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Bronson expressed, "If my coming out and embracing my truth can help just one other person feel more at ease in their own skin, then it's all worth it for me."

Pro wrestler "Dirty Bulk" Bronson, known in the ring as Joe Fitzpatrick, took to social media to share his truth, coming out as bisexual.

Bronson, 28, first came out on June 2 by quoting a post on X (formerly Twitter) from his fiancée, wrestler Gabby Forza, which encouraged members of the LGBTQ+ community to share a photo of themselves and the flag representing their sexual orientation.

After Bronson posted a photo of himself with the bisexual pride flag, his followers celebrated his announcement and shared words of support in the replies.

Bronson's courage sparked an outpouring of love. Just a day later, he shared his overwhelming gratitude for the supportive messages from friends, family, and fans. "Between the social media love and a recent heart-to-heart with my parents overflowing with support," Bronson wrote, "I feel like I could smash through a brick wall! I'm so grateful." He also revealed that his fiancée, Forza, has been a constant source of encouragement since he first came out to her when they started dating.

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star revealed that he had opened up to Forza when they first started their relationship, and she has "constantly supported and taken pride in me," Bronson shared.

"But always emphasized to me that if I decided to speak openly about it, I should do it for myself and no one else," Bronson expressed. "With her unwavering love and acceptance, I simply didn't feel compelled to share with the public. She is everything to me, and that's all that truly matters, right?"

Bronson revealed that he had started to feel a sense of "being different" recently. It was the encouragement from his fiancée, who openly shares her pride in being bi/pansexual and queer, as well as the support from many of his friends and colleagues who are openly out and proud, that ultimately empowered him to share his sexuality with the world.

Bronson's post was a leap of faith. He admitted to uncertainty about the reception, but his priority was self-acceptance. "Honestly," he wrote, "if it went unnoticed, that was okay. This was about me." He challenged any negativity, particularly from wrestlers suspecting career motives: "Let it make you mad. This is my truth."

The outpouring of support, however, left him speechless. "The response has been incredible," Bronson confessed, "It's taking a while to sink in. All I can say right now is a heartfelt thank you."

Bronson's journey led him to a powerful realization: representation matters. Stepping out of his comfort zone, he wrote, "I questioned why I should even speak up. But the response? It showed me the importance of being visible." Now, his hope is clear: "If my story empowers even one person to embrace themselves, then it's all worth it."

The impact was immediate. A final slide offered a glimpse into Bronson's heartwarming exchanges with loved ones. His brother, ever the jokester, cracked some lighthearted remarks before expressing his pride and love. His fiancée's emotional reaction spoke volumes, and his parents' overwhelming support, with repeated calls and declarations of love, painted a beautiful picture of acceptance.

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