Zodiac Sign · Mar 19, 2022

Here to talk to you today about 2022 love and money predictions for the Chinese Zodiac snake. And let's start off with finding new love. So, what we see in the chart is, there is a lot of opportunities coming up for you and that is especially for romantic encounters or a relationship that is going to focus on intimacy and private moments, then you have a lot of good energy.

However, it is more challenging to find someone for the long term. So it's like you are connecting with someone because you're physically attracted to that person and they are to you. But there may not be the basis for the long term. This is something that you want to pay attention to because if you focus on maybe going past just the physical attraction, you then have more opportunities to find someone where you connect on a deeper level.

So lots and lots of opportunities for fun and romance and, and short flings. But to find someone for a long-term relationship that's gonna take some conscious effort Now when it comes to existing love relationships, you do have some very good energy. So it's like you two are rediscovering the romance and so maybe you're instituting a date night or you know, maybe you're getting back to a date night you had before that, you know, during all the craziness in the world you couldn't do for a while. It's also possible that you are just seeing each other with fresh eyes and noticing how much you appreciate your partner, how wonderful they are to you, how attractive they are.

So we see a lot of positives coming in about your existing love relationship and the two of you having a lot more fun together. Now when we are looking at friendships, this is some interesting energy because a lot of what you're doing has more of a focus on work and, and having fun and things like that and you would think that that's where friendships would be. But it's, it's like you're focusing on your current friends rather than focusing very much on expanding the number of people that, you know, so this might be that you are not getting involved in groups or organizations or you're not in out in the community.

But if you want to expand your circle of friends, then your most likely places to do that are through work or through an organization that does some sort of service for the community. So that, that would be like a charitable organization. Maybe you're, you know, doing habitat for humanity and building houses together or feeding the homeless. And if you do want to expand your circle of friends, then you do have to schedule these sorts of events is because it will also be very difficult for you. You'll be distracted by doing fun things and creative projects and looking for adventure and maybe, you know, getting involved in some zoom meetings or you know, just the old type of group meetings, maybe it's just not interested this year.

Now when it comes to uh investments, business income, or money that comes from passive income sources like affiliate marketing or royalties residuals, you have some really excellent energy this year. Now. The interesting thing here is, it says that you are getting past a block that you've had for some time, or you healing some aspect of this. So this might be that in the past, you held yourself back maybe through a lack of confidence or not thinking you were deserving or perhaps you had a loss in the past and you are then just been very, very shy about jumping into something new. But this year you show much more confidence, a much more willing to try and so it looks like you are going through that obstacle, whatever it is, that the block is disappearing and so you have a lot more opportunity to take chances and succeed.

Now when it comes to money from a paycheck, you're showing you're doing a lot of work and whatever raises or bonuses you're getting are either quite small or they are delayed for some reason. And so it is possible that maybe your company isn't doing so well. So you do show that you are working and working pretty continuously that the, that there is always a job to be doing and you may even be doing more things because the office is shorthanded or people are away. So you look like you're working a lot. And so if you are paid hourly, that's going to bring you some money. But to get more per hour, you will have to be quite conscious about asking for that. It doesn't seem to come automatically for you this year.

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