Chinese Zodiac Dog Love And Money Predictions

Chinese Zodiac Dog, Love and Money Predictions for the 2022 Year of the Water-Tiger.

Mar 19, 2022

Chinese Zodiac Dog, Love and Money Predictions for the 2022 Year of the Water-Tiger.

Here to talk to you today about love and money predictions for 2022 for Chinese Zodiacdog and so we are going to start with finding new love it's very interesting in 2022 because you seem to be very focused on other things and so it's, it is possible that new love is coming to find you, but it's like you're not paying attention, you're not noticing.

You may actually have to enlist friends and family to tell you when somebody is pursuing you because even when you're being actively pursued, it's like you are not paying attention and again, this is probably because you are focused on other things, but if this has been a priority for you, you may want to actually slow down and be mindful, look around and see who's asking you out and perhaps you're feeling like well, you know, I don't want this person to ask me out, I want this other person to ask me out. But again, the focus seems to be not on the person that you're looking towards.

I think that the energy here really could shift for you, but it is going to take some mind mindfulness and a little bit of effort now when it comes to existing love relationships, the script is entirely flipped, you are so engaged and so focused on each other, you are almost inseparable. And so there is this coming together where it's kind of you two against the world and so maybe there are some big changes going on in your lives, There certainly changes going on in the world and you're coming together as a team. And so that you see that you know, when you are facing outside adversity, then you're doing really well now there is still like if you have been struggling in this relationship for some time if you have been kind of going back and forth trying to decide you know what to do about the relationship.

Like if the relationship right now is very brittle, this could be a difficult year for you. But if you have even just a hint of a good relationship between each other, I think that this could be one where we see the two of you come together with a much more stable relationship where you are hand in hand going into your future. Now we have extremely good energy for you for uh looking for new friends and expanding your circle of friends. And it feels like the boundaries are down. That you know, whatever was holding you back and finding new friends and now those boundaries don't exist anymore.

So, your circle of friends is getting larger and this is especially true if you are doing something in your business and so doing business networking and find colleagues that way. Or if you're doing some sort of charity work and helping the community, then you can also expand. And this includes doing some sort of art or creative projects for your community. Now, the best results come when you initiate an action, that means you show up to the meeting, you make the phone call, you schedule the party, that's where you can really see new people come into your life and friendships are formed when it comes to business income as well as income from investments.

There are many opportunities for you and you have more luck this time you everything comes together and it seems almost at times to be a little bit more automatic. Now I need to say that you have to still initiate the action, which means that You are finding out the investment or you're working to expand your business. But a little bit of your effort gives you big results.

So I think that what you're gonna find is that you make more money in 2022 than you have in some time now when it comes to money from your career and that would be money like in a paycheck. The energy is even better. That's where we see a definite expansion of income over previous years. So you are taking home more money whether that is because you are working more hours, getting more pay per hour, or that your sales commissions or bonuses are higher. So now this may mean that you are changing jobs, although I'm thinking that this is less likely and more likely that you're making a change within the current company and that's why things are, are getting bumped up in that area of, you know, income. But overall, if you add together your income plus additional perks that are coming in in 2022 you're going to be making more money than you have in previous years.