How Do You Know Someone Is Marriage Material, A Short-term Fling, or The Friend Type?

Each zodiac has a preference when it comes to the kind of romantic relationship they want.

Apr 16, 2022

Each zodiac has a preference when it comes to the kind of romantic relationship they want.

Each zodiac has a preference when it comes to the kind of romantic relationship they want. So keep watching to find out how the 12 Zodiac signs rank in terms of preferences, marriage, Dating, and Fling.


Aries people are known for their independence and the ability to do what they want when they want and how they want, which isn't always attainable in a marriage. However, they also want someone who adores them and thinks everyone else is a jerk. Thus dating might be the most plausible option for them.


Taurus is a practical sign that likes to do what's expected of them, and as a result, is highly traditional in most aspects of life, Taureans prefer to get married in their early twenties because that's what they consider normal. They cannot fathom having a relationship with no long-lasting ties.


Child-like Gemini is prone to jumping into a marriage too soon possibly without even getting to know someone well. They believe in fairytales and happily ever afters and go into a relationship with the same hope. However, because this sign is so fickle. There's a significant probability that any marriage they rush into will fail.


Cancer is a secret homebody who doesn't waste time with companions, they can't bring home to mama. They look for someone who they can marry as soon as possible. They want the protection and security that marriage provides as well as many children and or pets.


Leo's whether male or female requires a fortress to protect themselves from intruders, which is why they make excellent spouses. Leo's don't settle down easily, whether it's because they crave attention or because they're flirty. However, the Leo sign will probably take the looking to date box.


Virgos are perfectionists who are constantly striving to improve themselves others and everything else. They'll often delude themselves into believing that once everything is settled, they'll marry. But since nothing ever appears to be good enough for them, marriage is always put on hold and they'll continue to date.


Libra is the astrological sign that represents marriage in the karmic cycle of life. They want partnership in all aspects of life. They make ideal spouses and remain romantic and appealing even after years together. This sign with its heart in its eyes will opt for forever over going on multiple first dates.


A Scorpio is skilled at scouting possible companions and putting them to the test early on so that flaws can be identified quickly. All of this is to test if someone is capable of lasting a lifetime. They plan to marry someday, but they prefer to stick to dating first.


Sagittarius is known for being wanderers and as the adage goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss. They're prone to wanderlust, which can be problematic if they're tied down in the bonds of matrimony. Hence they prefer dating and may even indulge in a fling or two.


Capricorns aren't born with the desire to marry. They'd rather have a successful career. Lots of money or high social status. Nothing satisfies them more than social recognition and money gains. They want to be loved without the complications of marriage. Hence they're most likely to date someone exclusively.


Aquarius a query ins make excellent friends but their desire for independence mixed with their aversion to emotional connection prevents them from marrying. They're more in tune with the demands of the world, which makes it difficult for them to focus on just one person and hence they opt for flings.


Pisces is a romantic and imaginative sign. The water sign isn't sure where they stand and frequently misinterprets others' wants as their own. They're aware of this shortcoming, which makes them wary of marriage and encourages them to pursue flings.

Not everyone indeed seeks marriage. Some people can't imagine themselves walking down the aisle toward the love of their lives and that's perfectly acceptable as we all have different desires, needs, and personalities.

Some people want to travel, focus on their professions, or are comfortable with their relationships without a piece of paper formalizing them.

Some may not be thinking about dating at all, preferring to concentrate on their friendships. Certain characteristics as shown by the zodiac signs can lead to some people being more willing to commit than others.