Chinese Zodiac Dragon Love And Money Predictions

Chinese Zodiac Dragon, Love and Money Predictions for the 2022 Year of the Water-Tiger.

Mar 19, 2022

Chinese Zodiac Dragon, Love and Money Predictions for the 2022 Year of the Water-Tiger.

Today here to talk to you today about love and money predictions for a dragon for 2022. So we're gonna start with love. And so when we're looking at getting new love relationships going, you know, meeting somebody new, it's interesting because there is some energy here, but it's not the most comfortable, it's not the easiest energy, but we do like to see some energy and so this is definitely not a no, but this is a yes with some caveats and that is that it shows either you are stepping outside of your comfort zone in some way to meet this person or that you are meeting someone who is not the typical type that you're having to get past something that would have caused you to hesitate in the past and maybe that is that they are at a long distance, maybe they love a different sports team than you do. Maybe politically they're different than you are.

So there's some sort of different thing happening here and yet when you come together then there's an enormous amount of compatibility and good chemistry and you get along and there's communication. So it's right at the beginning of the relationship, the just the meeting part where you say to yourself, yes, I'm going to go have a first date with this person or you say no, this person is not my type. And if you continue to say that what you find is a little bit more challenging to meet someone this year. Now, the story is completely different when we look at existing love relationships. Now, we have some extremely strong energy that says that the two of you are either coming together as a solid unit, agreeing on things going the same direction, making changes in your life in unison, like, like how a flock of birds all flies together, that that it's almost unconscious that you are so connected or the other side of this is contentiousness about how you see the world is actually turned inward between the two of you.

And so if there are any difficulties in this relationship, you have an opportunity to get past them this year or to have them grow exponentially and give you problems. So, this is all about basically if you're going to be breathing fire at someone's turn and do it outward away from the relationship because if you turn it inward towards the relationship, then both of you are gonna get burned. Now some of the things that we see with your existing love relationship are that there are external changes happening to one of you that affects the other. And that could be a job change or a movie or some sort of change within the extended family. And so this is where it's necessary for you to intuitively connect with each other and you know, be accepting and fly together versus saying to the other person, oh, you go off and do whatever you need to do and I'll be here.

That sort of independence is not going to help you in a love relationship this year, but your inclination will be to be that independent when it comes to friendships. And uh, that could be business connections as well as uh, meeting people that could potentially become a love relationship. But also, you know, just so you have friends and community there. You do show that you're meeting lots and lots of people, you're meeting more people right now for work.

And that would be, you know, through 2022. More business type of connections, networking with other professionals or people in your industry or finding people who you really get along with putting on a very limited scale-like, you know, you all do the same type of game together, video game or that you're all writers, but they don't know about the rest of your life. And because you're quite focused on work and the relationships you do have, you will have to make a little bit more effort to go out and meet new people. And some of that probably is because of, you know, the last couple of years of being isolated, Maybe you've got a little used to that.

And so this is more about this year in 2022 focusing on relationships that you do have and your work now when it comes to investment income or income from a business, also passive income sources like rental income, affiliate marketing, network sales, things like that. You have some really excellent energy. I feel like you're gonna be making more this year than usual. Uh, This is especially true if you have your hands in a lot of different business opportunities. So the more sources of income that you have the better now this energy say that you do need to take a step forward on everything. You need to initiate it. And that is, you can't just sit on your laurels and wait for the money to come in. But if you make the phone call that you get the sale, if if you, you know, check out the security or the stock you find the thing to buy.

So it's, it's always where you initiate and then some really good things happen And then when it comes to money from your job. So like a paycheck. Um, it's interesting because you may have been promised in 2021 to get more money and they couldn't follow through on that. So then whatever was promised you in the previous year now can come through. So that's a really good thing. Now. It does look like you might be returning to work for a boss who worked for before or a company you worked for before, but you would be going back for more money now if you are moving on to a new job, it looks like you're doing something quite similar to what you've done before again with a bump up in the money. So, but everything here, like getting more money this year means you're going to have to ask more than once. There will be some delays. And so we see this more possible in the second half of the year than in the first half of the year.