The Five Most Bullying Zodiac Signs

Some people turn to bullying when they don't get their way, that's their way of forcing others to give in to their demands.

Apr 18, 2022

Some people turn to bullying when they don't get their way, that's their way of forcing others to give in to their demands.

When it comes to the game of life it appears that those who dare to ask the universe and the people in it for what they desire are the ones who win. However, Some people turn to bullying when they don't get their way, that's their way of forcing others to give in to their demands.

Some zodiac signs are unquestionably more assertive than others, which can translate to greater success in some situations, others can get pushy to an extent of bullying, astrology can give you indications about what zodiac signs are potential bullies, helping you chart your course with them better.

Number one, Aries.

When it comes to being a bully, this sign has some skills, they straddle the line between persuasion and pushiness. Their strategy is to not give anyone else much time to consider what they're saying before you know it, they've agreed with you and are pulling out their money to purchase from you or they've decided to jump into bed with you or whatever they desire, They're not above making fun of or dismissing individuals who are weaker than them.

Number two, Aquarius.

Even the most compassionate Aquarius has difficulty emotionally connecting with others. The sign of Aquarius isn't known for its compassion. They usually are control freaks who don't care about other people's opinions. Aquarius can mistakenly come across as a bully but when they set out to be harsh on purpose, they become extremely terrifying, It's impossible to talk them out of starting a fight once they've determined to do. So the only option is for you to fight back or flee.

Number three, Pisses.

Pisses typically lack direction since they're unsure of what they want to do, they're void, aloof, and rarely looked behind people's masks, They have a fiery temper and a dark side that they rarely exposed to others. They're really easy to manipulate as they don't care what others think. They can be scary and harsh to anyone. They have the least compassion and will bully someone for the sole purpose of injuring them. They may not like it, but they adore having power over others.

Number four, Leo.

When it comes to intimidation, both physical and psychological Leo is a well-known bully, one of the worst of the 12 signs Leo is captivating and exudes a large boisterous presence that's impossible to ignore in a public place Leo is not beyond yelling at or ignoring someone. They'll also use sarcasm, verbal abuse, and belittling, meant to make someone feel like they're only two inches tall in the presence of a Leo, be prepared to be bullied any minute or avoid any possible situation that can lead to it.

Number five, Gemini.

The Gemini is a verbal bully who can speak so quickly and exclusively about himself or herself that the other person has little opportunity of getting a word in edgewise. These gorgeous creatures also enjoy stealing the show whenever they get the chance they achieved this by dressing provocatively, being amusing, or simply speaking loudly at gatherings and in public if they feel ignored, they're not afraid to make a scene or mock others.

This is all part of their plan to become the universe's center, regardless of what their horoscope says. There will always be those people in society who are innately mean. But it's good that we're starting to take bullying seriously. Bullying not only leaves lifelong emotional scars on individuals who are bullied, but it also reveals that the bullies themselves are dealing with internal issues that they're unable to articulate without blaming others.

If we can teach Children more productive, compassionate ways of interacting, they'll grow up to be better adults and the cycle will hopefully continue until bullying is the exception rather than the rule.