The one thing that each sign of the zodiac does best, we're talking nobody does it better.


We have our graphs about Aries being loud, sometimes bossy etcetera. But I tell you, what no one, yes. No one can pull up and take on an unexpected challenge.

Like an Aries. Most of us need a warning or serious planning. Maybe even practice, but not in Aries. They can find out what the challenges are in front of them and in the same moment jump right into the action and meet that challenge head-on.

If any relationship within Aries, one of the best feelings about being with them is knowing that when something happens and takes the two of you off guard, they seriously jump into action as problem solvers.

So remember to give your Aries props for being someone that you can feel safe to have on your side in the moment of an unexpected challenge.


No one can stick it out with you through the highs and lows like a Taurus. There is one catch here though. The relationship, whether it be a romantic relationship, a family relationship, or friendship must be grounded in trust. The Taurus will be loyal as long as they know they can trust you and you have their back as well. Yes, there are other signs that are loyal, but they can tend to make up excuses as to why they can't be there for you in certain situations, you're sad friend, maybe traveling, your cattlemen friend, maybe busy with work etcetera.

If the love and trust are there between the two of you, they are not a fair-weather friend, they are just a true friend and a true partner. So we have to give them props for their level of loyalty. They truly will go to the ends of the earth for you. You just have to make sure you pack them lunch for the journey.


What I have noticed about the majority of Gemini's isn't that they're flirtatious or quick-witted and creative, although those things are generally true. But the one thing that Geminis do better than any other signs of the zodiac is connected people, they have this major gift for seeing the strongest trait, talent, or gift that someone has and then instinctually knowing exactly who to link that person up with to take them to the next level and bring out the best in that person. They are so good at saying, oh you should talk to this person alright, I know exactly who would be great for that and when it comes to this, their ego doesn't get involved at all.

They genuinely love being able to put two people together that can really benefit from the connection, this is such a great trait to have in a friend or romantic partner because rather than be competitive with you, they want to see you win, so they would be supportive and do their best to connect you to someone that will offer a great opportunity for your growth and success.


What cancer’s can do better than any other Sign is truly make you feel protected. When the cancer is in love or in a loving relationship with a family member or close friend, you can count on Cancer to fight on your behalf. This doesn't necessarily mean a physical fight. I mean they will take that route if they have to but just when it comes to taking up for you, either in a situation where people are talking bad behind your back or making a character attack on you in any way or just treating you in a way that you don't deserve to be treated and the cancer is around witnessing that they will not sit in silence.

Now when it comes to them giving you some sort of shade or if they're pissed at you, they may not be the most loving person in the room towards you but they will never ever, never ever allow anyone to mistreat talk bad or even give any form of negative energy in the direction of someone they love when it comes to being protective it's true, nobody does it better.


I seriously have a special place in my heart for you people and this is why whether someone's going through a breakup, they just got fired. They just felt a test at school or even if they just got out of jail, no one, but no one can lift your spirits like Leo, they will know exactly what to say or do to put it all in perspective and get you back in the game feeling strong and ready for action. Leo's are known for their confidence because they have this innate gift of knowing what the human spirit is capable of. And if you have a Leo in your life, then you know what I'm talking about, they are great at bringing that, Let it go and move on mentality to any situation.

They can get upset like the rest of us, but they don't harp on an issue or get stuck in victim mode and they're great at helping us to do the same. So thank you Leo’s out there for bringing the enthusiasm that onward and upward perspective that truly does lift our spirits.


The one thing that we can say that Virgos do better than any other sign of the zodiac is giving something. They're all, most of you probably saw this. But recently at Kobe Bryant's memorial, Michael Jordan's spoke and one of the main points he made about his experience with Kobe was that whether it be in the game of basketball in life or as a parent, Kobe left nothing in the tank, and yes, Kobe Bryant was a Virgo and like other Virgos Michael Jackson Beyonce and even mother Teresa, the one thing that we know about Virgos that all of these people have in common is they go super hard.

They do not give up when it comes to reaching the goal of being the absolute best that they can be at whatever it is. They're passionate about a Virgo will work with no sleep, no clear end in sight, and at times very little support. But if they have a goal in mind, the one thing that a Virgo does better than any other sign of the zodiac is they will do anything and everything within their power to see a goal to the end.


The Libras go under the radar in many areas because they are a pretty chill sign that isn't really trying to be the center of attention and not really trying to make many waves, they just want pretty much to live and let live in the most balanced possible way. But the one thing that I know for sure that Libras do better than any other sign of the zodiac is this when there's a task to be completed, there is no one and I mean no one who can come up with the most efficient drama-free way to complete that task, like a liberal camp, they will find the most painless and practical solution to any problem you present them with now when it comes to their own problems or deciding something like what they're gonna eat for dinner that evening, they may hit a bit of a wall, but if you bring them a problem of yours and you need advice that offers up a strong solution with, as I said, the least amount of conflict, but that is very effective. Nobody does it better than libra.

If you have a problem, you've been trying to solve, hit up your nearest libra and they will help you in finding a very pain-free and productive solution.


