Zodiac Sign · Mar 25, 2022

For some of the zodiac signs, kissing just comes naturally. Whereas for others, it's an area that could use some improvement.

Today. We'll be taking a closer look at the different kissing styles of each of the signs.

Aries. They're kissing style is muscular and passionate.

They can kiss through the chaos. They like to be in charge and it's no different when it comes to lip action. They kiss like one of those epic embraces in an old-fashioned movie, there are lots of action angles and dramatic head movement. Sometimes, however, they need to be taught that less is more and be introduced to the gentle art of subtlety with more extreme Aries signs. You may just require a neck brace after making out with them.

Taurus. They will mimic and adapt to your kissing style for a sign that is traditionally stubborn and bullheaded.

They are remarkably chameleon-like when it comes to the art of kissing. That's because they are focused on the end prize a second date or even a long-term commitment. They will adapt to complement their partner's kissing style because they know that if you give the people what they want, they'll come back for more every time.

Cancer. They are essential and tender kissers with a little bit of bite.

They're both gentle and dreamy with just a hint of roughness to make things exciting. They enjoy nibbling of all sorts. Whether it be on the lips ears or anywhere else, for that matter. For some, this combination of an open mouth with closed teeth. Can be a little irritating or even painful. But if you dig it, you'll get goosebumps and be sent into a frenzy of pleasure.

Gemini. They give short but sweet kisses that always leave you wanting more.

They usually hit all the right kissing notes, lips perfectly parted, moist, not wet with their partners. Head cut romantically in their hands. They have the ability to progress from a peck to french kissing with genuine artistry. They tend to be sprinters who keep their kisses short and sweet and they're so damn good at it that they'll leave you wanting more every single time.

Leo. They're kissing style is playful yet savage for them.

It's all about the hunt. They see kissing as a game of cat and mouse. And if you're locking lips with them, then chances are you are the mouse. They may start at the neck or even the feet and work their way upwards to the lips. They love it when their partner plays a bit hard to get, so don't be afraid to make them work for it. A word of warning though, they can be a bit overzealous in the tongue department. Sometimes it can feel like you're getting the entire inside of your mouth groomed.

Virgo. They're fully aware of how much bacteria the mouth harbors of all the zodiac signs.

They are the ones that are least likely to go for full-on slobbery pash is it's not that they don't have a sensual and passionate side, it's just that there isn't enough mouthwash in the world to override their germophobic tendencies. Don't expect full-on mouth action if you've got a cold or bad breath because they can be pretty picky when it comes to health and hygiene.

Libra. Their kisses are just like a peach, sweet, soft, and juicy.

They love a good patch and are pretty talented at it too often because they've had a whole lot of practice. They possess the kind of luscious lips and a knockout smile that can just make the idea of kissing them totally irresistible. They can be kind of noisy too when they get caught up in the moment. Don't be surprised if they let out a lot of heavy breathing as they passed the night away.

Scorpio, if there's a line to be crossed, then the Scorpio will do it.

They are poetic lovers of debauchery who are well known for their passionate kissing style. They don't like to follow conventions, so expect all sorts of unusual and exciting displays of affection from them, whether it be butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, or totally new styles that they've come up with on the fly. They are exotic kissers who love to experiment, but beware they can get bored if you're too vanilla.

Sagittarius. They're kissing style is fun and exciting with a healthy dose of tongue action.

They're so irresistibly cheeky that they can make you giggle while they're making out with you at the same time, they tend to find those ticklish spots and playfully kiss them until you're filled with excitement. Other times they'll suddenly lash out with some manic tongue action just to get a reaction. Sometimes they can get quite intense as they pass away, but it's never too long before they break the silence with some sarcastic one-liner.

Capricorn. They kiss with confidence and precision.

They strive to be good at everything they do and make no exception when it comes to the art of the kiss, they are confident yet consider it in their kissing style and will usually ask you what you like and respond accordingly. They know exactly how to give you just enough attention that it piques your curiosity and leaves you keen and wanting more. They like to make sure their breath is clean before a good pash and usually come equipped with a spare lip balm and mints.

Aquarius. Their kisses are one of a kind and full of surprises.

They are smart and savvy kissers who are delicate yet passionate in their approach. They also have an uncanny ability to instinctively tell what their partner will like. They have a great unpredictability about their style that makes their kisses all the more exciting. They like to constantly mix things up and keep things fresh so that you'll never quite know what to expect when they go in for a pash.

Pisces. They're kissing style is deeply sensual and creative.

They crave a deep and meaningful connection with their partner and he was kissing as a way to achieve just that. They love the sensuality of a good pash and are usually more than happy to kiss on the first date. They need to be careful, however, as sometimes they can be so intense that they come off as a bit full-on. They just need to relax and allow themselves to go with the flow.

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