In this post, I'm going to dive deeper into Capricorn and compatibility, which we'll be talking about Capricorn. Keep in mind as you're reading this that it will apply to Sun sign and Moon sign compatibility, meaning you can apply it to Capricorn Sun with each Sun sign and that compatibility then Capricorn Moon with each sign and the moon position.

I broke it down into three categories. So let's start with category one, which was the best matches for Capricorn in that category as Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Taurus and Capricorn

For starters, these two see eye to eye on almost everything, Taurus really respects Capricorns strength and Capricorn finds Taurus affectionate nature comforting both value, honesty, clarity, hard work and security, not to mention Capricorns loyalty is the perfect match for Taurus devotion. They both love nothing more than to plan for the future. So that works out great and they both have a high sex drive and tourist has the sense of humor and the personality type to really help Capricorn open up. These two are a fantastic match. The only catch here could be when there is conflict, they can get stuck on point proving, but because both of them operate in a way where it's all about proof. Then with a little fact checking and some access to google then they should get over any disagreement.

Virgo and Capricorn

These two also have so much in common. Virgo approaches life based on the facts. And Capricorn makes sure that all bases are covered with their step by step process. Just like with Taurus, they may find themselves debating often about who's right and who's wrong, which is such an earth sign thing by the way. But they usually find common ground and I'm sure you've heard me say in other posts how debating with a Virgo is like going to court because you need evidence, witnesses, etcetera. Well, Capricorn loves to go to court. So they are well matched in this area also because both have the patience to really tackle an issue for as long as necessary to get to the truth. Virgo is ambitious and is the perfect networker for Capricorn's practical know how so they can make a very powerful team if they ever decided to work together professionally. The only challenge here is that Virgo isn't overly affectionate and Capricorn already is pretty reserved, so they'll have to put some extra effort into the romantic side of the connection. But other than that there should be smooth sailing all the way.

Scorpio and Capricorn

These two work great together. Both require full commitment and focus. So this sets it up. So one isn't thinking that the others requiring too much in order to be happy. They both have a very high bar to meet when it comes to their definition of devotion and love. So they will see eye to eye with that respect and they'll find exactly what they're looking for with each other. There will for sure be times when Capricorn's stubbornness will come up against scorpios temper. But their makeup sex is worth it every time Capricorn doesn't mind Scorpio being secretive because Capricorn can be pretty secretive as well. So this shouldn't cause a problem as long as they aren't secretive with each other, they're both intelligent, strong willed and ambitious. So this pairing gets a huge thumbs up from me, definite power, couple potential.

Pisces and Capricorn

These two have many differences, but the great news is their differences complement each other very well. Capricorns steady, decisive and grounded. Nature gives pisces the balance and certainty that they need in order to feel confident and secure. And the willingness of pisces to explore emotional depths really helps to open up Capricorn and bring them out of that Loughner world. They sometimes live in making it so much easier for Capricorns, Hidden passions to awaken. They both have a way of making the other feel protected, which translates to great sex in the bedroom and a great connection everywhere else. So, these two have very strong possibilities for long term love. The only challenge here would be if pisces feels that Capricorn is too focused on work and not focused enough on love, but more than likely Capricorns devotion for pisces will inspire Capricorn to work on a healthy balance between career and relationship.

Okay, and the second category are the signs that can work for Capricorn but it will definitely be tricky and it will take a little extra work and these signs would be Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and dating another capricorn.

Aries and Capricorn

First things first, these two will have great sex because they are both assertive, passionate and physically expressive. So the issue is not at all in the bedroom. The issues here arise in the fact that they're gonna have a power struggle when it comes to who's going to be in charge. There are both cardinal signs, so they will have a tendency to butt heads in the Aries of who's meant to lead. But with some effective communication, this challenge can be overcome. The great thing about both of them is they are very straightforward in what they think and they appreciate that style of communication. So the arguments won't be long lasting and they should end in resolution. The other challenge is Capricorn never makes a move without calculating all aspects of the situation and Capricorns must make sure that they will come out on top. Whereas Aries is very impulsive and really doesn't calculate anything before they jump so they can be very powerful together as long as they overcome those differences.

Gemini and Capricorn

So this is going to be a bit of a challenge for Capricorn when it comes to trying to hold on to flirtatious, excitable gemini. Gemini needs constant stimulation and Capricorn needs practicality and reassurance. Not to mention Capricorn will really get impatient with the fact that Gemini has tons of new ideas but doesn't necessarily follow through when it comes to manifesting those ideas into reality. Problems also start to arise when Gemini starts to see Capricorn as controlling and no fun to be around. They will for sure share a few laughs in the beginning because they both have a great sense of humor and they may even have some stimulating sex, but overall they will need many other points of compatibility in their chart to counterbalance all of their differences.

