Scary Predictions Of Nostradamus

There you have it, Spectators of Myth, prophecies and centuries-old predictions from the French astrologer known as Nostradamus.

Apr 02, 2022

There you have it, Spectators of Myth, prophecies and centuries-old predictions from the French astrologer known as Nostradamus.

Today we dive into the past and examine one of the most well-known and controversial Frenchman of all time. Michel de Nostredame. Better known as Nostradamus. Although he died centuries ago, Nostradamus is said to have predicted many things, both past, present, and future.

Some say this so-called prophet foretold the events of the French Revolution, the rise of fascist Germany, and even September 11th. But what we're concerned with Spectators of Myth is prophecies of his that have yet to come to pass and if they ever will.

5 Prophecies of doom: Nostradamus explained.

Will the dead rise?

The following is perhaps one of the most bizarre of all of Nostradamus' forecasts.

It goes: "the year the great seventh number is accomplished, Appearing at the time of the great games of slaughter: Not far from the age of the great millennium when the dead will come out of their graves." The first part of this prediction referring to the seventh number has led some to believe that this prophecy will come true in a year involving a 7.

It tells us that following "great games of slaughter" and near the "age of the great millennium" the dead will come out of their graves. Now. Nostradamus never refers to Zombies here, but in modern times, many may refer to the dead rising from their graves as the zombie apocalypse. But is Earth prepared for such a cataclysmic event?

The U.S. government is. Sort of. In 2011 junior Department of Defense officers drafted a fictitious training plan entitled CONPLAN 8888-11 Counter-Zombie Dominance. This was created. The document says, to avoid using classified information, as well as the names of real-world nations and scenarios.

As a result, the document says it, better-engaged students. From chicken Zombies to Zombie control Technology to logistics. The plan is incredibly thorough. Perhaps we'll explore it in a later episode.

However, it ends on a chilling note when discussing critical vulnerabilities.

It goes: "Every human that becomes a zombie increases the enemy's numbers and decreases the chances that healthy humans will survive."

The sun will burn the earth?

Nostradamus is also said to have foretold of a coming solar apocalypse in which the sky will open and the fields will be burned by heat. This, many worries, refers to the warming climate and the damage to that which shields us from the sun: The ozone layer.

Should the atmosphere that protects us, Earthlings, from harmful ultraviolet solar radiation greatly weaken, or worse, tear apart, then the world as we know would be no more. The oceans will boil and we, Spectators of Myth, will be toast.

The o-zone was damaged in the past, but is now healing, and the use of chemicals that damage it has been banned. The earth is however set to eventually be consumed by an expanding sun, but that's expected to occur billions of years from now.

A coming global conflict?

Will a 3rd global conflict occur? Some reports have noted that the following quote by Nostradamus means war is coming. It goes: "Twice put up and twice cast down, the East will also weaken the West. Its adversary after several battles chased by sea will fail at the time of need." Some corners of the internet reckon this may represent a conflict between a Western and Eastern power or could escalate into a full-on global conflict that lasts 27 years.

Indeed, right now there are rising tensions in various parts of the world. From the South China sea to the streets of Europe, there are many "flashpoints" that could trigger global conflict.

However, we should note that the same quote has been used at various points in previous years by other reports to predict similar outcomes. Humanity will live for centuries. One thing in this world is certain Spectators of myth. At one point or another, we will all die.

Nostradamus lived well into his sixties. Not a bad age for a 16th century European. However, he is said to have prophesized that humans will live well beyond 100 years in the future. Legend has it that Nostradamus foretold that 80-year-old humans will one day look like 50-year-olds.

It is believed this would put the lifespan of humans to 200 years in the future. Clearly, this has not yet transpired, but what real-world evidence is there for it? Well, the Earth is definitely a healthier place than 16th century France. Sadly, However, the average lifespan of a human being is said to be around 71 years.

And that figure varies greatly depending on where you live. That being said, scientists around the world are continuing to look for ways to slow and even halt the aging process. Will all this come to pass within our lifetimes?

We don't know, but perhaps Nostradamus was onto something with this one.

Well natural disasters run rampant?

Another prediction, said to have been made by the ages-old astrologer is that the Earth will be consumed by 80 years of natural disaster. This one says... "For forty years the rainbow will not appear; For forty years it will be seen every day: The Arid Earth will grow more dry, and great floods when it will be seen."

Here the lack of a rainbow appears to mean no rain. And no rain for an extensive period of time means drought. Forty years of drought would be cataclysmic.

The subsequent part of this prediction is ,"for forty years it will be seen every day." This refers to a rainbow being present every day for four decades. The meaning of that in conjunction with the last part of this prophecy, "And great floods when it will be seen", It's quite simple.

Nostradamus is telling us that Earth will be consumed by 40 years of flooding. Will that ever happen?

Well, you can't predict the weather... but with the climate the way it is, it wouldn't hurt if humanity took better care of the planet because, as we've seen many-a-time before, the weather can turn into a heartbeat.