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Many of us see marriage as a promising new chapter in life and have a lot of expectations from it. We're eager to know what's in store for us or what our partner might want from us and the relationship, even though nobody has seen the future, one can always understand the wants of the people in a relationship, through the study of zodiac signs, it's possible to describe what one might want out of a marital relationship, whether it's love, safety or banter, knowing somebody's expectations can only help a marriage become better, watch on to find out what each zodiac sign wants from marriage.


Aries are freedom lovers and for them, marriage always comes second. But while in a marriage they make solid commitments and maintain mutual understanding. They desire affection, understanding, and support from their partners. They're also aware of their short-tempered nature and require someone with a lot of patience.


For a Taurus respect comes above everything else in a marriage, they want their partner to treat them well irrespective of the situation. They never get into relationships for fun and they expect the same commitment in return. The avaricious Taurus feels more secure when there's material gain and wants their partner to share their financial objectives.


The curious Gemini is always looking for ways to bring change into their life when in a relationship they need a partner who shares their intellectual prowess and is always eager to have fun. They don't want silence and stagnation to befall their relationship and they look for their marriage to be their next great adventure with their love.


The family-oriented Cancerians tend to place their family above everything else and they want their partner to share the same values. Hence they need someone who is wholly devoted to their family. They're loyal to the core and often make their partner the center of their lives and expect a marriage to be filled with the same devotion.


Leo's are attention seekers and they crave attention in a marital relationship too. They're also fiercely loyal and they expect the same faithfulness. It is an uncompromised, able area for them. They can be egoistic, but they'll never mind if their partner tells them where they're wrong.


A Virgo loves fiercely, but they can also be critical at times. This is only because they care and want their partner to grow for the better. A Virgo looks at marriage as not just a vessel for love, but also for growth. They want someone who shares this belief and also keeps up with their drive for perfection.


Undoubtedly the most romantic sign of all Libras. Look for undivided attention in their marriage. They also want to appear reasonable and fair in their partner's eyes. Since they have a more practical approach to life they need someone who's vigorous, energetic, influential, and can take risks to accomplish their goals.


Scorpios want to make an intense spiritual connection with the soul and body in their marriage. They need someone who believes in trust and intimacy and is emotionally open when it comes to family. They have high expectations and look for a partner who's responsible and takes charge. In short, they desire a partner who can be counted on at all times.


Freedom is one of the most important things for Sagittarius, they need a partner who takes an equal interest in their adventures and does not begrudge them their liberty. They're straight shooters and want their partner to share their opinions openly. For Sagittarius honesty is the key to a long-lasting marriage. Hence, distrust can be a deal-breaker for them.


This earth sign is reliable and committed in a relationship and is a one-person for life sign. However, since they hate emotional drama, they look for someone who's bold, guarded, and free from falsification. They thrive on praise and need someone who appreciates them. They always put their goals first and expect the same from their partner.


The Aquarius Sign thrives on their intelligence and logical thinking prowess and looks for a partner who can match their idea for idea. They're highly inflexible in their beliefs and expect the same rigidness from their better half. However, they look for a partner who will overlook their lack of emotions and intimacy and love them regardless.


Pisces is a very gentle sign who never judged their partner no matter what they do. They need someone who does not mind the concept of space between partners when required there, emotionally, vulnerable, and soft-hearted. They love to live their lives on their own terms and remain unaffected by others' reactions. But they require a lot of assurance and attention from their partner.

Astrologers have been able to predict the wants and needs of each zodiac sign in many ways, including what they want out of a marriage. The knowledge of what your partner might be looking for in the relationship can help you identify and improve areas you might be overlooking.

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