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Colin (Newton) and Penelope's (Nicola Coughlan) romantic storyline culminates in the carriage. When Penelope flees a ball, feeling dejected by the rejection of suitor Lord Debling (Sam Phillips), she decides to return home. However, before the carriage can depart, Colin rushes after it to pour out his feelings of love for his longtime companion.

After Colin confesses his feelings, Penelope reciprocates, and they proceed to engage in a passionate encounter inside the carriage. However, their intimate moment is abruptly interrupted when the carriage arrives at Bridgerton House, where Colin was supposed to be dropped off. Before leaving the carriage, Colin gently uses his fingers to pull Penelope's dress sleeve back up onto her shoulder.

The intimate encounter, accompanied by an orchestral rendition of Pitbull's "Give Me Everything," has become the most discussed scene on social media since the show debuted on Thursday, May 16. Fans were especially captivated by the moment when Colin delicately adjusted his beloved's gown using just a couple of fingers.

Andrew Ahn, a director for Bridgerton season 3, has verified that the initiative for the action came from the 31-year-old actor himself.

"I wish I could claim credit for this remarkable moment of physical authenticity, but I did not give this direction," Ahn wrote via X on Saturday, May 18. "It was all Luke Newton!"

As the scene concludes, Colin exits the carriage and extends his hand to Penelope, inviting her to follow his lead.

"Are you coming with me?" Colin asks. When she hesitates, he exclaims, "For God's sake, Penelope. Are you going to marry me or not?"

Before Penelope can reply, the camera fades to black, teasing that her answer will be revealed in the second part of the new season.

Newton and Coughlan, aged 37, have not revealed how their characters' love story unfolds—four new episodes will be released on June 13. However, they placed their trust in each other while filming the romantic scenes.

"It didn't feel stilted or choreographed," Coughlan told Today earlier this month. "We were just like, 'I trust you. You trust me. Let's do this. Let's make this the best it can be.'"

Coughlan and Newton were so immersed in the moment that they didn't hear production call out, "Cut."

"So they were watching us on the monitors thinking, 'What are they doing?'" Coughlan recalled. "The director had to come over and ask, 'What were you doing? We told you to stop!'"

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