Leo and Capricorn

The first issue here is that Capricorn values order and Leo loves spontaneity. Second, Leo likes to run the show. And when you're dealing with a cardinal sign like Capricorn, this is not going to work because Capricorn has a strong urge to control the situations that they're involved in. They both naturally have confidence so they will for sure be attracted to each other. But the bottom line is neither will accept not being in charge. They both are ambitious which works in their favor. However, when they attempt to work together to achieve their relationship goals, they will run into that same problem of who's going to lead. They can make fantastic friends, but as romantic partners, there are just too many differences and too much compromise required to make this work. The only hope they have is that there are other points of compatibility in their chart to counterbalance all of those differences.

Libra and Capricorn

Well, The attraction is definite because Capricorn is attracted to libras, natural beauty and libra is very intrigued by Capricorns, strength and decisiveness. The issue here comes along in terms of what they both prioritize in life, libra puts enjoyment and social pursuits above financial gain and status. And Capricorn puts financial stability and career advancement at the very top of their list. So libra will start to realize that Capricorn is not going to provide the fun that labor is looking for. Not to mention Capricorn can be pretty jealous and libra is a little friendlier to outside energies. The Capricorn would prefer if they do have other parts of their chart that counterbalance these differences. They can for sure workout because in this sort of situation, the positives can outweigh the negatives, but if we're going just strictly on labor energy. With Capricorn energy, it will definitely be a tough one to sustain.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sagittarius does bring an element of excitement and enjoyment to life that really lightens up Capricorns serious disposition and Capricorns, consistency and problem solving nature is very impressive to Sagittarius. However, when Sagittarius inevitably attempts to shake things up to keep it interesting. Capricorn resists. These two have amazing potential because their differences can really complement each other. But it will take some serious compromise and some great communication to bridge that gap which both of them are capable of most challenges they will be able to overcome. However, depending on the rest of their chart, Capricorn just might prove to be a little too uptight for fun. Loving, adventurous Sagittarius.

Capricorn and Capricorn

Well, although these two are very similar, this is one situation where being similar really doesn't help the connection. Yes, they are both hard working, they are both determined and they're both trustworthy. But eventually they will need someone more animated and not going to bring them out of that overly focused routine. Now as friends or even as co workers, they will get along great. But in a romantic relationship, Capricorn needs to feel like they're in charge and if both people need that we have an issue not to mention in order for a Capricorn to truly open up, they need an expressive partner because they tend to open up once they get some reassurance from the person that they're with. So if both people are waiting for that reassurance, then how far they're going to get. So overall, they are both very committed individuals. So if the love is there, it can definitely work but there are for sure, much better matches out there for them and they could end up finding that they're much better office friends.

All right now, the third category would be the most challenging matches for Capricorn and those signs would be Aquarius and cancer.

Aquarius and Capricorn

The main issue here is Capricorn seats Aquarius as far too unpredictable and Capricorns solution to this is attempting to implement some rules into the relationship. And you all know how Aquarius feels about rules. They are known as the rebel of the Zodiac. So you do the math. Now with this relationship, what will start off as too highly capable, intelligent people having great sex and some laughs will quickly turn into two extremely frustrated people experiencing the disconnect caused by Capricorns jealousy and Aquarius unwillingness to compromise to the degree that Capricorn is satisfied. Honestly don't even think that other points of compatibility in their charts can really save this. These two are just far too different and far too stubborn to meet anywhere in the middle.

Cancer and Capricorn

These two will have a very strong sexual attraction, but all of that connection found in the bedroom will be forgotten in the midst of the conflict caused by the fact that these two have very different priorities in life. Capricorn values, status and accomplishment. And it isn't that Cancer doesn't value those things. But on cancers priority list, when it comes to a relationship it is at the top of their list to have consistent romantic reassurance and even when it comes to their relationships. Capricorn puts career and forward movement financially as a necessity. And Capricorns very loving and compassionate. But the relationship will take a backseat to achieving goals because in the Capricorns eyes, they're thinking achieving goals is good for the relationship. Cancer does love Capricorns ability to handle any situation. And Capricorn loves cancers, loyalty and devotion. But with both of them being cardinal signs and seeing the priorities in life so differently.

They're gonna have a hard way to go. They can be great friends though and they can work together very effectively because in a work environment it's very clear who's in charge of what and usually in a work environment, emotions are put on the back burner. But in a romantic relationship, cancer is going to want more from Capricorn emotionally and Capricorn will see cancer is a bit too emotionally high maintenance. Not to mention when these two get angry, they both shut down communication will be a challenge unless you think that the silent treatment for weeks on end is okay.

However, the interesting thing about these two is if they have other points of compatibility in their chart, they can usually make it work, but not without some serious compromise. So there you have it a bit more detail when it comes to compatibility with Capricorn.