Today I will share with you the top six Feng Shui plants that will bring you good luck. From Feng Shui perspective plants can bring vibrant qi into our living spaces.

If we use it properly, it can help to promote positive energy around our home or business and increase our wealth luck.

Feng Shui plants can also be used as remedies to reduce the negative energy. In this post, I will talk about the most auspicious Feng Shui plants where to place them to maximize the positive energy flow and how to use them as Feng Shui remedies.

The first one is lucky bamboo.

lucky bamboo

So the lucky bamboo as you can see here is an auspicious function plant that can bring good fortune. It symbolizes good health, happiness, and prosperity. The lucky bamboo is an indoor plant, that's very easy to care low maintenance, and grows well in low and indirect light.

You can keep them in soil or water with pebbles where to place the lucky bamboo, you can place the lucky bamboo in the money corner to help attract wealth luck.

If you want to increase your career luck, you can place the lucky bamboo on the desk of your home office, make sure it's placed at the top left corner of your desk. This is because the left-hand side is associated with the green dragon. It can help you boost your career success.

How to use lucky bamboo as Feng Shui remedies?

If there are exposed ceiling beams in your house, especially your living room, you can place the lucky bamboos under the beams to reduce the negative energy that's pressing down.

The next one is the rubber tree plant.

tree plant

The rubber tree plant is a great Feng Shui plant that can invite wealth energy into your home.

As you can see, the rubber plant has very thick, large, oval-shaped leaves that look very much like the shape of golden ingots. It symbolizes wealth and abundance. Rubber plants have low maintenance needs, make sure you keep them in bright and indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist with the right balance of water.

Where to place the rubber plants? From Feng Shui perspective the best place for rubber plants is the front porch.

You can place it on both sides of the front door. The plants can grow up to 1.8 to 3 meters tall. The taller plants are like guards protecting the house, make sure the rubber tree plant on the left should be slightly taller than the one on the right because in Feng Shui the left-hand side of the house represents the green dragon while the right-hand side represents the white tiger.

So the left needs to be a bit polar to maximize the positive energy flow. If you don't have a porch or live in an apartment that's not a problem, you can place the rubber plant in the entrance hall to help attract positive energy into your home.

How to use rubber plants as Feng Shui remedies?

If the front door is directly aligned with the back door, this is not good Feng Shui because that means the energy will flow out directly without circulating around each room. This is where you can place a rubber plant tree in between to redirect the energy and let it flow around your home. It's the same concept. If the front door is facing your kitchen or your bathroom, you can also place the rubber plant in between as a natural screen to redirect the energy flow throughout the house.

The third one is a jade plant.

jade plant

The Jade plant is a perfect Feng Shui plant to attract money energy. The vibrant thick jade green oval leaves are symbolic of growth and renewal. The shape of the leaves closely resembles coins and can attract good fortune and prosperity.

Jade plants are easy to grow indoors in bright or indirect sunlight and make sure you let the soil dry out between waterings.

Where to place the jade plant?

You can place the jade plants in the home office. This can bring you good fortune and wealth, luck and it's very good for your career or business. You can also place the jade plant in the living room, placing the jade plant in the living room can enhance the auspicious energy flow throughout the house. If you earn a business such as a coffee shop or restaurant, placing jade plants near the cash register can increase the wealth and success of your business.

The fourth one is pennywort.


Pennywort is also known as a copper coin plant the shape of the shiny vibrant leaves resemble penny coins and it's a very popular Feng Shui plant symbolizing abundance and prosperity. They can attract wealth luck into your home.

Pennywort is an aquatic plant, Make sure you control the water ph between 6.5 to 7. They can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Where to place Pennywort?

You can place Pennywort on the balcony as the plant can attract Auspicious energy into your home placing penny wood in the living room can also enhance the positive energy in your home. But one thing to remember is if you grow it in water do not place it in the money corner.

The fifth one is the orchid.


The orchids are very beautiful flowers that can balance the flow of energy in your home. It symbolizes fertility and happiness. Having orchids in your home can foster a good relationship among family members in terms of caring make sure to avoid direct sunlight water once a week and they prefer a human environment.

Where to place orchids?

The best place for orchids is the living room. If you're living room is in the North sector you can place blue orchids in this sector to enhance health. If you're living room is in the South sector you can place red orchids to bring wealth luck. If you're living room is in the West sector you can place white orchids which are also good for wealth, and if it's in the East sector place red or purple orchids to enhance your career look.

And finally, we have a citrus tree in the Chinese citrus tree Ju sounds very similar to Ji meaning or species, and it's associated with wealth and abundance.

citrus tree

The citrus tree demands lots of sunlight, so make sure it's placed in a sunny and warm position, water thoroughly and keep pests away.

Where to place the citrus tree?

If you grow citrus trees in a pot you can place it on both sides of your front door. The citrus trees are associated with wealth and abundance and they can attract positive energy into your house. It's favorable for wealth luck as the citrus trees need a lot of sunlight, you can also plant the trees in your backyard to attract wealth and prosperity.