Lala Kent Uncertain About Holding Grudges After 'VPR' Reunion: 'Maybe I Am'

Lala Kent suggested that she might still be harboring a few grudges from the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Jun 14, 2024

Lala Kent suggested that she might still be harboring a few grudges from the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Lala Kent suggested that she might still be harboring a few grudges from the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

On Tuesday, June 11, during an Amazon Live session, 33-year-old Lala was questioned about whether any of the girls were still angry about the events from the season 11 reunion and whether she cared about it.

Lala, 33 and expecting her second little one, addressed lingering reunion drama during a recent Amazon Live on Tuesday, June 11th. When a fan asked if there were still hurt feelings among the Vanderpump ladies, Lala offered a coy, "Could be, could not be."

She elaborated, "Look, maybe some things are still lingering, but I'm focusing on the positive. Right now, it's all about my happy bubble at home."

Lala also hinted at future ventures beyond Vanderpump Rules during the livestream. "I'm definitely open to new things," she admitted. "But between pregnancy brain and raging hormones, now's not exactly the time for major life decisions."

Lala, who shares a 3-year-old daughter with ex Randall Emmett, jokingly added, "Honestly, all I crave right now is a cozy cave to hibernate in for the rest of my pregnancy!"

"That said," she concluded, "I'm not closing any doors. When the hormones settle, I'm all ears for exciting opportunities."

Lala didn't hold back on Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, which dealt with the fallout from Tom Sandoval's cheating scandal. While initially supporting Ariana, Lala grew frustrated by her friend's response.

"Let's be honest about Ariana," Lala said on the After Show. "Season after season, she seems to avoid drama. But this time, we needed her to step up and have a real conversation with Tom - the guy she's lived with for years! They're still under the same roof, yet she couldn't even have that?"

Lala took particular issue with Ariana's decision to stop filming with Tom during the finale. In her eyes, everyone on the show has faced difficult conversations, and Ariana wasn't exempt. However, Lala's stance didn't resonate with many fans. They criticized her for dodging the topic after the reunion, leaving them wanting more explanation.

Reflecting on Season 11, Lala admitted on her podcast, "Give Them Lala," that revisiting the drama was emotionally draining. "Honestly, it was rough," she said. "The negativity online was tough to see, so I took a step back from discussing it."

Lala went on to acknowledge her own role in the situation. "There were definitely times I reacted impulsively," she confessed. "I said some things on this very podcast that I regret, and let's be honest, emotions often run hot with me. I know it gets me in trouble, but it's just who I am."

Looking forward, Lala expressed a desire for a fresh start. "I've had to apologize more than I'd like," she admitted. "It's a learning process. I gotta stop reacting out of hurt and try to choose a more positive path."

Lala defended her actions on Season 11 during the "Two Ts in a Pod" podcast. "This season was tough," she admitted. "We all talk behind the scenes, but some people clam up when the cameras roll. Take Ariana, for example. I felt she forgot what brought us all here."

Lala emphasized the importance of gratitude. "Look, I'm thrilled for Ariana's success," she said. "But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Vanderpump Rules launched all of us. We should be incredibly proud of what we've built on top of that foundation."