Chinese Zodiac Tiger Love And Money Predictions

Chinese Zodiac Tiger, Love and Money Predictions for the 2022 Year of the Water-Tiger.

Mar 19, 2022

Chinese Zodiac Tiger, Love and Money Predictions for the 2022 Year of the Water-Tiger.

Here to talk to you today about What's going on for Chinese Zodiac Tiger in 2022, when it comes to love and money. So let's start off with looking at new love relationships, the potential of finding someone and what we see is there's an interesting dynamic going on now.

There's a ton going on for Tiger this year. And so when we look at love relationships, especially ones that would become intimate, what we see is it's a little bit of a slow start out of the gate. But as the year progresses it gets better and better. So initially there's a little bit more work may be that you have to do upfront and that would be to really be thinking about the type of person that you're looking for, what kind of relationship you want. Um maybe even being a little bit more strategic in how your meet this person. But once you have done that sort of visualization or sent a message to the universe now you're on course. And so it's much easier than to meet someone. And I do want to emphasize that this will be somebody who is looking for an intimate relationship and that that can be a physical relationship or one that is very deep so that you're talking about important things about the future.

So that's the focus if you're looking for more casual relationships, just wait, we'll talk about friendships in a moment now when it comes to existing love relationships, what we see is there's gonna be some points of contention between the two of you and if you will stop and talk it through, then things will get immensely better. But if you hit those, those little bumps in the road and you stop and you say to yourself, oh, you know what? We're here again, we're at this bump, I don't want to deal with it and you walk away. Then those bumps tend to get bumpier and bigger and sharper as we go forward in the year.

So what we see are the couples that say, let's work this out either between yourselves or through a counselor. You guys can do really well because those bumps that you talk through just disappear because you worked at it. So, and that can lead to some real happiness going forward when it comes to general friendships and acquaintances and these are the people who could one day maybe become somebody you date or a business partnership. So right now, there seems to be a little space between you that is that you can find very like-minded people, people who are your tribe, but it's going to take a little bit of effort on your part and when you do take that effort, then people come towards you, but it looks like you're kind of isolating yourself maybe because of things that have gone on for the last couple of years, but also maybe you're just very focused on aspects like making money and so you're not devoting a lot of time to friendships, But if you shift that and start to see that friendship could become money-making opportunities for you, which indeed they could this year in 2022, then then you could really like do double duty, like going to business networking meetings or reaching out to people online who are in a similar industry as you could yield not only business connections but also really good friends.

Now when it comes to investments as well as money that comes from a business or a family business or passive income sources like affiliate marketing or selling digital products, wow you guys have an enormous amount of opportunities. I see money coming in from lots and lots of different sources. Now, this is predicated on the idea that you are going to branch out, that you're gonna be doing new things, it is your year. So it's very important that you try new things. But you show a really strong connection between taking an action towards, you know, getting a business going or doing some investing and receiving profits now. And profits show that you know, there there's a little bit of stop and start, uh, in the middle of the year.

And that's, that's weird to say. But it feels like that what you need to remember is to stay resolute if you're a long-term investor and not jump in and out of the market. On the other hand, to stay resolute and finish the project, whether that's building your website or creating your affiliate links and promoting those etcetera. So really, really good energy for you this year. And that is going try new things. Don't, don't stop and start, but, but be very resolute in completing projects and you're gonna do exceptionally well. And then finally when we look at money drive from a career now we see the energy is a little bit weaker and there's a desire to make more money from your boss, from your company. But the money just may not be there. There may be some other perks that they're giving you that come up very strong. And so maybe that is a flexible workspace or um, you know, that your hours can be flexible or that you can work at home.

Sometimes you can work at home all the time. There might be some perks in that you get some discounted insurance or some help with education. So there's, there are definite ways you can, you know, increase the general value of what you're getting from your job. But actual cash is more difficult. There's gonna be a lot of people saying you're going to have to wait to, you're not going to get this right away. There's, there's a focus really on, um, you know, just trying to keep maybe the company afloat or get the company to expand rather than giving you more money. So, but as I said, financially, you look very strong this year. So the perks alone may be worth more than a raise.