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A firestorm of controversy has erupted at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, ignited by a female security guard's interactions with celebrities on the red carpet. Accusations of racial bias are swirling after videos emerged on social media, capturing the guard's physical handling of singer Kelly Rowland as she ascended the stairs. Rowland, visibly frustrated, appears to confront the guard, who maintains a firm grip despite another security guard seemingly moving away.

Later, in an interview with the Associated Press, Rowland voiced her frustration, pointing out that other celebrities didn't receive similar treatment. "They didn't get pushed off or told to move on," she stated. "I stood my ground, and she felt threatened by that."

The incident sparked further outrage as eagle-eyed fans unearthed videos suggesting similar confrontations between the same guard and other stars. Online, the situation intensified. One X user slammed the guard's behavior: "Forget the rules! This makes the festival look awful! Let them take pictures and get inside. Four altercations? That's crazy!"


Cannes Film Festival security is facing a growing backlash, with K-pop fans joining the fray after a similar incident involving singer Yoona. Just days before Kelly Rowland's encounter, which went viral, videos surfaced showing Yoona interacting with the security guard. The footage captured the guard extending her arm towards Yoona, seemingly impeding her ability to greet fans as she ascended the red carpet stairs. Yoona, visibly surprised, glanced down at the guard's arm before continuing her walk. This latest incident adds fuel to the fire of accusations surrounding the guard's conduct, further amplifying concerns about potential racial bias.

Kelly Rowland

Singer Kelly Rowland's encounter with a Cannes security guard on May 21st at the Marcello Mio premiere has ignited a firestorm of controversy. In an interview with AP Entertainment on May 23rd, Rowland expressed her frustration with the situation, stating, "The woman knows what happened, I know what happened. I have a boundary and I stand by those boundaries, and that is it."

Sawa Pontyjska

Sawa Pontyjska, the Miss Europe 2023 winner, shared a video on TikTok on May 21 showing her interaction with a security guard at the Marcello Mio premiere. In the video, Pontyjska is seen posing for photos at the top of the stairs when the same female security guard attempts to drag her inside.

On May 30, Pontyjska announced that she is suing the Cannes Film Festival, posting photos of court documents on TikTok. The BBC confirmed that she is seeking €100,000 ($108,769.50) in damages for "physical assault and psychological damage."

Massiel Taveras

The Cannes security saga took another turn with Massiel Taveras, the former Miss Dominican Republic, adding her voice to the growing list of celebrities unhappy with the treatment. Attending the Le Comte De Monte-Cristo premiere on May 22nd, Taveras donned a stunning Giannina Azar gown with a 15-foot train featuring a portrait of Jesus Christ. As she ascended the iconic stairs, the same female security guard became a familiar presence.

Taveras desired a photo capturing the grandeur of her dress, requesting the ushers to step back. However, the guard once again positioned herself behind Taveras, seemingly impeding the moment. Videos show the situation escalate, with the guard eventually placing her arm around Taveras' shoulders to usher her inside. Unlike others, Taveras resisted, evidenced by a push towards the guard.

Taking to Instagram Stories on May 27th, Taveras expressed her gratitude for the public's support. She emphasized the importance of unity, respect, and strong boundaries, particularly for women of color. Interestingly, Taveras discovered Kelly Rowland had a similar experience and voiced her admiration.

"I didn't know that happened to you first," Taveras wrote. "I was very impressed how calm and genteel you were because in my case I was tired of the abuse."

Highlighting the broader issue of racial bias, Taveras declared, "BLACK WOMAN MATTERS." She pledged to break the silence and demand respect, concluding with a supportive message to Rowland: "I hug you queen #kellyrowland."

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