In this post, I'm going to dive deeper into Aquarius and its compatibility. which we'll be talking about Aquarius. Keep in mind as you're reading this that it will apply to sun sign and moon sign compatibility, meaning that you can apply it to Aquarius Sun with each sun sign and that compatibility then Aquarius Moon with each sign in the moon position.

When it comes to soul mate compatibility with each sign of the zodiac, I broke it down into three categories. So let's start with category one, which was the best match for Aquarius and that category was Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

So for Aries and Aquarius but we know that areas can be pretty bossy and sometimes even forceful with their approach. But the reason these two work so well together is that Aquarius has a unique way of turning that Aries energy into positivity and forward movement. Aries is an initiator and Aquarius is a great organizer which is complementary. Not to mention the fact that Aries is a great starter and not the best finisher, but this doesn't cause a problem here because Aquarius does have the staying power to see something through to the end.

If they decide to work on a project together, their strengths really compliment each other areas. Is extremely passionate, which excites Aquarius and Aquarius is unpredictable, which actually keeps Aries's need for excitement satisfied as long as they can make sure that they're clear on who's in charge of what, then these two should have a strong enjoyable connection. Now Gemini and Aquarius, two are both attracted to intellect, which is great because they both perceive the world through their mind as opposed to their emotions. They both have quick minds and thrive as a couple when it comes to big ideas and problem-solving.

Aquarius is great at stabilizing. Geminis' sometimes chaotic nature. And Gemini brings the fun sense of humor and excitement that Aquarius just can't get enough of They make great friends and even better lovers. Now the long-term staying power all depends on if they're looking for something lasting. But in terms of compatibility, they definitely have all of the pieces of that puzzle to make a relationship work. Now, Libra and Aquarius Libra is great at dealing with Aquarius is stubborn streak and Aquarius is assertive and decisive, which liberal loves.

They both love music, theater parties, and people for these reasons, they are extremely compatible. The only challenge here would be similar to the challenge with Gemini and Aquarius. The long-term possibilities may be in question because air signs in general just get bored easily over time. So as long as they put effort into keeping things new and exciting, they should be good to go.

The only other challenge they may face is that both Aquarius and libra are pretty clear on how they want things done. So when they agree it's great. But if they're in a moment of wanting to do things differently that may get into that space of bickering and attempting to prove who's right and who's wrong and who does it better. But luckily libra is great at being diplomatic so it should work itself out, but this would be something that could come up and cause some patches of disconnect other than that they're great together.

Sagittarius and Aquarius have that air and fire combination that really works fantastic together. Aquarius has far-out inventive ideas and Sagittarius is the ultimate visionary. And the sex here is good enough to charge admission because both of these personalities are open to experimenting and they don't usually have silly hangups. They both love to have a good time and they both are all about keeping life exciting.

So neither will trigger that frustration that boredom can bring. Not to mention neither one of these has issues with jealousy, definite power, couple potential here. The only challenge is neither of these two finds it really necessary to put labels on relationships. So I'm not sure how official the relationship will be, but they are definitely compatible.

Okay, Category to now in this category are the signs that can work for Aquarius, but it will definitely be tricky and it will take a little extra work.

Virgo and Aquarius

This is one of those situations where the differences between these two really complement each other. First, they will have a lot to talk about because Virgo loves to analyze everything and Aquarius is always down to explore ideas and new information. So the intellectual compatibility is on point for sure. This is why this can work. The challenge arises when Virgo throws their judgmental nature into the mix, meaning Aquarius can be known to say one thing and maybe do another and Virgo is not having it. If you don't do exactly what you say to a Virgo, Virgo will call you out and label you as a liar. So if this comes up we are going to have some problems. So Virgo can ease up on their judgmental nature and Aquarius can keep their word, then these two should be able to find a common enjoyable ground.

Pisces and Aquarius

These two mature energies find a connection in their very different personalities because Pisces goes along with Aquarius's adventures and Aquarius is charmed by Pisce's romantic nature. The issue here comes up because Pisces would like a little bit more devotion than Aquarius tends to give. But they are both the type of personalities that tend to look at the big picture. So with some effective communication, they should be able to overcome the challenges that show up. Not to mention if the Aquarius has either cancer or Scorpio or Pisces in the top three and their sun moon or rising, then they should have no problem being as devoted as Pisces would require. So if they keep the emotional connection going strong, these too can be a good match.

