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Luciana Grandi Lourenção addressed the controversy surrounding her marathon finish, where she prioritized crossing the finish line over acknowledging her daughters and husband.

In her Instagram post, the marathon winner explained that her primary focus was outpacing a close competitor, which led her to sprint past her cheering children without acknowledging them.

Despite these new details, social media users continue to discuss the broader issue of women balancing their personal passions with the responsibilities of motherhood.

Marathon runner Luciana Grandi Lourenção made headlines with her dramatic finish, sprinting across the finish line while passing right by her husband and daughters who were waiting at the end of the race.

The now-viral footage of her final downhill dash has garnered over 16.6 million views on TikTok, with many viewers commenting on how she appeared to ignore her cheering family. As Lourenção charged past her daughters, who tried to greet her with high fives, her husband could be seen raising his arms in frustration.

On Sunday, the race winner took to Instagram to address the controversial video that sparked an online discussion about women pursuing interests beyond motherhood.

In her Portuguese address to her followers, she began by introducing herself as a personal trainer, an amateur athlete, and a street runner. Additionally, she identified herself as a mother of two girls and a wife to her husband, Pedro.

The long-distance runner clarified that she and Pedro had made the decision for their daughters to accompany their mother as she completed the race. Uncertain of whether Lourenção would ultimately secure first position, she emphasized the intensity of the competition, given that she was only narrowly leading another participant by mere seconds.

"In her Instagram tell-all, Lourenção remarked, 'He couldn't have been aware of how closely the second competitor was trailing behind me.' She went on to depict the blend of fatigue and resolve that propelled her through the last leg of the race, preventing her from stopping to greet her eagerly waiting children."

In her video explanation, Lourenção revealed that she ran the race alongside her brother, Téo Grandi, whom she embraced upon completing the course. She also shared moments of celebration with her daughters and husband, even bringing the girls along to the winner's podium. However, she clarified that the family gathering didn't occur precisely at the finish line.

"In Portuguese, during her four-minute Instagram video, she expressed, 'I would have liked to have a more picturesque moment with them there, but I know there will be other opportunities for that,'" she conveyed.

Lourenção proceeded to commend Pedro, referring to him as "an outstanding husband" and "an incredible father."

Concluding her caption, she reflected, "This race, which brought us so much, didn't conclude at the finish line."

Numerous Instagram users expressed their gratitude for the heartfelt video message and extended their congratulations to Lourenção for her triumphant race. Nevertheless, some commentators reiterated their initial responses, highlighting the significance of female empowerment beyond the confines of domestic roles.

"In motherhood, we traverse a significant journey and often dedicate our utmost to our children. Many fail to comprehend the importance of having our own moments. This was your moment," remarked one social media user in Portuguese, emphasizing, "You made the right decision. Your family adores you; they stood by you, eagerly awaiting your arrival until the very end."

This sentiment resonates with previous discussions surrounding the original video of Lourenção's final sprint, before she addressed the matter on Instagram. Fellow mothers praised the accomplished athlete for prioritizing her victory.

"She exemplified strength, independence, and greatness to her daughters in that moment," read one comment on the TikTok video posted in early May.

Another individual responded, "This is exactly what women mean when they assert they're human beings, NOT JUST MOMS!!! It's her time to shine! Well done!"

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