The Top 9 Things You Should Know About Dating Taurus

let's talk about love and romantic compatibility when it comes to dealing with someone who has a Taurus sun sign. But first I want to make sure that you understand when it comes to compatibility information about the sun sign is useful.

But let's not forget how important the role of the moon sign is. This is because in a relationship you're basically dealing with two major aspects of a person, how they think about things and how they feel about things. Your sun sign is going to be much more of an indication of how you think about things and your moon sign is going to be much more of an indication of how you feel about things because your moon sign is how you're wired emotionally.

All relationships are going great until there's an issue and when there's an issue and one person gets angry or emotional, you'll be dealing with their moon sign. So we can't talk about relationships and just the sun sign without talking about the moon sign. So because we need to address both of these major factors, we're gonna take the sun sign.

And in the case of this post, I'm going to give you the top 9 things you should know when dealing with a Taurus sun sign in a romantic relationship. This top 9 list will be generally what you can expect with the Taurus when it comes to love and compatibility, then we're gonna take the Taurus sun sign and give a brief overview of what this Taurus would be like depending on what element their moon sign. And now the top 9 Things you should know about dating a Taurus.

Number Nine, They love food.

Yes, it's true. The way to a Taurus, his heart is through their stomach, feed them well and you're on your way to being in their good graces. They love money and beautiful things, you can never go wrong, showing the Taurus that you have money and you like spending it on them.

Number Eight, they can be lazy.

Any Taurus can be a hard worker and when the work is to be done it's clear and set out in front of them. But if they have to come up with or initiated themselves, sometimes they can be a procrastinator and put things off in exchange for a nap or a snack.

Number seven, they are great planners.

They have great organizational skills, so if you give them the opportunity to plan a trip or a big date night you won't be disappointed.

Number Six, they are extremely patient.

They don't mind waiting if they know that the outcome will be worth the wait.

Number Five, They are solution-oriented.

They have a very grounded perspective, so in a relationship, they are great at problem-solving and working together as a team.

Number Four, they prefer commitment and long-term relationships.

Don't get me wrong, they do like their share of excitement and new things, but they would much more prefer to be involved in a long-term relationship built on commitment and trust.

Number three, they can be creatures of habit once they find something they like, they stick to it without much need for variation.

Number two, they can be stubborn.

We all know all of the earth signs can get stuck on a point and never let it go and Taurus is no exception.

Number One, Thing you should know about dating a Taurus is the best way to attract.

The Taurus have a great sense of humor, make them laugh and if you're going to take them out, spare no expense. A lot of money goes a long way.

That we're clear on the top 10 things you need to know when dealing with the Taurus sun sign. Let's talk about the more detailed info regarding this Taurus depending on what element their moon sign is in. If you're dealing with the Taurus that has a fire moon, you will have a Taurus with all the practicality of Taurus but with much more physical energy and more of an adventurous spirit whether they're a Taurus with Aries moon, Leo moon, or savage moon.

Your Taurus will be excited by the idea of a relationship but they won't be as quick to jump into the commitment they can commit but it won't be at the top of their list. It will be much more about having a good time first. Now if their moon is fire and you piss them off, they will have no problem with them once they explode from the place of that fire moon sign, they will still hold on, but having a fire moon will help them to get over it.

The exception is if the moon in Aries, they'll be big on proving their point and unless they get exactly what they want, they aren't willing to let go of the grudge. If you're dealing with the Taurus that has an air moon, whether there are Taurus with Gemini moon, Libra moon, or Aquarius moon, this Taurus is gonna be bigger on ideas and they will want to have a lot of say-so on what goes down within the relationship.

It's not that they won't be okay with letting their partner take the lead but they will want to have their opinion heard in the decisions that are made. They will also be cool with giving and receiving a certain level of freedom. It is very important to know that for a Taurus that has an air moon, having a partner that they feel is intelligent is very high on their list of requirements. If you're dealing with the Taurus that has earth-moon, whether they're Taurus with Taurus moon, Taurus, Virgo moon or Taurus of Capricorn moon having a moon sign and the element Earth will increase their desire for financial stability.

Also when they get emotional, they will for sure want to argue their point and hold on to their perspective. It's also good to know that if you're not into rules a Taurus with earth moon is probably not the one for you, if you're dealing with the Taurus that have water moon, you best be ready for some serious emotional requirements. If they have either cancer, moon, Scorpio moon, or Pisces moon in order for them to feel loved, there is a certain level of verbal affirmations, physical connection, and overall romantic intensity required for them to feel satisfied within the relationship. This is a combination that definitely takes love seriously.

That you have the sun sign and the basic moonshine combination, you can look at the placement of your sun and moon and see if it works well with the sun and moon sign combination of the person you're either with or interested in being with. You can see if you're the same element, which means you speak the same language. And if you don't, you can use this insight into how you can better understand their language because remember more than attraction more than sexual compatibility more than just having things in common. The true key to a successful lasting relationship is communication and in order to communicate, we have to understand and embrace each other's languages.

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