How Can Calculate Your Universal And Personal Year Number?

Let's find out what these two powerful numbers can reveal about your life in the upcoming year. Now 2022 is a Six Universal Year. This is because two plus zero plus two plus two equals six.

Mar 19, 2022

Let's find out what these two powerful numbers can reveal about your life in the upcoming year. Now 2022 is a Six Universal Year. This is because two plus zero plus two plus two equals six.

There are two very powerful tools in numerology that will help you prepare for the year ahead and will also help you understand where to put your focus and where the energy will be strongest in your life in the upcoming year 2022 I'm referring to your Universal Year number and your personal year number.

I'm going to make sure you have some insight into how understanding the Universal Year number and your personal year number can help you make the most of 2022. I will show you how to calculate both numbers and what they mean for you.

Let's find out what these two powerful numbers can reveal about your life in the upcoming year. Now 2022 is a Six Universal Year. This is because two plus zero plus two plus two equals six. So as a collective. The overall energy for 2022 is going to be all about finding the balance in life when it comes to relationship connections and the responsibility that we have for those relationships. The world has been a place where we have had polarizing views, unrest conflict, and strong disconnect.

And this year the energy of the six-year is urging us to really connect to love as a collective. So we're 2021 was a five year. We may have felt like we were having a hard time getting our footing as a society, especially after the craziness of 2020. Well, 2022 will be an opportunity to establish a strong foundation built from love, true connection, and each of us taking on the responsibility of doing our part. So that is the theme for the collective and what we can expect in terms of where the universe is urging us to put our consciousness and focus for 2022.

So think in terms of creating stability, deepening and strengthening relationships, and really healing the disconnect that we've been dealing with now when it comes to your personal life, each of you out there has your own personal year number, that will be your secret weapon when navigating the year 2022.

So I'm gonna show you based on your birthday, how to calculate your personal year number and what it means for you. It's really simple and you'll be also glad you did because it will really help you to make a plan for yourself and life is so much better when you have a plan.

Now, the personal year number in numerology is based on a nine-year cycle. This number can shed light on the overall atmosphere of the upcoming year and it helps you surf the waves of synchronicity so you can engineer your future because this number reveals to you the spiritual lesson that you're meant to learn within each year, which helps you understand what's going on in your life and why giving you the tools to make the most of 2022.

Okay, so to calculate your personal year number, you take your birth month, let's say that your birthday is November 27th. So your birth month is November which is the 11th month. So you take the number 11, add that to your birthday, the 27th. So 11 plus 27. Then you take the year number for whatever year you're calculating for. And we're calculating for 2022. So 11 plus 27 plus 2022 which equals 2000 and 60. Then you keep adding until you get one single-digit number. So two plus zero plus six plus zero equals eight. And there's our single-digit number eight. So if your birthday is November 27th, then 2022 for you is an eight-year.

Now if any of you are thinking about the master numbers 11 and 22 those are not used in your personal year number. Those are used when calculating your life path number, which is something very different for this post, we're establishing your personal year number for 2022. Now there are nine years and each cycle. So once you calculate your personal year number for 2022 using the month you were born and the day you were born and the year 2022 you get the results of one single-digit number one through nine and now you want to know what do the numbers, one through nine mean with regard to your personal year number.

Here are each of the person your numbers and what they mean for you and 2022.


So the one year is the start of it all. It's the birth of a new chapter, the year that you plant the seeds that will have an effect on the rest of this chapter, which is the remaining eight years. The one year is the year of new beginnings and the lesson of that year is in order to have a change, you must do something different. It was Albert Einstein that said, we cannot solve our problems by using the same way of thinking that we used when we created them. So even if you stay in the same profession or if you're still in school and you're working your way towards your profession or you're in a relationship or you're working towards finding your soul mate. It's very important in your one year to approach all that you do with a renewed perspective. So the one year is the reinvention Year. You're letting go of the past and reinventing who you are, the year where you plant the seeds that set the tone for the next eight years.


Next up is your two years where the lesson is patients, it's just like when you plant a tree and during the planting process, you're filled with excitement, but once you get the seed planted, the excitement dies down a bit because it's not like you look outside the next day and see this gigantic, beautiful treat. You have to actually be patient and trust that everything underneath the soil is doing what it needs to do.

This process is just like your two years where things on the outside may appear to be moving much more slowly than you wish they were, but you have to remember that things are going on behind the scenes to help you along your journey that you may not see. So it's helpful to understand that the reason things are moving so slowly is that you're meant to learn patience, patience is the ability to accept or tolerate delay without getting angry or upset. So if you develop the skill, it will help you to remain balanced in the face of frustration. The best thing you can do in your two years takes your time and cultivate the relationships with the potential team that you intend to take along with you on your journey to manifest the things that you desire. So the two-year patients and creating your team while reminding yourself that the universe has your back and now that you've planted the seeds in your one year, the two years is doing its job to assist you behind the scenes. So you must be patient during that process.


Next up is the Three years after planting the seeds in your one year and learning patients during the two years, three years is where you see the first fruits of your labor, the beginnings of reaping what you have sown three is the number of communication and self-expression, realizing that your personal happiness is the theme of this year. It is important to understand that happiness is an emotion that needs to be expressed when you feel it. Three is also the number of appearances A time where you realize that what you see on the surface isn't always what's going on behind the scenes. And most importantly, three is the year of attraction and charisma where your opportunities expand dramatically. It is important during your three years to remember that what you focus on is exactly what you're going to attract to you also because this is the year where you start to see the result of feeding those seeds of intention that you planted in your one year. That helps you realize it's a time to reaffirm and define what it is you want based on your instinctual response to what you've manifested. So when you start to see the results of your efforts, you can take it in and say to yourself, okay, is this really what I want?

