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Aries is a very action-oriented sign, you can say whatever you want to them, but if your actions don't match your words, then they're quick to lose respect for you and if they lose respect for you, then you can kiss the relationship goodbye.

This also goes for your level of ambition. Aries is a doer. And if you are the type to talk about what you're gonna do and then procrastinate or not do it at all when they see you as lazy and deadweight. Aries is not trying to be held back. So the bottom line is if you want to make it work within Aries, you need to elevate your motivation game and you need to make sure that whatever you say you're gonna do it.

Also make sure you're putting in enough effort to make that Aries in your life feel special. And this doesn't mean laying around and watching NetFlix with them. They're okay with that at times. But there need to be activities that they can look forward to keeping the Aries fire burning.


Taurus is all about planning for the future. They take commitment very seriously and are not trying to be in a relationship with us we'll see what happens type attitude. They need to know that once the commitment is established that both of you are working towards the same goal, which is being together in a secure, honest, romantic, and financially lucrative relationship if you don't have goals and you're perfectly fine taking life day by day with no clear vision for the future.

This is definitely enough for a Taurus to see you as a waste of their time and call it quits. Also, Taurus has a pretty high sex drive and sees sex as a demonstration of physical attraction and love. So not getting enough sex is another reason for them to become iffy about the relationship. So if you aren't spending quality time together and having enough sex and you don't have your plans for the future intact, then you can kiss your Taurus goodbye.


A Gemini needs to be with someone that sees the relationship and adventure. It can't feel like a heavy responsibility. They are ambitious and they're excited by the idea of being with someone that's ambitious. But when it's time to enjoy the relationship, they prefer to keep it light and just have a good time. They are very adaptable and it really helps if you are too.

So if you're the type of person that is constantly complaining or nagging instead of having fun, they will be done with you. They don't want a mother figure or a father figure that is constantly telling them what they think they should be doing or what's not right or what needs to be fixed or what things in the relationship need to be improved. Sure, it's okay to address things in the relationship that you want to improve. But if the time spent complaining outweighs the amount of time you spend having fun and enjoying life, then your Gemini will leave you behind with the rest of the Naggar is in their past.


When the Cancer is in love, they truly feel like it's for the rest of their life or at least they're working towards that type of connection. However, if they have any doubt as to whether or not they can trust your commitment, then the connection will quickly fade. And when I say, trust, I'm not just talking about whether or not they think you're capable of cheating on them or not, they need to trust how deep your feelings are for them. They want to know that you love them as much as they love you and Cancer can for sure tell when you're just going through the motions of playing the role of someone who cares.

So if they get any hints that you're inauthentic in any way, the trust is broken and for cancer whose trust is broken, the relationship has no hope so. Always go with honesty. Even if you think it'll hurt their feelings because they can work through the pain and come out on the other side feeling stronger with the relationship as long as they know, they can trust you. But like I said, the trust is broken, then they're done.


Leos don't do anything halfway and whatever it is that they decided to engage in must be top of the line, They're extremely generous with their love, but they must feel like you have earned it by being confident enough to give them the freedom to be who they are without judgment or extreme jealousy. I say extreme jealousy because they don't mind a bit of healthy jealousy.

I mean everybody gets a little jealous meaning, you just don't particularly love it when the person that you're with is giving too much attention to someone else or they're getting too much attention from someone else. But if you take it to the point where you're constantly trying to control their behavior or like checking their phone or keeping tabs on them, then you're gonna come off as insecure. And for Leo, nothing is more unattractive than insecurity. There, definitely willing to work through the issues, especially if the highs outweigh the lows.

But if you're the type that is never satisfied and always have some sort of issue brought on by insecurity, then they lose the attraction quickly and we'll move on to more fun, loving, and confident company.


Virgos prefer to be with someone that loves them for exactly who they are inside and out. They are hard enough on themselves.

So they do best when they are with someone that is a strong support system. This means someone that understands that they are goal-oriented and that doesn't try to make them feel guilty for focusing on their goals. So if you start to complain too much to a Virgo that they don't spend enough time with you or you start to question if they're even capable of achieving their goals because it's taking too long, then you quickly become a source of unhappiness for them.

Virgos needs their relationship to be a safe place that makes them feel more confident about themselves. Virgos also have a pretty high sex drive, so they're not getting in a physical connection with you, and on top of that you're asking for more time than a relationship with you just won't make sense to them and for a Virgo, if something doesn't make sense and just stresses them out, then they're not gonna be a part of it. So they're out.


