My Dad Wrote A Porno

Pisces - My Dad Wrote A Porno

What should you do if you find out that your father wrote a series of amateur erotic novels?Jamie Morton's answer is to share with the world.Perfect for a Piscean!

Capricorn - Planet Money

"Planet Money" is a podcast exploring how the economy affects our lives. In an entertaining way that gets the job done.As a Capricorn, you have practical, smart, and also like to explore the relationship between economy and life.

Dr. Death

Scorpio - Dr. Death

The podcast is based on the true story of the man who became famous as Dr. Death. Scorpio likes mystery and intensity, and this chilling podcast is a perfect match for Scorpio.

This American Life

Taurus - This American Life

"This American Life" is has been broadcasting programs since 1995. That is a great podcast is definitely a great choice for Taurus.

Dope Queens

Gemini - Dope Queens

As a Gemini, you very like something about fun-loving. "Dope Queens's podcast" is definitely a great choice, as it is energetic and banter.

Bitch Sesh

Leo - Bitch Sesh

That this podcast is a gossip recap of real Housewives which will definitely appeal to Leo who likes spotlights. In fact, it’s so much more.

The Daily

Virgo - The Daily

Virgo is a zodiac sign that pursues perfection. Michael Barbaro's podcast gives you a tidy recap of the day’s news. Very efficient, In a 20-minute package.

My Favorite Murder

Libra - My Favorite Murder

Libra is born with a strong sense of justice. "My Favorite Murder's podcast" will be satisfactory for you. Libra is not always serious though, Sometimes also brings humor to everyone.


Sagittarians - Spontaneanation

On paper, this podcast is spontaneous, self-help, and adventurous. Sagittarians are very like adventures, also like new experiences. Choose a random location for each episode and improv.

How Did This Get Made?

Aquarius - How Did This Get Made?

Discover and share the logical bug in the movie, and that’s exactly what "How Did This Get Made?" explores on this podcast. Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is inventive and likes some things about unpredictability.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

Aries - Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

If you are an Aries, Confident and passionate sums up for you. Jonathan Van Ness's podcasts of everything from health to reality TV, and that fits for you.

Oprah's Supersoul Conversations

Cancers - Oprah's Supersoul Conversations

If you are a Cancers that have accurate intuition and a sensitive personality. Oprah's Supersoul Conversations is really for you. This's a self-help podcast that explores and shares to live your best life.