In 2022, the NBC streaming service announced that the beloved sitcom, created by Dan Harmon, would be transformed into a movie featuring many of its original stars. This announcement brought to life one of the show's longest-standing jokes, with Danny Pudi's character, Abed Nadir, frequently predicting that the series would end with “six seasons and a movie.”

Community first aired on NBC in 2009, chronicling the humorous escapades of a study group at Greendale Community College. The show ran for five seasons before being canceled in 2014. However, it was later revived for a final season on the now-defunct Yahoo! Screen, which ceased operations less than a year after the last episode of Community aired in June 2015.

Shortly after the series ended, Joel McHale hinted that a Community movie might still happen. In a June 2015 interview with HuffPostLive, he stated, “Dan Harmon has to write it, and writing a movie script takes a while. It’s not necessarily an easy thing. So he has to write it, then we’ll get around to it.”

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When Is the ‘Community’ Movie Going to Be Released?

A specific release date for the Community movie has not yet been revealed, but it is anticipated to premiere in 2024. Production on the project faced delays due to the 2023 Hollywood WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which affected numerous TV shows and films.

Which ‘Community’ Cast Members Are Returning for the Movie?

When the film was announced, it was confirmed that Joel McHale would reprise his role as Jeff Winger, alongside Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir, Alison Brie as Annie Edison, Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry, Jim Rash as Dean Craig Pelton, and Ken Jeong as Ben Chang.

Donald Glover, who portrayed Troy Barnes, also confirmed his return in a January 2024 interview with Entertainment Tonight, stating, “It’s really just a schedule thing [but] I’m in. I’m all in.”

In a May 2024 interview with Deadline, Glover reiterated, “It’s happening but I don’t know when. I swear, it’s happening.” He humorously addressed the speculation about his availability causing delays, adding, “Everybody is hating on me on the internet and it’s not me! They’re like, ‘We know that you’re the reason.’ Maybe I was last year — maybe — but not this time.”

Additionally, in January 2024, Ken Jeong hinted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Shirley Bennett, would also be returning, as he listed off the cast members involved.

It remains uncertain whether some of Community’s recurring characters will return, including John Oliver as Professor Ian Duncan, Jonathan Banks as Professor Buzz Hickey, and Paget Brewster as Frankie Dart.

Will Chevy Chase Appear in the ‘Community’ Movie?

Chevy Chase is unlikely to return as Pierce Hawthorne in the Community movie, given that his character was killed off in season 5. Chase left the series in 2012 following allegations of using the N-word on set. Despite his apology at the time, Donald Glover revealed in 2018 that Chase had made several racially insensitive jokes towards him during filming.

In a September 2023 interview on the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, Chase criticized the show for not being “funny enough” for his tastes, stating, “I felt a bit constrained. Everybody had their bits, and I thought they were all good. It just wasn’t hard-hitting enough for me.”

What Is the Plot of the ‘Community’ Movie?

The plot details of the Community movie are currently under wraps, but it will likely feature the former Greendale students reuniting at the community college for more comedic adventures.

Creator Dan Harmon has hinted at certain elements that fans shouldn't expect to see. For instance, he mentioned that the film will not include another of the show’s iconic paintball fights. “You’re running around with guns in a school, which was never a good idea on TV even back then,” he said during a December 2022 episode of the “Six Seasons and a Podcast” podcast.

Additionally, Harmon indicated that the movie would not mirror the plot of the show's final season, where the study group returned to Greendale to help save the school.

Does the ‘Community’ Movie Have a Script?

As of January 2024, Donald Glover mentioned to Entertainment Tonight, “I was told that the script was done. I haven’t read it yet.”

Dan Harmon confirmed Glover’s statement in a February 2024 interview with Variety but added a caveat, saying, “But I will also say Donald’s sources are so unreliable because the script is always ‘almost done.’”

Harmon did offer a teaser about the film’s plot, stating, “What can I tell you about it — it’s set on the campus of Greendale Community College. I’m super excited about it, and we’re almost done.”

When Will the ‘Community’ Movie Start Filming?

Joel McHale expressed confidence that the movie would begin filming soon, saying he would be “shocked” if it doesn’t start “this year.” In a March 2024 interview with Deadline, he added, “But I really do think it’s happening this year, and probably next week. It’s basically working around Donald’s schedule.”

What Have the ‘Community’ Cast Teased About the Movie?

In an April 2024 appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Alison Brie shared her excitement about the script, stating, “I’ve read the script, and it’s so funny.” While she didn't reveal any specific plot details, Brie expressed her hope that her character, Annie, “hasn’t changed too much because I loved her just the way she was.”