Chinese Zodiac Rabbits Love And Money Predictions

Today about the love and money predictions for 2022 for Chinese Zodiac rabbits. And we are going to start with finding new love and it's quite interesting because as we see a lot of opportunities coming in for you more than you've experienced previously, especially in the last couple of years, there's still kind of in a mental or emotional disconnect going on where you might feel that the people who are presenting themselves for a love relationship with you aren't exactly a match and now this could be because of a couple of reasons.

First of all, you might be a little out of practice alright. You may have been feeling quite isolated over the last couple of years and so social interactions feel a little awkward but it's also because you have changed you have grown and yet you might be doing the same old things when it comes to meeting people and so they just need to be a little bit of mindfulness that happens and then things can line up better and that is for you to look at your life now and say to yourself, how have you changed?

What are you looking for now in a relationship partner and then start to think about the people you are meeting and talk to yourself and the universe about what parts work and what parts don't you know like which are the parts that are very much like your past self and which of the parts that you are seeing that have some potential?

So as I said, I think especially at the beginning of the year, it's going to be a little bit challenging, but then things get better as you get more mindful now, when it comes to existing love relationships, the energy is completely different. It is so positive, there is so much opportunity to have a strengthened love relationship, to have a deeper, more committed relationship to be more united when you are facing things outside in the world and that could be united. Maybe doing a business together or choosing where you're going to live or how you handle finances or how you raise the kids, there's so much of this sense of unity and taking responsibility for the parts that are yours and the other person's taking responsibility for what they are responsible for.

So, This is really, really good energy that I'm seeing for you in 2022 with your existing relationships now, when it comes to friendships and this is both those business acquaintances as well as you know, just friends people you would go out to dinner with. It's interesting because there's, there's definitely energy here, but it's a little on the bumpy side and not bad bumpy, kind of like the rock in your shoe, kind of like slightly irritating. It doesn't stop you from hiking, but there is this need every once in a while to, you know, stop, take your shoe off, find that irritant and deal with it.

And so that is that maybe you're meeting a lot of new and interesting people but your schedules are having a little trouble lining up or that, you know, they, they want to go to someplace and you're not entirely liking that place, maybe it's too loud, maybe you don't like the food and, and so there's just some more minor, almost external things to work out. But this is really good energy in general for you for friendships. I think you'll make a lot of friendships but they, they somehow are not so comfortable. They're just slightly uncomfortable and that is noticeable this year.

Now when it comes to your investments or money you make from a business side business, a family business, or things that are passive income sources like rental income or affiliate income. You have an exceptionally strong chart this time you are very, very focused on making money. It's like nothing is going to stop you. You're ready to do the work. You don't care how high the mountain is, you're ready to climb it. So there's a great deal of focus now on doing this Because this is the last year of your 12 year cycle and that is that in 2023 it will be your year. This is a time to really capitalize on what you already know. There might be some temptation to go do a lot of new things, but that's in 2023 In 2020 to stick to what you know, and you are going to be making some serious money.

Now when it comes to money from an employer from your regular paycheck, you do still show money. That's absolute. But there are some additional obligations or responsibilities that you have to take on to get this raise. And so every time you get some sort of perk, they're going to tack on a new project or you know, like go train this person, or could you work these extra hours? So expect that you will be able to accumulate more money than usual. Make more money than usual, but there's going to be some sort of catch or string attached.

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