And if it is, keep it moving, keep going, keep pushing, keep feeding those seeds of intention, and if it isn't well then it's time to start to make a change, it's time to start to make different decisions based on what you're truly feeling inside. So the three-year creativity, success, social expansion, and clarity. Next up is the four years where the theme is work now that you've begun to see the fruits of your labor and you define what you want. The four years is all about staying consistent and continuing to feed what you initially intended to grow. It's about responsibility and anything that you haven't been responsible for will show up so you can work consistently to resolve any unresolved issues. So the four years is work work work slow but steady and an exciting process.

If you embrace that idea of working now, 2022 is a four year for you don't get freaked out and think that you're going to have another year just like 2020 just because 2020 was a four universal year. Yes, the year can be challenging if you've been avoiding responsibility for a long time. But as soon as you get on track, it could be a great year with a nice workflow where you're making major strides and manifesting consistently the things that you desire. Now the five years, the theme is freedom.


After four years. A year of consistent work and responsibility. You will be desiring the feeling of freedom and this is the year to experience it. It's all about travel diversity, experiencing new cultures, and developing and enriching your belief systems. It's the year when you become aware of the mistakes that you frequently make that result in disappointment. And if you're really open to freedom and meaningful change, you will begin to create new habits and a new mindset that will result in the outcomes that you desire instead of the usual patterns you may have experienced in the past.


So the five years, the year of freedom and change.


Next up, we have the sixth year. The six-year is the year of love, one of my personal favorites. Yeah, yeah, no, I'm Courtney anyway. The sixth-year is the Year of love.

So if you're looking for a relationship, this is the year that it usually happens if you're already in a relationship, this is the year that it goes deeper or it ends, but it will be defined one way or another. The theme of this year is to balance healing and matters of the heart when it comes to family, children, close friends, and romantic relationships. Any unexpressed emotions can manifest as physical ailments. So make sure to release any repressed pain that you may be holding onto. It's a year to stop judging yourself on what other people think about you and find your self-worth based on your personal truth in your six-year. It is also important to remember that sometimes one of the most important relationships to deepen is the relationship with yourself. So the sixth year, the year of love.


Next up we have your seven-year. This one is a big one in terms of the challenges of all nine years. The most challenging is your two years because things move slowly and you're learning patients, which is very hard for many of us and many times the two years has the biggest financial hardships and the second of the two most challenging years is your seven-year because the seven-year is the year to a spiritually clean house where you're meant to get rid of the relationships, belief systems, and behaviors that no longer serve you. Everything that you may have been avoiding, including the things that you didn't even know you were avoiding, will come up this year with the intention to help you deal with them. So that way you can release any attachment and make space for what it is you truly desire. It's an introspective year where feelings of loneliness may come up a bit of confusion and even boredom can come up. This is all to allow you the opportunity to bring awareness to any lack in your life in order to get 100% clear on what it is you truly want in preparation for the biggest year.


In terms of manifesting which is the eight-year, the eight years, all about manifesting all of those desires that you've got clarity on during your seven years. If you step into the eight-year, still not knowing what you want and you haven't made the necessary space for the abundance that you desire by dealing with the things that do not serve you like bad relationships, bad habits. Then the eight-year will reflect this back to you with obstacles, frustrations, and the same level of confusion that you came into the year with. However, if you've done the work to get clear on what you want and believe in what you're going after, this is the year you will attain it of the nine-year cycle. This is usually the best money-making year, the most lucrative year, and the most exciting in terms of matching the efforts that you've made towards your success. But remember if there's anything you have intended to, the eight-year will force you to deal with it by bringing up the necessary circumstances for change. So make sure you do your work in your seven-year and the eight-year will be the best year of all.


This brings us to the final year of the cycle, the nine-year. This is the year of reflection. Once you have manifested your desires and your eight years, your nine years is the year that you look around and decide what's next. What are the things that you want to continue to grow and what's this next chapter going to look like for you? This is the year where all the necessary endings take place in order to open up new doors of opportunity. Yes, you will continue to ride that wave of abundance that your eight years offered. But while doing this, it is in your best interest to make sure you accept the reality of your past, how it impacts your present, and use that information to decide how you want to create your future.

So the nine-year reflection and finishing any unfinished business. When you know the saying. When one door closes, another door opens, where you must make sure to completely close that door. The saying isn't when one door almost closes or when you leave a little crack in the door that another door opens in your nine-year, you must identify the things in your life that you are ready to move on from and commit to no longer giving those things energy in order to open the energetic channels for new opportunities. This way, you're prepared for your next year which starts the brand new nine-year cycle with new goals and new exciting adventures with new lessons to be learned. But now with all of the experience, all of the information and transformation that has made you into the person you are today.

So there you have it, now, you can calculate your Universal Year number for 2022. This way you'll be capable of leaving the past in the past, grounding yourself in the present moment, and making the choices in that present moment. That feeds the seeds of intention that you planted based on what you truly desire for yourself. Then as you're making your choices, you can reference your goals and make sure that the choices that you make, support the goals that you set for yourself. Start planning now making changes right now. This way you'll be in the flow for your Mind, Body and soul are all in alignment, giving you the power to manifest what you desire and definitely deserve.