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Here I'm going to dive deeper into Pisces and compatibility. This way you can get even more detailed when it comes to having the tools to make the most of either finding the relationship, that you desire or if you're already in a relationship deepening the love maximizing the enjoyment of that relationship, and strengthening the connection.

So this time around I thought I'd start with your Pisces. Keep in mind as you're reading this that it will apply to your sun sign and your moon sign compatibility but by this, I mean that you can apply it to Pisces sun with each sun sign and that compatibility then if you have Pisces moon with each sign for the moon position.

For example, if I'm talking about Pisces and cancer compatibility, it will apply to someone that has a pissy son. If they're dating someone that has a cancer sun sign, then it will also apply if you have Pisces moon, dating someone who has a cancer moon. But it won't so much apply if you're a Pisces sun sign and you're dating someone who has cancer moon, that breakdown is a little more complex.

So for now we are sticking to the sunshine with sunshine and moonshine with moonshine compatibility. So no more wasting time here is the goods on Pisces when it comes to compatibility with each sign of the zodiac.

I broke it down into three categories. So let's start with category one, which was the best match for Pisces, And in that category were Taurus cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Now let's get a bit more into detail with them.

Pisces and Taurus

So when it comes to Taurus compatibility with Pisces, the best thing about this relationship is Taurus has a very grounded and straightforward approach to love where you know where you stand with them because they don't beat around the bush with how they feel. So for Pisces, this works great because the Pisces are not left wondering how the person that they're with is feeling.

Both of these loving energies have an appreciation for art and appreciation for creativity. Taurus is practical, which works great for Pisces and Pisces is compassionate, which works fantastically for Taurus who loves emotion and affection. Now, even the most promising connections can have their challenges. But if Taurus can ease up on worrying about the future in terms of security and Pisces can work on handling their emotions in a more solution-oriented way, then these two can have a promising future together.

Pisces and Cancer

This is an awesome pairing because they are both sexually connected, emotionally connected, and mentally connected. So when it's good, it is amazing. The challenge here is both of them are very emotional. So there will be many moments of highs and lows. The cool thing is when they're in a low point of disconnect, they do speak the same language so it should be pretty easy to get right back to the feeling of being deeply in love. And these two do have definite power couple potential, they just have to make sure to stay away from becoming codependent, which can be very easy for these two signs to do with each other.

Pisces and Scorpio

These two complement each other very, very well and bring out the best in one another. Scorpio is very emotional but has a strength that Pisces feeds off of which is great and Pisces helps to lighten up Scorpio when they get all intense and dark, they both have incredible intuition and they see the value and emotional awareness and Pisces has the understanding to break down Scorpios walls and Scorpio has the strength to make Pisces feel secure.

These to just have to make sure that they stay away from addictive behavior because they both tend to take things way too far when it comes to the things that make you feel good other than that they are a strong, strong match.

Pisces and Capricorn

Capricorn is strong and dominant which is great for Pisces because it makes them feel secure, safe, and confident Pisces has a romantic nature that is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to what it takes to break down some of the Capricorns walls and it helps Capricorn to be more open and expressive with their feelings.

Pisces is very capable when it comes to achieving their goals when they're focused and Capricorn is an awesome influence in that area. Pisces is creative and thinks outside the box, which is a great influence for Capricorn because it opens up the realm of possibilities for Capricorn. So these two for sure can bring out the best in each other. These two could also be a power couple.

Now remember this is just sunshine to sunshine and moonshine to moonshine, for example, I know a couple that is Pisces sun and Capricorn sun, but the Capricorn sun sign has cancer, moon, and the Pisces, sun sign has Aquarius moon. So the cancer Aquarius combination can be problematic. So remember it takes an entire chart breakdown to be the most effective when it comes to compatibility, but this is just to help you when it comes to getting a little deeper into how to make the most of your relationships.

Category two are the signs that can work for Pisces but will definitely be tricky and it will take a little extra work.

These signs in this category are Aries Gemini Leo libra and Aquarius So Aries and Pisces Aries will love Pisces willingness to give love and express how they feel and Pisces is drawn to areas outgoing, confidence, areas are decisive and Pisces is imaginative and these traits complement each other very well.

The issue with these two is that you areas out there might not like this too much, but areas can be pretty demanding and self-centered and Pisces can end up feeling taken advantage of if they're always tending to the needs of Aries and not getting what they desire in return. So the tricky part about this pairing is if you want it to work, you have to make sure that there is a balance of giving and take on both sides, not just one side giving and the other side taking.

If they can get a handle on that connection, it should be workable and enjoyable. Now Pisces and Gemini's first Geminis quick wit and charm are fun and exhilarating to Pisces and Pisces depth is definitely intriguing, too inquisitive.

Gemini however, Gemini is much more lighthearted than Pisces when it comes to love, meaning that they're a bit more playful than they are romantic and Gemini will start to get fed up with Pisces emotional needs. So they'll have to get very clear from the beginning what they both need in order to feel loved and they both then have to make an effort to provide with the other needs if they want to make it work because what they naturally require is a bit different.

They're both adaptable so it can work if they're willing to communicate and put in the necessary effort, Okay now Pisces and Leo, there may be an initial attraction but Pisces may find themselves challenged by the fact that Leo has their own individual goals and are for sure going to pursue those goals whether you like it or not.

So Pisces may feel left out and alone at times, Leo is very loving and very loyal but the level at which Pisces likes to operate in terms of emotions can be a bit too heavy and dramatic for Leo. It will work when the drama is being focused on being passionate, but when Pisces is having a needy moment or a moment of feeling emotionally vulnerable, Leo may get bored with that energy.

