Zodiac Sign · Mar 19, 2022

These are the love and money predictions for a Chinese Zodiac rat for 2022, let's start with finding someone to love.

So a new love relationship, the strongest energy here shows up in meeting someone who is a friend of a friend or meeting someone through your career, and in general this shows to be possible to meet someone new, but there are some irritations or things that are holding you back and namely those things are, you know, probably that you work at home now or that you're not getting together so much with friends and so you have to make a little bit of an effort, but when you do it really pays off now, when it comes to existing love relationships, the energy is fantastic because you have uh this ability that you have now to really connect on a deep level with your partner, that means that, you know, you have better conversations, you're doing shared projects that you are pulling together on important personal goals or financial goals or goals for your career and so you're more like a united front than you have been in some time now, some of the best energy for rat is going to be in the area of friendships and friendships are really important because these can then morph into business contacts or possibly meeting a love relationship.

And so it's very important for you to do some networking and change up how you've been doing things over the last couple of years, but you show really positive energy around making new friends and these are substantial friends, friends who can provide you with some of the opportunities you're looking for. And I think this year you're going to feel very compelled to expand, expand, expand your friend's circle. And so that's why, you know, you have both the means to do it and the motivation to do it. And that's why this is working.

When it comes to your money, specifically money that is derived from investments or from your business or a family business, you are doing some excellent energy. Now, this is predicated on the idea of keeping the reputation that you have solid. That means not doing things that are fly by night, not going for things that are highly volatile or you know, even if you're in something highly volatile that you're doing it for the long term that you're not jumping in and out of investments or you're not abandoning different parts of your business, but you are sticking through no matter, you know what kind of, whether you're going through, if, you know, times are tough for one month that you're not saying, oh, well then we're going to give up on this advertising campaign or we're going to stop doing, you know, we're going to stop focusing on the business.

So this is all about kind of weathering the storms that are out there and that's what brings you the bigger opportunities and why I see that it is quite possible that over the course of 2022, you do quite well in these investments and business income.

Now, when it comes to money derived from a career, and this would be getting a paycheck for somebody else, uh getting a paycheck from someone else. Uh the energy is even better and that is that um you will have opportunities that will come up all of a sudden and you'll be able to ask for a raise, you'll get opportunities to work for other companies like people will pursue you. You know, when you do send your resume out, you will get opportunities to interview and then negotiate for the salary. So just overall in your career, it looks very strong, especially if you're connecting your career mostly to finance.

Now, if you are looking for more personal satisfaction from your career, that's going to be something where you may need to uh you know, look at your philosophies, at your standards, the things that you know, you believe in, and see if those are aligning with the company's ideals. And if you find something in alignment, say you really want to save the planet, but you work for a company that is deciding lee harming the planet, you're not going to be happy. So, and this in this time of where you can easily get another job because the energy is so lined up, this would be a time to move on because if you stay where you are, you're out of integrity and then you're going to struggle. So those are the predictions for 2022.

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