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Everything You Need To Know About Tarot Cards
Have you ever known that Tarot cards can reveal possibilities for the future? Read about our secret method and help you with present situations!

Hello, I have been working with Tarot for many years, the first time that I picked up a tarot deck was when I was in middle school. I always knew that I was drawn to tarot cards. However, I did not know how to use them. I did not know how to work with them. I was not further along with my spiritual journey. I was not in tune with myself. I eventually over time grew an interest to actually dive deeper into these cards, that may be a reason why you are here today.

You may have been gifted a tarot card deck, may just need some sort of guidance on how to begin or you may just be interested in how somebody else uses Tarot, and what the relationship is with the Tarot.

Regardless of the reason I'm so happy that you're here today, and I hope that this website serves you well, but I do want to disclaim that what I am doing and how I work with tarot cards is not the only way, it is not a wrong way, it is not the only right way for you.

Most people use Tarot cards for some sort of guidance, whether that be spiritual guidance within meditation guidance or some sort of question that they have in their life.

Generally speaking, if you were to look it up on Google, I'm sure that Tarot cards are said to predict the future. Do I believe that Tarot cards are actually a finite prediction of the future? No, I do not, I do not believe that Tarot cards are going to give you the exact prediction of your future.

However, I do believe that Tarot cards put in a more meaningful perspective on the past. They give you a great understanding of the present, and they really reveal alternatives that exist for the future. They can bring your consciousness to the past to actually learn from the past and really heal from the past, or understand why things are happening because of the past.

Sometimes you bury the past experiences into your subconscious level. This can really have a long-term effect on your mental being, and I think that Tarot cards are a really good aid. You can use these cards and really understand how you can bring consciousness to the present, how to go about certain daily actions, and they can really help you with present situations.

Maybe you're completely lost. Just need something to stimulate your consciousness and Tarot cards are a great way of bringing that consciousness to the present as well as the past and the future.

And again, I really appreciate the fact that Tarot cards can reveal these possibilities for the future or even alternatives.

For example, the other day I was reading my Tarot and I came across a card that told me that I could be making very foolish decisions in the future, and this could lead to my ultimate downfall. the downfall of maybe my spiritual being, my mental health. I do not know. I went in for general reading on myself, no specific question as to which I will get into the two types of readings that I usually use, but I'm so thankful.

I want to get into using your intuition while also the actual meaning of each card that the author actually gave you. So each Tarot deck obviously has an author and an illustrator, whether they be the same person or two different people.

The author of these cards has accumulated past experiences and has seen some sort of trend between things in their lives. They have made each card with the specific intent and these intents are shown within the symbolism, the colors that I use and you can use your own intuition along with the story that they have provided in the manual.

Some people don't realize that the imagery inside these cards has an actual story and that each color that they are using has an actual purpose or meaning behind it. That's why I think it's so important to study these cards as well as use your intuition. But with that there are those high-level and paths that just understand the cards before even studying the cards, they're so in tune with themselves, empathize, don't necessarily need this manual right away or perhaps even ever. Sometimes they just know before even learning this.

So let me tell you a little bit about the Tarot deck. For the most part, there are usually 78 cards 22 cards are the Major Arcana and 56 are the lesser Arcana or otherwise known as the Minor Arcana.

So the Major Arcana and this deck. In particular, is numbers 21 to 1 and there is one unnumbered card which is named the Fool, a way that these cards really stick out as they usually have a name at the bottom of each card.

These are said to be the strongest cards of the deck and some would say they are even more impactful. They show the bigger picture as well as the long-term direction of your life, in different situations that are in your life, that you may or may not experience.

The Minor Arcana on the other hand is usually in reference to your everyday actions, or your everyday situations and the decisions that you may have to make on a daily basis.