I really love you, Scorpios and this is why there is absolutely no one out of the 12 signs of the zodiac, that would be more unapologetically themselves. Sagittarius runs a close second, but they can still get caught up in being a bit changeable to fit the situation if it benefits their goals, but Scorpios, they don't care who you are, where you come from, they can be having a conversation with Jesus or with kelly's cousin that lives up the street, they will still behave the exact same way.

They can be secretive, but when it comes to honoring who they are with, no shame, you really have to hand it to Scorpios for them, you can take it or leave it, but when it comes to their personality and what they believe they will be, who they truly are through and through and this is a rare and commendable trait, this sometimes can cause them a problem in their relationships because if you're with a Scorpio and you're about to spend some time with them in the presence of someone that they really don't care for and you're trying to tell them to just be cool. Even if you don't like this person, then you know, just kind of pretend you do, they will look at you like you're crazy and let you know, I'm not gonna pretend for anyone. So even though it can make some of us uncomfortable at times, at least with the Scorpio more than any other sign of the zodiac, you will know that they are being authentically who they are 100% of the time.


The one thing we know a Sagittarius can do better than any other sign of the zodiac is got directly to the point. No one can cut to the chase like a Sagittarius, they may even leave a few people piste off or offended, but when it comes to their opinions or making a point, they don't really see any reason for sugar coating anything. They will ask, say or point out whatever's on their mind and they will do it in a way where you don't really have to read between the lines.

If you're in a relationship with them, don't ask them something. Like does this outfit make me look crazy or did you like the shirt I bought for you unless you're ready for the harsh truth? The one thing that is Sagittarius has, that makes this part of the personality unique is that they do have a way of saying the direct truth with a quick-witted, clever tone that leaves you thinking, Wait, did they just say what I thought they said. The thing is that they aren't the only sign that will be honest with their opinion, but they are the only sign that will do it in a way that can be so direct, sometimes harsh. But with this unique Sagittarius Sprinkle of humor that actually allows them somehow to get away with it.


If a high-stress situation occurs, no one in the zodiac will keep a level head and make you feel safer than a Capricorn does. It's interesting with Capricorns. The higher level of stress the situation is, the more stoic they become. Everyone else can be unraveling at the seams. For the Capricorn will make sure that everyone is protected and will continue to be the voice of reason, leading everyone to safety.

Well, everyone that will listen and follow them. This is one of the greatest things about being in a relationship with the Capricorn because you at least always feel safe in the way that you know, if something goes down, whether you're with a male Capricorn or female Capricorn, they really do assess the situation quickly and go into leadership mode. That isn't really super bossy or loud and irritating. It is actually calming and giving you a sense of trust and safety, that is comforting.

If you have a Capricorn in your life. No, at least if something goes down it is great to have them on your side because the bigger the situation, the more effective they are and rising to the level necessary to bring resolution so effectively handling a chaotic situation. Nobody does it better.


Aquarius is similar to libra in the way that they can really help you figure your way out of a complicated situation. However, libra is best at finding the most stress-free way through something but Aquarius is amazing and actually the best at coming up with a completely out of the box solution for something that seems like a hopeless case.

I'm talking situations where everyone is like you're done, there's no way to get you out of this and Aquarius will tap into that anything is a possible perspective that they have along with that ingenuity of way that their brain works and they will come up with some left-field but a perfect solution that no one else could see where Liberace cornered the market on picking the solution that will be the smoothest ride and is the best at that aquariums are the absolute best at creating a brand new map that no one knew existed. I can't tell you how many times I've been in the midst of trying to figure something out and then Aquarius will be the one to point something out to me where I'm thinking, I seriously would have never thought of that.

So hats off to aquariums for always raising the bar on just where the mind can go.


That being the last sign of the zodiac. I know the whole save the best for the last situation can for sure apply because we love you Pisces but no one wants to always wait. So hold me to that. Here's what Pisces can do better than any other signs of the zodiac. If you're ashamed about something or embarrassed about something that you've said or done or experienced, no one can make you feel more accepted and normal than a Pisces. They'll absolutely not judge.

You know if you're in a relationship with them and you come at them with some crazy mess like I just cheated on you with your cousin. No, they will not make you feel accepted for cheating. I cheated on you. You're accepted. No, that is not at all what I'm saying. But what I am saying is that if you've done something that you're not really proud of and slightly embarrassed by and you go to your Pisces friend to let them know what happened. Yes, they will tell you that for sure. You could have made a better choice, but they have a way of not judging you as a person there. The one sign that can let you know that you may have been wrong in your choice, but it doesn't define who you are. They will not judge you in a way that's irredeemable. They always will remind you that life is so much bigger than whatever it is you've done or what you're going through at that moment, that you always have a chance to change. That. Life isn't always black and white, that there are definitely shades of gray and that things should be assessed on a situational basis with love and compassion as opposed to cold judgments based on black and white thinking.

So thank you Pisces for being so capable of blending an open mind with an open heart. Now, I'm not saying that Pisces are saints. If you give them a moon-like Scorpio or Virgo or Capricorn even they can for sure be opinionated and even make some judgment calls, but that is coming much more from the Scorpio. Virgo or Capricorn Energy within their chart. What I'm saying is that Pisces energy on its own out of all the signs of the zodiac is the least judgmental.