First off, Libras need a team player, they want to be with someone that makes life less stressful and more enjoyable. So if you like drama, stay away from the liberal because drama and conflict is their least favorite thing in the entire world, Libras want someone that has a great sense of humor, someone that's excited about experiencing new things together, and someone that doesn't have any issues when it comes to money, this doesn't mean that you have to be a billionaire or that their materialistic, but the point is liberals like the freedom to be able to experience life without worry. So as long as money isn't a worry, then they can focus on their favorite part of a relationship which is having someone to explore life with, what will get you cut out of the liberals, Good graces is if you become too clingy libra is like a certain level of independence.

They love having moments where the two of you are completely focused on love being with each other and being connected. But then they need the space to do the things that they love to do independent of the relationship. So if the relationship starts to feel too smothering, or every time they turn around, they see that you aren't doing much of anything other than sitting on the couch and progressively becoming less ambitious then they see you as a sinking ship. And the libra is not down with being on the titanic because for a libra, they're going to be first in line when it comes to avoiding a dead end. Codependent relationship.


everyone really trips whenever you say Scorpio or whatever. If a Scorpio is going to be in a committed relationship with you, then they're going to require a connection with your mind, your body, and your soul, it takes a lot for them to trust you. But if they have decided to take the relationship to that true commitment level, then this means that you've earned their trust at least to the point where they're willing to go there with you and give the connection a chance, Scorpio is also a very strong sign. So they can weather the ups and downs that a relationship can bring.

If the love is there, they're willing to work through just about anything. But there's one thing that they just don't forgive and that's a lie. If you want a Scorpio to end a relationship and cut you out of their life for good, then lie to them. If they see that you're capable of dishonesty, then that's all the info they need to be done and move on. As I said, it's very difficult for them to trust. So if you break that trust then be ready for a break up because they aren't having it.


A Sagittarius requires someone to keep their interest. They're all about the thrills in life. So the biggest turn-off for them is if they see that you aren't doing much with your life, this causes them to label you as boring and anything that is boring to a Sagittarius is not worth their time.

Sagittarius is an extremely generous, loving, and compassionate sign. But if they catch you playing the victim or coming from a place of weakness, this is also grounds for cutting the ties that bind bottom line is with the Sagittarius, you have to have your confidence game on point and your willingness to take risks and they will be the excited partner that you know them to be. But if you're lazy, predictable, and emotionally needy or weak, they are done with you as a possible relationship.


If a Capricorn is going to commit to something, then they commit 100% and they expect the same exact thing from you. They need you to make the relationship a priority. This means being on the same page. In terms of values and your vision for the future, They like to feel like it's you and them against the world. They need to know that they can trust you 100 and that when any conflict or a crazy situation arises, they need to feel confident that you're going to handle it in a way that honors the relationship.

So for a Capricorn to break up with you, it will take pretty much the same thing as a Scorpio betraying their trust. The difference is, it doesn't have to just be alive. A Capricorn also considers allowing outside sources to disrupt your connection as a breach of trust. For example, if you hear something from someone and then you take it as truth and then you go to the capital corn that you're dating and you start to express your concerns or fears because of something that you heard without running the information by them first to see if it's even true, then that for them is a deal-breaker.

Capricorns want to know that you are a true ride or die because that's the standard that they hold themselves to. So if you aren't in it with them or on their team and putting your love for them in their relationship first, in the same way, that they are, then they're done and once a Capricorn is done, there is no turning back ever.


Aquarius is most attracted to the unconventional and unpredictable. They have no interest in being part of our basic relationship that is based on the standards and structures that society deems acceptable. They for sure are excited about being in love and the idea of making a commitment based on that love and wanting to experience life together. But if you think you're going to bring a bunch of rules to the relationship that you expect your Aquarius to follow, then you are sadly mistaken. They require a certain level of independence and unconditional trust in order to be excited about the relationship. They too are very strong signs and intelligent and they can deal with the ups and downs of love. But if you're too rigid in your beliefs and your two hardcore with your rules, then they consider the relationship done because Aquarius answers to no one.


Pisces is truly in love with being in love, They live for romance and connection, and for them, love means enjoying life and truly appreciating each other for all your flaws, all your talents, your challenges, and your triumphs. They go all in and expect the same from you. So if they feel that you are as devoted to keeping the connection as strong as they are, then they'll do anything in their power to honor that love. However, if you become too critical of them, they start to feel disconnected and judged and when this starts to happen, the ties that bind become the chains that need to be broken.

A Pisces is very sensitive to criticism. So if you're constantly complaining and telling them what they need to change about themselves, then they begin to wonder if you love them at all and if they start to question the love then that's the beginning of the end. So a sure way to get Pisces to break up with you is to continue to complain and criticize them. If you want to keep that loving connection and you have a grievance of some sort talk to them about what it is you would like to experience instead of telling them what you don't like. If you go that route then they're going to feel like you two are on the same page and love will continue to grow but constantly criticize and they will for sure find someone else that loves them for them. So there you have it. The main reasons each sign will call it quits in a relationship.

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