this is the root of their disconnect. They just have two very different ways of dealing with people and their emotions. So without some other points of compatibility in their charts, these two are going to have a very, very hard time finding a connection anywhere other than the bedroom.

Sagittarius and cancer.

Now if you thought Aries and cancer was a challenge, you ain't seen anything yet. This actually starts off great because cancer is definitely drawn to Sagittarius is I can do it all approach and Sagittarius is drawn to cancers, imaginative nature, and cancer sensuality.

However, right after the initial attraction and sexual connection, the problems begin the moment cancer begins to voice any issues with Sagittarius, they are met with judgment. Sagittarius doesn't mind addressing problems but the issue has to pass there. Does this make sense to me test And if it doesn't they're going to dismiss it as nonsense?

Cancer feels that if you love someone, whether you agree with them or not, you should still want to do what it takes to make them feel better. And this is the root of their disconnect because Sagittarius will see cancer as a nag and cancer will end up seeing Sagittarius as selfish and heartless. Even with other points of compatibility these just see the world far too different. Now it can work if both of them have been doing some spiritual work on themselves to transcend the negative traits of their signs and to help them effectively communicate, but without a strong spiritual foundation under their belt, this will be a very hard road to travel.

Aquarius and Cancer

This is pretty much a no-go from the get-go. Aquarius one's freedom and cancer want a defined connection. Aquarius is unpredictable and Cancer wants a relationship with consistency, clarity, and commitment not to mention cancer will take offense to Aquarius making various decisions without running it by them First, other parts of their chart may help a bit, but overall Aquarius would need to be much more inclusive and emotionally open and Cancer would need to ease up on the demands and except Aquarius for their unique approach to life and love, there's no bad blood between the two of them, they're just very, very different and the differences aren't really complimentary or conducive to a strong bond.

Cancer and Capricorn

Now I get a lot of flak for this one because yes, many astrology books say that Cancer and Capricorn are a perfect match and in some ways, they do get along great as friends because as friends, they connect in a way that they are both super loyal, they both value consistency, family, financial security and they both think in terms of long-lasting relationships that plan for the future. However, anytime you put two cardinal signs together, you're gonna have an issue, both of them want to lead, Both of them are very opinionated and in case you haven't noticed, no one can tell cancer what to do and definitely, no one can tell a Capricorn what to do.

So when cancer gets into their parenting role, which they tend to do in relationships, and when Capricorn gets into their know it also parenting role, which they tend to do in relationships, then these two are for sure going to butt heads, they are much better off as friends and they're much better off with signs that complement their carnal nature. So yes, it can work if they're in love of course and if they're committed to communicating and overcoming their desire to be right and for the person that they're with to agree with them most of the time they can overcome that they can work out fantastic.

But like I said, Capricorn and cancer are both being cardinal signs, and both being very confident in their opinions and the way they live their life when they agree it's gonna be amazing. But when they disagree it's going to be very difficult, very difficult to bridge that gap because in those moments they'll be seeing things exactly as opposites. I think all relationships can work.

But in this post, I'm breaking it down in terms of how challenging it will be and a Capricorn and cancer in a long term commitment, romantic relationship will be very challenging at times unless they're clear from the beginning on who's in charge of what and they stick to those rules. Otherwise, it will be a power struggle that will end with resentment and judgment.

Now, remember I'm a firm believer that you can be with anyone if you're in love and both of you are committed to growing together, having great communication, and always doing your part to stay connected. You know what I always say, love. That's all. And that's enough. So I'm sending you all tons of love.