Jason Kelce is excited about the prospect of joining "Monday Night Football," expressing his eagerness to take on this new role.

A reliable source confirmed to YEPPOST.com that Kelce, who recently retired as the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, is set to join ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown,” the pregame show for “Monday Night Football.”

Although the move hasn't been officially confirmed by ESPN, Kelce mentioned his anticipation for this opportunity on the May 1 episode of his podcast "New Heights," which he co-hosts with his brother Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“While nothing is set in stone or formally announced, there have been numerous reports about my potential move to ESPN. Time will reveal the details, but I am deeply honored to even be considered for a role at such a prestigious network,” Kelce shared.

Jason Kelce on Feb. 7, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona, before Super Bowl 57.Jason Allen / ISI Photos / Getty Imafes

The Kelce brothers reflected on their deep connection with ESPN from childhood, emphasizing how it fueled their passion for sports.

"It really fueled our love for sports," Travis Kelce remarked.

"Absolutely. We were glued to the TV every day, so the possibility of me working there is incredibly cool," Jason Kelce added.

"It's amazing to see how things come full circle. ESPN was everything to us growing up," Travis Kelce continued.

Jason Kelce mentioned that he thoroughly researched the opportunity with ESPN, ensuring he did his "due diligence."

"Throughout the process, after meeting and speaking with everyone at ESPN, it became clear that it was the right fit. I'm really looking forward to this next phase," he expressed.

Kelce expressed his excitement about entering a new phase in his life.

"I feel like things are becoming clearer now, which is exciting," he stated.

"I have a better understanding of who I'll be working with, and I hold them in high regard. I'm eager to learn. I know a lot about football, but this is a new realm for me," Kelce mentioned.

"It's an opportunity to broaden my knowledge, build relationships, because ultimately, it's about the people you engage with. I'm really thrilled," he concluded.

ESPN declined to comment when approached by YEPPOST.com.

The news of Kelce joining "Monday Night Countdown" was first reported by The Athletic.

Kelce announced his retirement in March after a 13-season career.Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

Jason Kelce is no newcomer to the broadcasting scene, as evidenced by the success of his and his brother's "New Heights" podcast, which ranks as the second-most popular sports podcast on Spotify.

On April 1, Jason Kelce's wife, Kylie Kelce, hinted at his potential move to sports broadcasting during an appearance on YEPPOST.

"I believe nothing is out of reach at this point," she remarked at the time. "He’s my husband, so I might be biased, but I think he excels at everything he tries. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes. I think he’s exploring various options and seeing where they lead."

Jason Kelce's dynamic personality and entertaining antics captured the attention of viewers throughout the recent football season. In January, he made headlines for appearing shirtless at the Kansas City Chiefs' playoff game against the Buffalo Bills to support his brother.

He repeated the shirtless stunt on April 6 at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. During the event, Kelce climbed into the wrestling ring, tore off his shirt, and cheered loudly, much to the delight of the crowd.

Amidst these events, he announced his retirement during an emotional press conference on March 4, concluding a remarkable 13-season career that is widely expected to earn him a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame someday.