Are you looking for perfect indoor plants based on your Zodiac Sign? Here are some ideal plants listed according to your Zodiac Sign.

Aloe Vera

Pisces - Aloe Vera

Pisces has long been known as a natural healer and Aloe Vera has soothing and healing properties, which makes it the perfect match for Pisces.

Monstera Deliciosa

Aries - Monstera Deliciosa

It is a house plant that ability to fill a room. The tropical plant is a great fit for the bold and ambitious Aries.

Money Tree

Taurus - Money Tree

A Taurus is a very sexual sign and they’re hardworking, so the Money Tree that can bring financial fortune is the perfect fit for Taurus.

ZZ Plant

Gemini - ZZ Plant

Gemini is usually busy, which makes ZZ plant the ideal plant companion that is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance.

Air Plant

Cancer - Air Plant

Cancer has the advantage of introspection. The Air plant just water once a week, which is a great fit for Cancer.

String of Pearls

Leo - String of Pearls

The succulent plant is unusual among much of the world, that can grow up to two feet long like long cascades. Leo love to have the spotlight, which makes "String of Pearls" the ideal plant companion for Leo.


Virgo - Moss

Virgo loves to have the luxury and indulge in nice things, which makes pillowy moss the ideal house plant for Virgo folk.


Libra - Succulent

Libra loves to have balance and harmony. So the "Succulent" is the perfect fit for Libra which likes plants that can survive only when water and light are perfectly balanced.


Scorpio - Cactus

There are many parallels between Scorpio and cactus, Scorpio is usually looking very strong but soft in the heart, which can even need a bit of love and care at times.

Ponytail Palm

Sagittarius - Ponytail Palm

Sagittarius has a playful and creative side. Ponytail Palm for The unique aesthetic will appeal to the Sagittarius.

Ficus Plant

Capricorn - Ficus Plant

For Capricorn, they’re hardworking that one of the most well-known traits. Ficus Plant has long been known for its dependability and solidity properties, Which should appeal to the Capricorn.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Aquarius - Heartleaf Philodendron

A Aquarius is a very easy-going sign, so the lush indoor plant can appeal to the Aquarius. The plant makes it a cinch to grow and also is easily recognized by its heart-shaped leaves.