Zodiac Sign · Mar 27, 2022

Capricorn is a complex character something that a lot of people, may not see what most see is a boring and square personality, and someone who revels in following the rules at all times beneath the doll exterior, however, lies an interesting and intense individual, waiting for the opportune moment to show their true colors.

One of the defining traits of a Capricorn is the unmatched focus that they have when it comes to accomplishing whatever it is they put their mind to always the diligent and conscientious workers. Capricorns love routine, since this is where they feel most comfortable on top of that, they pride themselves in being the rock that you need to get through tough moments in life because of this, Capricorns make great and loyal friends, stubbornness is yet another trait that's connected to people who are born under this sign.

The sign itself is represented by the image of a goat animal, that are known to have a mind of their own however much you try to tame them. It's not easy to change the mind of a typical Capricorn in order to do this, you'll have to present to them a list of reasons why you think your proposal makes sense.

Even then be prepared for some residual stubbornness, which may not have a basis in logic or reality. Capricorns are dedicated workers and they value security. This makes them ideal for artistic types or water signs because they will be the ones to remind their partners to pay a bill that's due or carry out mundane tasks that may actually be beneficial in the long run.

Despite their quiet exterior Capricorns have a deep capacity for caring as well as intense feelings that are always swirling inside of them. When they finally decide to commit to someone, they go all out and would ideally look for a lifelong commitment because of the importance they place on relationships. They are most likely to suffer bouts of jealousy and an attempt to keep their loved ones close to them.

Capricorn set extremely high standards for themselves as well as others, making them good in administrative jobs such as banking, government jobs, teaching finance, and accounting. They make tough bosses, but they always deliver results if given an opportunity to lead because of their deep capacity for caring about the welfare of those close to them. Capricorns may be prone to mood swings as well as depression in order to keep them happy, encourage them to vent whenever possible so they don't stew in misery only to explode later on.

In addition, look into taking your time to know them, since it may take a while for them to open up to you. If you're looking for a rock to lean on or want to learn a thing or two about focus and discipline look to a Capricorn is just want to live a modest life, as well as be useful throughout life.

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