Aquarius and Aquarius

These two will be apart just as much as they're together because they both will have so many independent outside activities going on, luckily they both enjoy the freedom and independence that this type of relationship provides. The sex is good, the laughter is plentiful and since they agree on almost everything, there shouldn't be much to fight about, it probably won't be the most intimate relationship, but as long as they can get over the need to control things and then it should work out just fine for them.

Category three and in this category are the most challenging matches for Aquarius and those signs would be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Leo.

Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarius isn't quite as specific when it comes to love. And what I mean by that is Taurus has many more rules in place in terms of what they want and what they don't want and they can be pretty unyielding on that. And we know how Aquarius feels about rules. So we have a big issue there not to mention they are both fixed signs. So they can both be extremely stubborn when they're voicing their opinions. So that makes it very hard to reach common ground, especially when you're already set up to see the world so differently, if they have other elements and points of compatibility in their chart, this could be tremendously helpful. But if we're just taking Taurus and Aquarius as a match without factoring in other placements, these two energies will find it very difficult to maintain a pleasurable connection.

Cancer and Aquarius

When the cancer is in love, they expect the person that they're with to make the relationship and their feelings a top priority. So we already have a problem right out the gate because Aquarius sees this as emotional neediness and Aquarius does not like to feel obligated to anyone or anything. They may initially have some strong sexual chemistry, but it will for sure take a lot to get them on the same page when it comes to how they both see emotions and the best way to handle them. Now, if they have other placements that work, this can be a doable combination.

For example, I have a reader that's Aquarius with Gemini Moon in Pisces Rising who's dating cancer with Pisces Moon and Gemini Rising. This combination is helped so much because they both have Pisces energy and they both have Aaron on their charts. So it helps to counterbalance all of the differences between cancer and Aquarius, but without those helpful points of compatibility, if you're just dealing with cancer and Aquarius, then there's gonna be a big problem because the majority of the time Aquarius is going to feel like cancer is overreacting to everything and cancer is gonna feel like Aquarius is a bit too uncaring to sustain the connection.

Scorpio and Aquarius

This is a rough one, Scorpio is so not down with energy that rolls up on the scene attempting to take control of the situation Again, this is a situation where we have two fixed signs and they can both be pretty stubborn when it comes to what they want and they're very different in terms of how they see the world, not to mention Scorpio can be pretty jealous and Aquarius is so not feeling a relationship where jealousy is a factor, Both are prone to controlling behavior. So that also works against them. There are some serious fireworks in the bedroom though. But in order for these two to find enjoyment and fulfillment together outside of the bedroom, there will definitely need to be many more points of compatibility and the rest of their charts. So it's for sure possible that they can work it out but definitely not probable.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Both of these strong and confident personalities will find conflict from the start. Capricorn wants to dominate and Aquarius thinks it's funny and finds it enjoyable to be rebellious. That is one thing I really love about aquariums, no matter who you are or what your title is, an Aquarius is not going to be told what to do and they would just agree with something or someone just because everyone else thinks they should, they only support what they truly believe in and that is very admirable. So with a Capricorn just think a person who's really dominant, dealing with a person who's really rebellious, nope, it's not gonna work, it's very challenging, to say the least. Aquarius is nonstop on the go and unpredictable and Capricorn is so not into chasing someone that's unpredictable because, at the end of the day, they don't even know who they're chasing. The sad thing is these two could be very powerful if they find common ground because one is bringing to the table what the other is lacking.

So it could be a very accomplished couple. But their differences will more than likely overcome any connection and leave these two going down very different paths. They could be great friends. But bottom line, Capricorn will see Aquarius is untrustworthy and Aquarius will see Capricorn is way too uptight.

Aquarius and Leo

These two will start off having a great time together. Leos love. Aquarius is adventurous nature and Aquarius is very stimulated by Leo's excitement and passion for life. But here we are again, with two fixed signs, Leo likes to run things, and Aquarius answers to no one. If they focus on having fun, then they're going to have a chance because that's where they're at their best and they're both good with jealousy, meaning it's not an issue for them. The main reason I have Leo in the most challenging category is simply that they both have very strong personalities and very strong desires to call the shots in the relationship. And if you have two people trying to do the exact same job, but the idea of doing that job is totally opposite. It's gonna be a constant power struggle, but Leo does give freedom, which Aquarius loves and then Aquarius brings to the table some great ideas and some outside-of-the-box thinking and new adventures, which Leo loves. So if they decide from the beginning who's going to be in charge of what and they stick to that protocol, then they can have a fighting chance and love in a successful relationship.