The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dating Leo

The Leo Sun sign and I'm gonna give you the top 10 things you should know about dealing with the Leo Sun Sign with regard to romantic compatibility and relationships.

Mar 19, 2022

The Leo Sun sign and I'm gonna give you the top 10 things you should know about dealing with the Leo Sun Sign with regard to romantic compatibility and relationships.

let's talk about love and romantic compatibility. When it comes to dealing with someone who has a Leo Sun sign. But first I want to make sure that you understand that when it comes to compatibility information about the sun sign is useful. But let's not forget how important the role of the moon sign is. This is because in a relationship you're basically dealing with two major aspects of a person, how they think about things and how they feel about things. Your sun sign is going to be much more of an indication of how you think about things and your moon sign is going to be an indication of how you feel about things because your moon sign is how you're wired emotionally.

The Leo Sun sign and I'm gonna give you the top 10 things you should know about dealing with the Leo Sun Sign with regard to romantic compatibility and relationships.

All relationships are going great until there's an issue and when there's an issue and one person gets angry or emotional you will be dealing with their moon sign. So we can't talk about the Sun sign compatibility without talking about the moon sign compatibility. So because we need to address both of these major factors, we're going to take the sun sign. And in the case of these posts, the Leo Sun sign and I'm gonna give you the top 10 things you should know about dealing with the Leo Sun Sign with regard to romantic relationships.

This top 10 list will be generally what you can expect with the Leo, then we're gonna take Leo Sunshine, I'm gonna give you a brief overview of what that Leo would be like depending on what element their moon sign is in, And now the top 10 things you should know about dating a Leo.

Number 10, they love attention.

That kind of goes without saying, we know all Leos, love for all eyes to be on that number nine, they are a lot of fun. They do their best to find the joy and excitement in every moment of life and that's definitely a lot of fun to deal with.

Number eight, they have no interest in playing runner-up to anyone or anything.

They are number one in their own eyes and they expect to be the same in yours, That's just the way it is, and pretty much you have to accept it. If you're gonna be with polio.

Number seven, they have boundless energy.

If you're gonna be in a relationship with a Leo, then rest up because fun for them means motion and experiences. So be ready for a daily agenda of exciting things to do.

Number Six, they fall in love easily.

But sustaining that love can be tricky. If the fire from a relationship begins to cool off a bit, then Elio will do their best to reinvigorate the situation. But if their fire isn't enough to reignite the connection, then they move on to a more exciting company.

Number Five, they are not petty or vindictive.

If they do get angry, they don't waste their time on revenge, they have no interest. The only revenge for them is doing great without you.

Number Four, they have no problem asking for what they want and that's kind of self-explained.

Number Three, What you see is what you get Leo’s are very proud of who they are, so they find no reason to pretend to be anything else.

Number Two, they are extremely affectionate and generous.

One of the greatest things about Leo's is they love to put a smile on someone else's face and just like in most areas of their personality, they don't hold back in this area.

Number one, thing you should know about dating a Leo is the very best way to attract a Leo is by showing that you are completely and hopelessly lost in admiration of them.

They love having fans so they can have one of their fans by their side at all times then for them, that's now that we're clear on the top 10 things you need to know when dealing with the Leo Sun sign, let's talk about the more detailed info regarding what this Leo would be like depending on what element their moon sign is then. If you're dating a Leo with Fire Moon, then take your ticket sit back and enjoy the show because you are in for nonstop performance. Whether they are at Leo with Aries Moon, A Leo with Leo Moon, or Leo with Sagittarius Moon, it is a world of nonstop expression. They will not be in a relationship with someone that doesn't have the energy to keep up with.

So if you're the let's just chill at home type, they can be down with that, as long as it's balanced with just as much, let's get up, go out and let's show the world that it's no fun without us in it, be ready to spend money, be social and definitely be ready to try new things.

If that sounds exhausting to you, then definitely look elsewhere because the Leo is not the one for you, You're dealing with the Leo that has an air Moon, be ready to hear a lot of ideas, whether they're moon is Gemini libra or Aquarius, their mind is constantly working on new creative ventures, so when it comes to romance, they want their partner to be just as excited as they are Leo with. Their moon will also need a bit of a relaxed vibe to the relationship for them, it's just as much fun to talk about what they would like to do, as opposed to actually doing it in the end, they're pretty easy to get along with as long as you give them the freedom to change their mind and if you don't trigger their insecurity by not giving them enough attention.

If you're dealing with the Leo that has Earth-Moon be ready for an all or nothing situation, whether the moon is Taurus Virgo or Capricorn, they will be very clear if they're into you and if they are, they will want to jump right into the relationship immediately, they have no interest and indecisive people. So it's a yes or no for them and they expect you to be just as clear, more than likely work will be a very big part of their life. So having respect for that and allowing that to be a big part of the relationship will work in your favor and be as clear as they are in deciding that this is the relationship that they want. That's how clear they are when deciding that it's over. So at least you'll always know where you stand.

If you're dating a Leo that has a water moon, just know that whether it is Leo with cancer, moon, Scorpio moon, or Pisces moon, they don't take love lightly. If you're in a relationship with this person, they will give you the world but they expect the world in return and for them, it's a no-brainer because they believe they deserve everything the world has to offer and more. They will be affectionate, caring, and emotionally demanding, but they will make the rewards well worth the effort.

Now, in later posts, I'll go more into depth about navigating through a relationship with each individual version of Leo meaning I'll take Leo Sun's sign and explain in detail what the relationship would be like with that Leo if they have each individual moonshine. Like Leo with Aries Moon. Leo with Taurus moon and I'll give you the best way to make the most out of that relationship. It's also a good idea to check out my zodiac and compatibility post. So you can get the basics and the general rules of thumb when it comes to the understanding of your sign is compatible with somebody else's sign.

Now, that you have the basic sun sign and basic moonshine combination, you can look at the placement of your sun and moon and see if it works well with the sun sign and moonshine combination of the person that you're interested in or the person that you're with. You can see if you're the same element which means you speak the same language. And if you don't you can use this information as insight into how you can better understand their language. Because remember more than attraction. More than sexual compatibility and more than just having things in common. The true key to a successful lasting relationship is communication. And in order to communicate, we have to understand and embrace each other's language.