Are you wondering if someone wants to date you? Maybe you've been talking to them for a while, but you can't quite tell if they like you. Do they wanna ask you out? Do they want you to ask them out? Here are six signs someone wants to date you.

Number one, their schedule is flexible for you.

Is their schedule flexible when it comes to hanging out with you? So perhaps you ask them to hang out, do they reply they're busy and leave it at that, or do they offer up another time when they're free? When someone likes another person, they're going to want to be around them, which means they're going to mention other times or days they're available.

Would you simply say you're unavailable and busy to your crush, and not offer up another time? Odds are, you're going to want to schedule another time.

Number two, they're consistent with how much they talk to you.

Does your crush talk to you frequently? Maybe they text you pretty routinely at once a week or maybe every other day. This is a good sign. They may be trying to keep up the conversation not only because they like you as a friend, but because they're looking for an opportunity to ask you out on a date. But if they frequently ghost you or don't care to text you often, they may not be into you.

Number three, their friends already know about you.

So you just happened to stumble upon their friends and they give you a welcoming, "Hello." "Hey Psi." They shout to you. Oh, when did they learn your name? Okay, you think? But then when you talk to them later, they know little things about you that you never told them. This could mean their dear old friend talked to them about you.

If someone likes you a lot, odds are they're gonna tell their friends. Do you tell your friends who your crush is? Do they often want to be your wingman? Yeah, their friends may even try to put in a good word for their buddy.

Number four, they want to meet their friends.

So perhaps they've talked to their friends about you, but now they're going out of the way to introduce you to their friends. This is a sign they want to date you. If they've been talking about you to their friends, odds are their friends are going to want to meet you. They may be wondering who you are. Who does their friend have a crush on. So if you find your crush trying to introduce you to a group of friends and those friends are suspiciously excited to meet you, odds are, it's because they know their friend likes you.

Number five, they want you to meet their family.

Has your crush tried to introduce you to their family? Maybe you've already been introduced to a family member of theirs. Think back. Did they, too, look suspiciously excited to see you? They may have indeed talked about you to their family, as well as their friends. So their family may just be curious about you. This is a good sign. They want to work towards possibly starting a relationship with you. Looks like they want to date you.

Number six, they care about your needs and are there for you.

Has this person been giving you extra attention lately? Do you feel a romantic connection between the both of you? They're not only there as seemingly a good friend, but they've been going out of their way to do you sweet favors with a bit of flirting. Yeah, this could be a sign they want to date you. Friends care about each other's needs, but usually, when we really like someone, we will go out of our way by doing them sweet favors simply because we care about them. Your crush is going to be on your mind when you're around them. So if they're talking about something they need or maybe they want some support, you'll likely try to be the first to be there for them. So if you notice someone doing the same for you, they may just like you, if you like them too, might as well ask them out.