So the trick here is making sure that just like with the Gemini and Pisces pairing they are very clear on the emotional needs of each other. The challenge here is Leo isn't quite as adaptable as Gemini. So if the Pisces don't have other aspects in their chart to counterbalance some of that emotional energy, then it may just be too much for Leo in terms of meeting the emotional needs of Pisces and this doesn't mean that Pisces is an emotional mess, it's just the depth that they like to go to in a relationship just might be too much for Leo's taste and Leo can love deeply but their version is different than what pisses version is and so Leo just might see it like I said it's just way too much and they might want something a little more light-hearted.

Pisces and libra

These two are actually surprisingly similar because they both aren't attached to one way of thinking, they are both open-minded they enjoy working as a team and they both also appreciate the beautiful things in life. But the problem is Pisces isn't always so motivated when it comes to practical goals like making money and this is not a good influence for libra because they too have a hard time finding motivation at times.

So in this way, they can be a bad influence on each other because they may bring out each other's lazy streak. Not to mention much like Leo libra is not big on emotional drama, there definitely won't be any bad blood between the two of them but they may find out that they work better as friends instead of lovers. Okay, Pisces and Aquarius, now this has fantastic possibilities when it comes to sex because both of these two are down for adventure and experimentation. If they can translate that fun in the bedroom to having a good time and a strong connection outside of the bedroom, then we're good to go.

The issues arise when Aquarius starts to flex their independence. This makes Pisces feel that Aquarius is detached because Aquarius likes to play by their own set of rules. Pisces is good with freedom, but they also want to make sure that the romance and connection are the priority and it stays consistent. Whereas Aquarius can go in and out of giving a crap, they will love you and they will love you consistently. But for them, that doesn't mean that it has to be like the notebook. Like it does for example, to cancer.

For Aquarius, it's a little bit of the notebook mixed with Mission impossible because sometimes Aquarius wants to start the day on a mission that doesn't necessarily involve Pisces at all. And this leads Pisces to feel that they're living separate lives. And for Pisces, what is the use of that? They are both highly intelligent and can for sure, complement each other's personalities and some majorly positive ways. But for this to work, they will have to for sure work out the balance of time spent together to make sure that they give the relationship the same attention that they give their independent lives.

Category three, which are the signs that can be the most challenging for Pisces. And the signs in this category are Sagittarius dating another Pisces and dating a Virgo.

Now, Sagittarius and Pisces, this is another situation where the sex may be amazing, but that is where it ends the main issue is Pisces loves to dream to talk about that dream and to spend a lot of time escaping reality. This doesn't by the way mean that Pisces is an airhead at all. It just means that they tend to be much more interested in things that have less to do with the practical material world, especially when it comes to their relationship.

They want to focus on being in love and enjoying that connection. And for Sagittarius, think outside the box and love the dream as well. But they want to immediately take action and make those dreams a reality. And more than anything, a Sagittarius is not trying to hear it when any sign is having an overly sensitive moment and the other signs may not see it as overly sensitive. A Sagittarius will have no patience for emotional drama.

Sagittarius says what they think with no filter which can for sure strike Pisces as insensitive causing conflict and disconnect. Now I do believe that love conquers all and these two are too big picture thinkers, so if the desire to make it work is there then yes, it can work, but it will be a hard road to travel and it will take a lot of effort, but it will be well worth the effort.

Pisces and Pisces

These two loving, compassionate, spiritually motivated souls can be fantastic friends. The issue is in a romantic relationship. They tend to bring out the worst in each other. That is of course if they don't have other elements that counterbalance this issue, Pisces is a very extreme sign when things are good, they are fantastic and when things are bad they get pretty dark. So when you have two people that have this tendency to operate in extremes, especially in the same way, then it can be pretty bad when they both go dark, they will have some laughs and some good sex, but it could very possibly be overshadowed by their tendency to bring out each other's dark side.

So for this reason, I would say it can be very challenging for them to be together and maintain positivity and a healthy loving connection in order for it to work. They will for sure have to implement some very practical tools when it comes to problem-solving, dealing with money, and when it comes dealing with each other's emotions. Okay, Pisces and Virgo, yep, as usual, opposites do attract, but once they get to know each other better, they will realize that their extreme differences are very challenging to overcome. Virgos, analyze everything from a logical perspective and they love to debate and they have no problem when it comes to bickering if it means that they're going to prove their point pisses leads with intuition and emotion. So that is a really huge point of disconnect. They literally see the world from two completely different perspectives, not to mention Virgo is very critical when it comes to pointing out imperfections and the things that they don't like And Pisces is not at all excited about being criticized.

I had a reader who recently shared her story of the relationship she's in and she's a Virgo with Pisces Moon, married to a Pisces with Pisces Moon. And this is absolutely workable because first of all, if she's a Virgo with Pisces Moon, then she is anything but a typical Virgo. All of those traits I described earlier are going to be heavily counterbalanced by the fact that she has Pisces Moon. So yes, she may be critical and lead with logic, but she has a huge part of her that is a dreamer and leads with instinct emotion, and intuition she was sharing that her husband loves the fact that she's unpredictable and yes, this makes so much sense because when you're a person who has polar opposites in your chart like being verbal with Pisces moon, you're going to be a very unique version of that sunshine because you'll have so many traits of the polar opposite of that sign.

This is why it's so important to know the entire chart when you're working with compatibility. So a Virgo like her that has Pisces moon is for sure much more of a compatible situation to be with the Pisces, but a Virgo that does not have Pisces moon or Pisces rising will that Virgo will strongly possess all of the traits that do not work with Pisces. So it will be much more difficult to find common ground when, as I said, you both see the world in such opposite ways. It was very helpful in understanding how the connection of Virgo and Pisces can work.

Okay, so there you have it a bit more detail when it comes to compatibility with Pisces.

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