Whether it's forgetting to put the lid back on the toothpaste or constantly leaving the toilet seat up. Often it's the little things that can really get on people's nerves and whether they like to admit it or not every sign in the zodiac has at least one or two habits that can drive people up the wall. Here are some of the most annoying habits of each of the zodiac signs.

Aries. They can be bossy, demanding, and a bit of a slave driver.

They can be so hard-headed and unwilling to compromise that it can drive others totally up the wall. Sometimes you just have to let them learn the hard way and fail on their own terms because they simply won't listen to a voice of reason even when they are in the wrong, it can be tempting to say I told you. So when things go south and their plans come crashing down but are careful or you may be the one they blame for the failure.

Taurus. They can be notoriously stubborn and overly headstrong.

They often take my way or the highway approach to life and when they believe something to be true then no amount of persuasion will convince them otherwise trying to negotiate with them and come to a compromise can be like trying to talk to a brick wall. They simply won't have a bar of it and when they're in the wrong, they can find it hard to own up to it. So good luck trying to get an apology out of them.

Cancer. They can be, oh, so moody in the mornings.

They are known for their erratic mood swings but they can be especially grumpy first thing in the morning, particularly when they are feeling sleep deprived. Be where the person who dares to wake them from their slumber before they are ready. If they get out of the wrong side of the bed, they can be irritably crabby all day. Sometimes all you can do is give them some distance and try to avoid their wrath.

Gemini. it's their prerogative to change their minds over and over again.

They tend to be thoughtful creatures who are able to see multiple sides of an issue. But sometimes they can drive even the most patient of people totally insane with their sheer indecisiveness because they are so mentally agile, they see nothing wrong with having multiple plans, but they can then suddenly scrap a project right before completion just so that they can start all over again or take on something new.

Leo. they can talk about themselves for days and days and days.

They're such proud and boastful creatures that it can sometimes turn people off as they go on and on about all the ways in which they are amazing to make matters worse. Everything they do is rather noisy, whether it be bragging, eating, sleeping, or even just watching a movie. If someone could invent a remote control that turns down the volume on Leo at times, then they wouldn't be so problematic.

Virgo. They can be overly pessimistic and classic naysayers.

They are picky about everything, whether it's what they're going to eat for dinner or who they choose to date. They can come across as judgmental and tax lists which can result in some uncomfortable and awkward silences. The problem is they have such incredibly high standards that they expect everyone including themselves to live up to. If you can't handle a bit of criticism that you might just find the Virgo to be a nightmare.

Libra. They will abandon everyone for romance.

They are that friends that you suddenly don't see or hear from the moment that they get into a relationship, they just get so loved up that they disappear off the face of the planet. Eventually, they will return to Earth and reunite with their friends, but only once the honeymoon phase has ended. It can be irritating, but they will wear you down with flattery until you can't help but forgive them when they're in between relationships make the most of it.

Scorpio. They can be experts at avoiding hard slog.

The word slacker has been applied to Scorpio more than once because they have a habit of disappearing when it's time to roll up sleeves and pitch in.

If they are simply not in the mood to put in any effort, then they can be more of a hindrance than a help. Some people might call them lazy, but they just don't believe life is supposed to be all about working Sagittarius. They can be messy and disorganized as hell. They like making big statements but it can be a chaotic journey to achieve the end result. When they cook, they use every instrument and service insight and when they shower they for some reason require several towels just to dry off. They will insist on taking the longest, most interesting route to arrive at their final destination and they refuse to do things in a linear way.

Capricorn. They have short arms and deep pockets.

You know that friend that always seems to forget to bring their wallet to a restaurant, chances are they're probably a Capricorn. Some might call them stingy, but they work hard for any financial gain that they have, which can make them rather hesitant to part with their cash. They are also likely to have obsessive and repetitive habits such as pen or finger clicking. They will keep up these habits until someone in the group explodes and throws the pen out the window.

Aquarius. They can be overly distant and distrusting Their personality is one that is cool and aloof, which can make them come across as bored and uninterested, and sometimes that's exactly how they feel. Often uncomfortable with one on one intimacy. They can take a long time to warm up to people if at all they walk to the beat of their own drum and their elusive nature can make it a maddening task when trying to get them to open up.

Pisces. They're messy and forgetful as hell.

They can be notoriously scatterbrained at times. They walk into rooms and instantly can't remember why they are there. They lose keys, glasses and phones constantly and never put belongings down in the same place twice. You'll probably walk around picking up after your Pisces and have many arguments over them. Being neglectful. They can also be nervous creatures and when they are not losing things they are probably biting their nails to destruction.