Popular Gold Coast DJ Paul Fisher, known to his nearly two million Instagram followers, just announced a schedule change with a heart-warming reason. Fisher, slated to perform in New York this weekend, revealed his wife Chloe's unexpected hospitalization due to possible preterm labor.

"Our little one is due in June," Fisher wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post, "but last week, Chloe was admitted to the hospital here in Australia." He emphasized, however, that both Chloe and the baby are safe and under close monitoring. "This means I need to be here with her until we have a clearer picture," he continued, explaining his decision to postpone the New York shows.

Fisher, a world-renowned DJ, actively shares his excitement about fatherhood on social media. On December 23rd, a picture of Chloe proudly displaying her baby bump was captioned, "Our permanent plus 1 joining the Fisher tour next year! Let's go, baby!"

The New York shows haven't been cancelled, just rescheduled. Fans with tickets can breathe a sigh of relief – both events will be moved to July 5th and 6th, with all tickets remaining valid. "Thanks to everyone for your understanding and support," Fisher concluded.

This unexpected turn of events unfolded just days after Fisher rocked the Out 2 Lunch festival on Coolangatta Beach. "Surreal moment for me right now," he reminisced on Instagram, reflecting on the massive 30,000-strong crowd cheering him on in his hometown. "Can't explain the feelings," he wrote, hinting at the emotional rollercoaster he's experiencing – balancing the joy of fatherhood with the thrill of performing for his fans. While the New York shows may be delayed, one thing's for sure: DJ Paul Fisher is about to embark on his most life-changing tour yet - parenthood.